Isabella not so Sad

I got so much grief from posting that picture of Isabella crying, I have to redeem myself by posting this one:

Isabella and the Necklace

Mammatus Evening

Here are some of the rare but always cool mammatus clouds… these were captured in Virginia over the Potomac.

Mammatus Evening

About to Launch

Here we are about to launch a rocket. We never got it launched because our fuse was already blown… so we are saving it for another weekend.

Dad and Ethan with the Rocket

Summer T-Ball

Ethan got involved with a T-Ball league, which at age 5 seems to consist of a massive group of kids running in different directions, a few of which will find the ball and throw it in a random direction.
Sunset at T-Ball

Isabella is Generally Put-Out

Here is Izzy in a general state of disrepair. I know I probably should have bent down to pick her up, but I decided to take a picture instead. I figured her problems could wait for just a few seconds while I captured them forever. This is just one of many bad decisions I have made as a father.


Gods of Rome but not Roman Gods

This is a shot I took in Rome. I like the symmetrical scaffolding in the back on the left…

Gods of Rome but not Roman Gods

Girl on a Bike

While I was at Southern Metal Choppers, this gal was busy lounging around, sitting on bikes, and generally napping on Corvette hoods.

Doublestuff Oreo


I think this sculpture is rather excellent… if there was a particular type of art I wish I was good at, it would be sculpture.


Two Bikes from Southern Metal Choppers

This chopper shop saw some of my work on Flickr and asked me to come by to shoot some of their custom bikes. It was right by this place that Bobby has been making me go ride bikes with him so I stopped by to grab some pictures. There were all cool guys in there and one of them talked his “friend” girl into climbing on board for a few pics as well… those will be coming up in a bit.

Southern Metal Choppers

Waiting to Exhalerate

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