Chinese Pop Star – Zhong Xuan

Right before I left the Isle of Man today, I was getting some food and I saw this interestin’-lookin’ Chinese girl surrounded by two bodyguardin’-lookin’ guys. I went over to her after we both finished eating and I asked her why she was the only Asian on the Isle of Man. She said she was there for publicity purposes, promoting her new CD. I told her I know about as much about Chinese pop music as I do Chinese anything else, but I was sure she must be famous if she had bodyguards. She was super cool and spoke English perfectly. She took down my name and said she was going to send one of her music CDs. I told her she was full of lies like all the other Chinese. Then we had a good laugh and high-fived. Just kidding about that last part…

Okay – getting on the plane to get back for the Austin Game Conference!

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Thinking about my infection

So this morning I figured out that I actually caught something when I was in Costa Rica – I am pretty sure I was bit by something in the rainforest. There was a time I was reaching for some stupid butterfly and I fell down a smallish but lush hill, doing a faceplant in a weird pile of creepy-crawlies. I had two bumps on the left side of my face for about five days, which have now quickly spread. For some reason, I thought itching them would make them go away, because that is usually a good plan with this sort of thing. When I woke up this morning, they had spread all over my face. I don’t know if you can quite see from this picture, but it is getting a little perilous.

Later, I would go to the chemist at London Gatwick and he set me up with some sketchy advice and sketchier pills. We will see if they work.

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Finally found coffee AND internet on the Isle of Man

After a bit of time here, I finally found a good place to get coffee and wireless internet access at the same time. Where else is a guy supposed to get any work done?

I ordered some tapas and got some seabass. It came served inside this clamshell, which I thought was kinda cool, although probably incredibly confusing to the clam.

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Closed by Government

I saw a sign that said this in front of a store window in a popular area. I can’t figure out if they made this sign to incite ill-will towards the government or if the government requires this sign of its own ability to instill ill-will.

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A Stabit

Here is a picture of a Stabit. I was not familiar with whatever a Stabit was, and I was even more confused after reading the description, which I foolishly expected to give me an explanation of the Stabit. Look for yourself… It is vexing!

(Stuck in Customs does not have a picture with this exact name.)

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