Bloggies, go vote for a broken blog

Well my blog is broken and I don’t know why…all the pictures are down. I have my crack staff working on it.

Anyway, imagine that this is a great blog and it is working, and with that image, go votefor Stuck in Customs at ! Put me in the humor or best tagline or whatever. I don’t know what category this is.

Oh and I am getting on a plane to Vegas for CES to see what cool stuff is there. There is also a porn convention so I will get some good pictures for GFailure, since I know he is has huge hard drives for some reason.

  • Three 200 gig drives isn’t a lot, is it?

  • Yes it is… man what is wrong with my blog.

  • Lauren


  • Oh god yes – this porn convention is huge. You should have just seen your boyfriend over in the Venetian. He was like,”Hey look, there’s Sally Saliva!” and “Look, there’s Judy Jaundice!”

  • I was gonna ask for that Venetian girl’s name and number, but nevermind.

  • Laverne

    I just voted for you…best photography weblog :-). Stay away from Miss Saliva, mister.

  • Yes – I am staying away… but I Will walked to close to her and this morning he is complaining of a new rash.

  • Lauren

    Close enough to develope new skin lesions is TOO close! I want that taken care of ASAP!

  • Most rashes from adult film stars can be treated with the helpful rashes you get from having your picture taken with booth babes at E3. That’s not until May, though. He really should have thought about that before he let Sally Saliva sign his chest with her tongue.

  • I got a picture of the rash tonight – you will have to see it. I gotta get the pictures working. I hope you have seen this rash before guys and you know how to fix it. Will is in bad shape.

  • Pour some Robitussin on there. Let the healing power of the ‘tussin work it’s magic.

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