Freezing to Death

It looks warm and sunny in this picture, but my face was somewhere between zero and absolute zero. That Al-Queda mask I am wearing kept out the cold for about an hour, and then my nose started to run, creating a fine ice crystallize layer which kept in the cold like a reverse greenhouse effect.

Alqueda Snowmobile

After a harrowing return to our car, laughing at Gustaf and Will brokebacking on their ride, we finally made it to The Corral here in Big Sky for a nice dinner.

The Corral

  • I find that it’s always good to end an evening with a drunken sausagefest.

  • Well this is a good point… I’m sure Gustaf will join you. He spent about a while yesterday going through all of your comments and laughing up a storm.

  • I’ll tell the girls Gustaf likes me better than them. Then they’ll all cry.

  • :-p

    I won’t cry if I can watch. No, wait…maybe I will cry then too.

  • Yes you will cry tears of joy and revulsion at the same time.

  • Lauren

    I’m lost… but maybe thats not so unusual.

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