Continued Flickr Uploadings – Sedona

Since I upgraded my Flickr account, I have been exporting most of the non-horse.jpg pictures. They are not super-well organized yet, but they are good enough. Here are some pictures from Sedona, Arizona. There is also a picture of my bloody leg when I ran into a cactus while trying to get an interesting picture of some stupid rock.


  • From this point forward, please refrain from showing pictures of any bare legs that do not belong to Salma Hayek.

  • That’s ugly!

    I live in Phoenix. My friend in grad school in the botany department once deliberately *picked up* a teddy bear cholla with his bare hands. Why?? Fellow botany majors will never let him live that one down.

  • What rguion said goes for bare chests, too.

  • More pictures of Hayek – I got it… I was looking for that excuse anyway. 🙂

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  • I know this is an old post, but do you mean Sedona, AZ?? Or I was thinking that you might be thinking that “Sad”ona is sad because it is now a tourist trap 🙁 !

  • Nicole

    Sedona is closed to the gods! Beautiful picture!

  • Facebook User

    Found this post a few years later…. I live near Sedona, and it is a great place to shoot. If you’re ever in AZ again drop a line, got dozens of favorite spots to shoot!

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