Big Pictures on New Theme

Okay after a lot of monkeying around, I finally got the css and php set up for the new theme. I have no idea why I spent so much time doing it, but I occasionally get pretty anal about some things. I re-jiggered the columns to allow the medium sized Flickr pictures in here. So I will test it out with one of my favorite pictures from Costa Rica.

Costa Rica

  • ViapEmicypoca

    Hello. I am sorry if perhaps I’m in the incorrect thread with this blog post. I’m having a number of problems hooking up my speakers to a Class-D amplifier. The power amp is a digital class-D amp. I’m seeking to hook up my amp to a set of static loudspeakers. Every time I use those loudspeakers, the amp becomes instable. It appears to be oscillating. I don’t know if this happens when no loudspeakers are attached. There’s a excessive screeching noise being made. This doesn’t come about using normal speakers. Does any person possess any specific easy methods to make the amplifier stable? Virtually any advice is greatly valued.

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