For Shame… my travel gallery is so sad

My Gallery2 installation has officially bombed. There is nothing I can do. I had my crack staff try to fix it, but instead they decided to get on crack. This is going to be a pain in the ass, but I am going to move everything over to Flickr. Flickr is better anyway… and I have some automated plugins for my iPhoto to make it easy – but it is still somewhat of a drain. Most of my old entries will probably be broken too for a while.

I am catching a plane later today for Palm Beach then Chicago. I don’t think I will be anywhere interesting enough to grab cool pictures, but I will try.

  • Laverne

    I can’t even see it but I’m telling you take it down! I’ll try my laptop tonight and see if that works.

  • What’s wrong with a picture of Jesus hugging a half dozen mostly-naked nuns in high heels? The nuns are in heels, not Jesus. That would be weird the other way.

  • Reina

    Your tunes thing on the right side is broke now. You’re breakin stuff left and right.

  • hmmm how did that break? Hmmm…

  • Okay fixed it with some fast PHP thinking… but still don’t know how it got all broke on me.

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