$16,000 stolen in Eve Online

It’s looks like one of my old friends from the Eve days has pulled off the biggest scam in the history of online gaming. On one day, they had all their spies in every major corporation simultaneously rob corporate coffers, kill CEOs, and clean out hangars. Here is a snippit of the story.

This was published in September’s issue of PC Gamer UK, a popular video game article magazine. It is a detailed account of what has to be one of most beautifully executed in-game scams in a MMORPG ever pulled. It breaks all previous world records for ‘virtual crime’.

The game in question is Eve Online, an open ended sci-fi mmorpg with a heavy emphasis on roleplaying, where developers try to give their players as much freedom as possible, and where corporate espionage and political intrigue have become an integral part of the game.

The perpetrator of the heist was the Guiding Hand Social Club (GHSC) corporation (a corporation being similar to a clan in Eve); a freelance mercenary outfit that offers their services (which usually involves corp infiltration, theft and assassination) to the highest bidder. Over a year in planning, the GHSC infilitrated their target’s corp with their own members and gained their trust, as well as access to the corp hangers, with time. It all concluded in a perfectly timed climax, with a massive theft in multiple corp hangars synchronized with the in-game killing of the corporation’s CEO, the primary target of the contract.

What’s most interesting and impressive about this operation is that it was entirely ‘legal’ and within the game’s own rules, and the mastermind and his agents pulled it off together flawlessly, all the while staying in character. The estimated real-life value of the items stolen is, according to PC Gamer, $16,500 US. The in-game value of course is much, much higher as the things stolen would take years and years to aquire.

And now, the PC Gamer scans. I hope you’ll find it as entertaining a read as I have.

  • Hellgremlin, huh? Kudos to him.

  • Yes, it was old HellGremlin of course. Istivan Shogastu or something like that.

  • HellGremlin

    Hah, hey Ragnar. Picked up your blog on one of our regular google searches for my corporation’s name, a little habit we got into to check who on the internet is talking about us. You’re still pretty famous in Eve, come on back 😛

  • Hey hey HG – yes a long time indeed since I have been in Eve. I’ll drop you an email, Isty 🙂

  • Why oh why am I not surprised?! I’m amazed Hellgremlin is alive. haha.

  • He’s always around… you know that… I wish I had as much free time as that fella!

  • Karl

    But you sure have enough time to go to Costa Rica!

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