Bad Snowmobile Video

Okay this is one of those sporting videos that is ONLY interesting to the people that were immediately involved… I don’t even know why I am posting it – perhaps because I am just really into Google Video and how easy uploading and blogging your own videos can be.

There is something nice about the video, however, that shows more what snowmobiling is like than the my earlier blog entry.

  • Will

    We rented the cheapest dang ones, and they still hit 65 mph! Gustaf got the model one better than ours and his hit 85 mph!

    Snowmobiling was 20 times more fun than I thought it would be. And that doesnt even include the Gustaf/Brokeback multiplication factor…

  • So how come there aren’t more snowmobile video games? I think Tony Hawk is somehow responsible for this crime.

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  • Josh B.

    Hey! googlevideo is down (for good), making the video a dead link. Can you repost in vimeo/youtube?

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