We took a train down to Milan today where we have a few meetings. Besides spending an obscene amount of time on the vastly overpriced Via Montenapoleone, we visited the Duomo and the Castelo Sfezesco.

Listening to the Italians talk is very similar to listening to the Sims talk.

Train Hangar

The Exorcism

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  • Stefano

    Hy Trey!
    I have looked at your pictures about your trip in Italy, and as italian i hope you have enjoied your stay here.

    I really like your way to take pictures, i love HDR, and as photographer my self, you have given me a lot of inspiration.
    But Italy is not only these town you have visited, there is a lot more..
    I hope a day you will come back here, and see a lot more of wonderful places.

    Anyway i love your descriptions about what you have experienced here.
    And, i have to say that you are one of the best photographer i have ever seen!



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