Lobot no more

My beloved wireless headset home phone has finally broken after over five years of loyal service. It was coined the “Lobot” by Will one day when he came over and I was busy chattering away while I answered the door. It was quite enormous and ridiculous-looking as its plastic girth was draped across my pate; there is no doubt about that. Since it was only my family seeing me wear it most of the time, I didn’t really care… but it was generally absurd-looking, if not utilitarian.

  • I can’t believe you haven’t gone for the Inspector Gadget implants yet.

  • I prefer other implants. The silicon type (in my computer).

  • You’re missing out on great party entertainment. With implants nobody will ever forget when you say “excuse me, I’ve got an incoming fax.”

  • Drakmarr

    oh yes I cant believe that poor thing has met its end. It always reminded me of those walky talkies that I would handout and play with when I was a kid; in fact I had to do a double take one day when I caught it laying on the table. When did you buy that thing 1985?

  • I got it in 2000 I think. I thought it was pretty cool and hi-tech at the time. My new one just arrived… lobot 2.0 – I will take a pic soon.

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