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Purple Skies of Malaysia

Here is a rather striking sunset that I grabbed one evening on the north side of Langkawi.

Purple Skies of Malaysia

Two Crazy Photos from Langkawi

For the weekend, Will and I came down to an island off Malaysia called Langkawi. It’s one of the few partially inhabited islands in an archipelago of over 100 tiny little islands. It’s basically just one big and violent jungle sticking out of the sea. Here ae a few of my favorite photos I grabbed:

Romancing the Stone

Things Are Looking Up

Three Muses of Malaysia

Islamic Rainbow

After I ate lunch underneath the Petronas Towers, I walked outside to find all these Muslim school children lining up for a photo, so I grabbed one of my own. A picture, not a Muslim girl, that is.

Islamic Rainbow

Gates of hell

Here is a dark church I found somewhere in Milan.

Gates of Hell

Haarlem Train Depot

Here is a very cool train station with a old timey feel I found in Holland.

The Depot in the Station

Ghosts of Milan

Here is a set of some rather strange art I found in a forest in a hard-to-find and wonder-why-you-went-in-the-first-place part of Milan.

Bowling Pins

Big Brother Disapproves

As if these new video walls in Chicago are not cool enough, they also spit out streams of water on people underneath.

Big Brother Disapproves

Golden Dome

Here is the top of that huge church from Haarlem. The latin came out very sharp and golden.

Golden Dome

Back in Kuala Lumpur

I am back in Kuala Lumpur this week. Here is a family that is on a pilgrimage to a famous Hindu shrine in Malaysia.

Family Pilgramage

Lake Erie

Here is Lake Erie in HDR:

Lake Erie in the Morning

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