Snorkeling in St. Kitts

I took a small boat over to St. Kitts today to do some snorkeling. It was pretty decent, although I have had considerably better on other Caribbean islands. I almost caught a lobster, but it was too fast for me. I did grab a nice conch shell… I’ll get a picture of it after I use some acid to clean off all the gunk. It’s not a perfect specimen, but it does have some unique colors.

Here is a picture of the Nevis volcano from the channel that connects the Caribbean and Atlantic Ocean. This is the same place I saw a giant sea turtle but it did not stay surfaced long enough for me to grab a pic.

Nevis Volcano

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  • Reina

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  • Val

    What are you talking about? I have been to several of the islands and I have done my best snorkeling there. St Kitts is the ideal place for snorkeling. I’ve be back there again next year.

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