Roomba vs. RoboRaptor!

As we continue to turn over our life to robots, we continue to create strange robot bedfellows.

Case in point: these two new Christmas robots we welcomed into our household. In corner number one, the Roomba, the supposedly smart vacuum robot that keeps getting stuck in the same kitchen rug tassels. The second corner features the RoboRaptor, a much cooler and more intelligent robot that does not do anything useful for the household. After a brief 15 second fight, the RoboRaptor walked into the Christmas tree where it got stuck in some lights and the Roomba lodged itself under my mother-in-law.

  • My nephew got that dinobot. I think he’s been too busy playing with the Bionicles I got him to look twice at it.

  • My husband wanted both those robots!

    I told him the dino probably can’t run fast and do sharp turns – I know he wants to chase the cats.

    And that we have too much stuff in our living room for the vacuum to get stuck on.

  • The dino runs pretty fast, but it can’t keep up with the cats yet. I wish it was like the Rat Thing from Snow Crash.

  • You’d only write your name in the radiator fins. Or “Mr Anne Coulter”

  • That is true… We do have keep the RoboRaptor inside liquid nitrogen between killings.

  • Has the RoboRaptor tried mating with the Roomba yet?

  • Yes – they combined to make a robot that looks like David Brenner.

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