Slow week but old pics from Palm Beach

This is a slow week for me because of personal stuff (I don’t post a lot of personal family stuff on my blog because of the creeps out there, and, also, because family blogs are usually pretty boring – I don’t think that anyone really cares if Ethan gets new bedsheets).

But here is a pic from last week when I was in Palm Beach taken from my friend’s pad who lives on Worth. You can see the damage done by the recent hurricane on the beach. There used to be sand all down the beach, and now you can see it is half washed away! They actually bring these huge ships in and pump in new sand from the intercoastal at the cost of millions of dollars. Only in Palm Beach would they pay millions to move sand 3 miles.*

Compare that to a picture I took a year earlier from about the same vantage point:*

*(Pictures lost in blog erosion.)

  • Holy crap, Ethan got new sheets?! We need details man. Thread count! Material! Cowboys or accountants! Did he also get one of those ruffle things for the bottom?

  • New bedsheets? Yay for Christmas!

  • Oh man you should see these sheets. They are so awesome they change themselves and change all the other sheets in the house at the same time.

  • Yes, that’s nice and all, but what’s the threadcount?

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