Go Lance Go!

I live here in Austin, Lance Armstrong’s home town, and everyone is going crazy about Lance, of course, as we all await the final assault on the Champs d’Elysee in a few days. Of all places, I happen to work out at the same gym as Lance himself. He takes a spinning class here at 6 AM, but he has really been lax the last few weeks. He’s using some “France Bike Race” excuse. Whatever, slacker.

There is a big screen here in the club and every morning, we all watch the progress of the Tour De France, workout, and drink smoothies. It’s better than hanging around all those stinky frenchies.

  • Lance Armstrong in a spinning class. That’s got to be a blow to the ol’ ego for the people around him.

    “Oh, you’re done already? I’m probably gonna be here for another seven hours. Yeah, you do look a little tired.”

  • Yes I am sure the teacher feels a little intimidated when Lance walks into the class wearing a yellow jersey.

  • I guess he’s worried about cycling terrorists attacking him if he, you know, rides his bike outside.

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