Yellowstone Snowmobile Adventure

We set off from Montana early this morning for a day of snowmobiling in Yellowstone. Yellowstone is only about an hour from Big Sky here, so it was a short little drive, filled with the usual discussions of parallel universes and space travel (not kidding… that is all this group talks about when we get together). The whole experience was totally awesome and, for some reason, it way more fun than my last time on a snowmobile about five years ago.

The four of us arrived at Yellowstone adventures and grabbed some snowmobiles and checked out the route. We planned on going about 40 miles into Idaho deep into Yellowstone. I had been to Yellowstone once before in the summer, but this was my first experience in the winter, so I was excited to see it.

We planned on visiting a little house for lunch that is owned by two older ladies that supposedly prepared a nice lunch. Their house was only accessible by snowmobile, so we thought that would be a nice stopping point half way through the trip. Little did we know the obstacles in the way… I will make other blog posts later about the various elements of the trip… it would be too long to cram it into one… speaking of that, I have Gustaf and Will in a Brokeback Montana picture coming up.

Before Snowmobiling

The Route

Here are pictures of the three of us in action. Gustaf has on the red helmet (that’s just one reason we call him Red Helmet), I am in the black helmet (no one ever calls me that), and then in the silver Evil-Kineval-Jumping-Ceasars-Fountains helmet is Will.

Gustaf in Action
Trey in Yellowstone
BJ Snowmobile

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