Halloween Beat Down!

I got a new Stormtrooper outfit for Halloween and it was quite the ensemble. It even had an air-conditioned helmet and a speaker/amplifier for my voice. It was totally overkill and really freaked out all the neighborhood kids. After a mile of walking, I quickly learned the flaw in the design of the Stormtrooper codpiece.

I had to go to this party at the top of the hill, and all the kids immediately surrounded me and started beating on me with swords and candy bags. Their parents didn’t even try to control them. I turned up the amplifier and kept yelling, “Die Rebel Scum! Isn’t it time for your naps!” in a thick James Earl Jones voice. It didn’t work at all and they just kept coming at me like soccer hooligans.

  • They would have left you alone if you had told them you were a terrorist. Oh well, congratulations on the costume. I’m now ashamed to know you. 🙂

  • I thought you passed that point long ago my friend.

  • No, I’ve got pretty low standards. You’ve only now crossed that line.

  • Now that I have crossed the line, I guess it is all downhill.

  • I think I’m now required by law to have a drunken conversation with your wife.

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