A visit to Oxysure

A few days ago I went up to Frisco, Texas to check out a company called Oxysure. They have a very interesting technology that enables emergency oxygen to be delivered in a non-toxic way by mixing together two inert powders. It’s much better (and cheaper) than expensive oxygen tanks and much less toxic than flammable chemical options.

I went back into the lab to check it out.

This new invention has the potential of saving tens of thousands of lives per year all around the world, especially in China with their 10+ million miners (10K die per year there in mine accidents). It’s also going to be used a lot here in the US for cardiac arrest patients to get them oxygen while waiting on ambulances.

At the end of their investor’s presentation, they had a bullet point that says, “We save lives.” Ironically, my game company has a final bullet point that says, “We ruin lives (but they have fun during the ruin.)”

  • tim hutton

    I would like to hear your thoughts on an investment in oxysure. I would ask that you protect my name and address. Any comments would be helpful.
    Thanks Tim Hutton

  • Sure – I tried to email you with my thoughts – but your email addy failed.

  • tim hutton

    Ok,check the correct email

  • Tim Hutton

    Thought I would give you an update about Oxysure. They are selling product!! The future looks bright for this upstart company. Getting ready for their first retail launch.

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