XBox 360

I paid a friend $100 to stand in line 12 hours for me and got it last night at midnight. It’s quite great and the new XBox Live implementation is really slick.

I got Madden, CoD2, Condemned, PGR3, and Perfect Dark Zero… I don’t know why – I already had a huge backlog of games and books… but, you know.

  • LOL. This is very smart thinking to pay someone to stand in line. I tried to get XBox 360 this morning and of course, no luck. I know PGR3 must be great, but how’s Perfect Dark Zero?

  • Angel

    I am sure my dad and brother will get an XBox each.. hardcore gamers 😛

  • PGR3 is great and fantastic online.

    Perfect Dark Zero is just “okay”. It takes a lot for me to like an FPS on the console. Condemned: Criminal Origins is VERY enjoyable and I am really surprised at how good it is.

    I am saving Madden for Will when he comes down tonight… I promised not to open it.

  • They changed the end boss for this version of Madden. Since everybody’s played it, and all the tricks for beting the mecha-turducken are known, they changed it to a horse trailer that transforms into a giant maid with a vacuum.

  • Sell it on E-bay, make $2000 and then buy another one later at a discounted price.


  • No no no. Sell the shipping box on eBay for $2000.

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