Crazy sock/boot combo at Starbucks

I really don’t know how to describe this outfit that I just saw at Starbucks, but it was almost freezing today and this gal came in wearing a huge windbreaker and these crazy frilly socks, carefully splayed over her brown Timberland boots and some 1988 cut-off blue jeans.

  • Min

    Ahh, it is freezing! That’s crazy short, how did she stand it? And… classes are cancelled here… bleh. I’m one of the unhappy people, haha.

    I have yet to email you, lol.

  • yes you are supposed to email me… so we can mass market GoPets to the mushy minds of UT together.

  • Hannah

    Aw you got a picture of my girls (rebecca on the left, trish on the right ringing up the dumpster diver)

  • Hehe – I don’t know their names… and I don’t think they know mine either! 🙂

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