The Barn Where They Found the Bodies

The Barn Where They Found the Bodies

Napoleon and Pedro, Harleyized

These guys are totally sweet and I am sure they have some good skills.

Napoleon and Pedro, Harleyized.

And here is the awesome Liger bike they wish they had:

Flux Capacitor

Two Harleys from the Leather-Fest

I did not wear my leathers, but I did go out to the Harley fest here in Austin to check it out… colorful characters and rides of course. I managed to grab a bunch of interesting photos of people and hogs, insofar as there was a difference. Here are the first two that I have uploaded:

Blue on Fire

Stars and Bars

Two more sculptures

Here are two sculptures that are nothing alike. Normally, I despise modern art and I really get irritated at people that drone on and on about the inner meanings of total crap, but I do like this steel girder thing, for whatever reason.


The Swing

San Antonio

We went down to San Antonio a few weeks ago to celebrate our anniversary, and here are a few pictures I took of a museum we visited.

Water and Steam

Three's a Crowd

Dying… centipede?

I found this centipede (I think that is what it is) behind our house the other day, so I got out my camera for some macro shots. I almost didn’t need to zoom too much because this thing was huge. It was bigger than my hand and a lot like that thing that went down Kate Capeshaw’s silk robe in the Temple of Doom. If only Short-Round had not leaned on that pressure plate…

Last Legs

Near the Yacht Club on Lake Austin

This is a nice little cafe that runs adjacent to the yacht club on Lake Travis.

Texas Shade

Around Alexandria

Here are a few shots I took around Alexandria just as it started to get darker.

Neighborhood Evening Potomac Park


I got yelled at by a gay man for taking these photographs.

This is strange, because usually gay guys are rather nice cool dudes. I’ve noticed they can either be really nice or really nasty, and there is no in between; I don’t understand the ways of their people.

Over by the Oasis there is a new interior design store called Treasures with some fantastic sculptures out front. It’s owned by the same guy, Beau Theriot, that owns the nearby Oasis and he adorns all of his properties with this excellent work. Just down the road, Theriot also has a beautiful 10,500 sq ft house that looks like a French-country castle with an 82-foot-long veranda and a six-car garage. I’ve never met the man but he sounds pretty cool… but he sure did hire a mean gay guy to run his interior design store.

I was out in my shorts and an in-retrospect-too-tight-fitting-white-T-shirt on this 95 degree day with my tripod taking pictures of these sculptures after one super-nice employee came out and told me it was okay… So I walked around the grounds and got some very interesting pictures, but then a newer, and meaner, gay guy stormed out of a fabulous doorway to accost me.

He asked what I thought I was doing, and I told him just taking pictures for fun and for my blog. He got very pissy and told me to cease and desist. He smelled of lavender and honey, but that is not germane to this story. I went on to tell him that a lot of people read my stupid blog and it might even generate business for him, in addition to the fact that I personally spend the GNP of small Eastern Bloc countries on furniture and faux-finished monstrosities every year. He stayed in huffy mood and scowled at my tripod. After that, I sashayed over to my Prius (aka golf cart with windows) and sped away in an electric whirr of frustration.


Hear No Evil

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