Jerri Manthey Doing Whitesnake

Of all the weird things that happen in my life, here is one I forgot to mention a few months ago. When I was in LA, I was staying at this fairly high-tone place called “Shutters,” where a lot of famous people end up gravitating from Hollywood. Anyway, while I was in the lobby answering email on my laptop, drinking a hot chocolate, and watching The Big Lebowski up in the corner of my screen, Jerri Manthey came up to me. Remember her? Jerri from Survivor… you know, the gal that was all into Colby? These are facts I remember thanks to my familiarity with reality TV.

She was really into this movie I was watching and aghast that I had not seen it. I told her to shut her pie hole and then she gave me her email address and I got hers. Since then, she emails me about all these various Hollywood-ish events she is in. I’m really much too busy playing computer games and reading magical fantasy novels to attend, but she is nice enough to keep inviting me. Here are pictures from one of her recent events, where she was raising money for the hurricane. I told her I was against hurricanes, and I would not support her cause.

I think she was giving away a car or something. I’m not sure.

(Pictures did not win the Immunity Challenge, which is a shame, because they really tied the room together.)

  • ooh your blog is sooo pretty now 🙂

  • I like the previous skin better because this skin is way too bright for my eyes lol

  • Don’t watch Survivor, so I don’t know who Jerri is. But I wanted to comment on Shutters. I’m not famous or from Hollywood (well, North Hollywood, but its just not the same ya know?), but I love that place! Chris took me there last year for our anniversary. Jacuzzi tub = much fun!

  • yes that place was nice. I did enjoy the jacuzzi too, but I was by myself. I agree, it would have been much better if Chris was in it with me.

  • Hey there! It’s Jerri….where did you go? Email me @ the gmail address….I think you have my old one!

    ; )

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