Stuck in Customs Blog Update (from loosely related Blog Name Redundancies)

It’s just not easy maintaining the tech side of the blog. I spend more time than I like using FTP programs, much like I did back in 1994. It’s been 12 years! Why aren’t things more transparent… Actually that new iLife iWeb looks really nice (watch that flash demo) – that’s how all blogging should be. Even though I am an Apple guy, I don’t think I will switch because I am sure the WordPress / .Mac integration is a disaster.

The refresh problem on my blog should be better now that I took off that Wordspew Shoutbox… so now you should be able to see the videos without a problem.

Most of my old entries still do not have pictures since I moved everything to Flickr. Flickr is really great and I am digging it. Be sure to Friend me on there if you are a Flickr user – my username is stuckincustoms.

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