The Aged Jockey

I found this guy in a busy crowd in the middle of Amsterdam. There were a bunch of soccer hooligans running around Dam Square, and he was watching in eager anticipation, probably hoping a horse race would break out.

The Aged Jockey

Navigli Canals

I’ve posted a few pictures of these, but the place was so scenic, I can’t help but post more.


Nine Exposure Windmill

This photo came out very strange but I dig it.

The Breeze at Sunset

Cloud Syringe

Here is a shot of the Petronas Towers on a low-cloud day.

Cloud Syringe

Islamic Peace

Here is another shot of those cute schoolchildren I found outside of the Petronas Towers in Kuala Lumpur:

Islamic Peace

Images of Chicago

I’ve been in Chicago for the past few days. After sweating to death in the jungles of Malaysia, it’s nice to be somewhere it’s kinda cold.

Mercury Blob

Chicago Fire Dept.

Buildings of Holland

Here are two very different structures from Holland.

Hobbit Bridge

Purple Cube


I am not sure what kind of monkey this is, but I am pretty sure it is not called an unracoon. I told Ethan that this monkey led me to his hidden lair where I retrieved a magical necklace for him that adds +1 to agility and +1 to speed. He just wore it to Karate class and got a new patch so he is convinced it is real.

The Vegetarian


I’m not so good in my Tolkienesque vocab, but I think that is what they were called.


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