Trey’s Photomatix Presets

Trey’s Photomatix Pro Presets

These Photomatix Pro Presets will help you feel happy and creative. Your photo will get a very interesting look!

From mild to extreme, you’ll find all the variety you need. Presets come aptly named from “Au Naturale” to “Bob Ross Has Not Left the Building.” You’ll edit with a happy little twinkle in your eye. From “Quaint Hobbit Holes” to “Puff the Magic HDRagon,” you’ll make creations that will shock the nearest hippy. From “A Little Sumfin Sumfin” to “Finding Uncle Remo,” you’ll weave digital art that will make all your dreams come true. Well, a few of them.

I started with over 100 presets and whittled them down to 23. Why 23? Because 22 seemed like too few and 24 seemed like waaaay too many. Besides, frankly, when you start scrolling through 100 presets, they all blend together after a while, and that’s no good. With these 23, you’ll find all the variety you need.

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Image BEFORE Photomatix and Trey’s Presets

Image WITH Photomatix and Trey’s Presets


Trey Ratcliff’s Photomatix Presets
Includes 23 of Trey’s Best Photomatix presets
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