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Willows in Wine Country

Here is an older picture I just got around to uploading from Napa, out where my mom lives. The larger version of this one is nice… these panoramic shots always look boring when viewed small.

Willows in Wine Country

More Churches of Italy

The top picture here is the Santa Maria Maggiore, the basilica that was across the street from my hotel in Rome. The second shot is from the interior of one of the side-chapels. The last is a little collage I made of my Churches of Italy set on Flickr.

Santa Maria Maggiore

Quadruple Dome

The Churches of Italy

T-Ball Evening

Here is one of Ethan’s T-Ball games, which mostly involves about 20 kids per side running around like locusts after a ball, usually ending with one kid under the pile crying. This photo makes it appear much more idyllic than it actually is.
T-Ball Evening

Forgotten and Abandoned

This is a shot of the interior of the Castel D’Ovo in Naples.

Forgotten and Abandoned

A row of columns in Pompeii

This was an empty area behind the small amphitheatre that used to house the gladiators and serve as a training ground.

Rows and Rows

This is Classified

He would not tell me his name.

He would not tell me his dreams.

I found him at a pro-Hezbollah rally in Paris. I asked if I could take a photograph of his interesting face. He tapped his ear, looked sideways, and then said I could take his picture even though “you have the blue eyes.”

This is classified

Colosseo Enigmo

I rarely do artistic collages, but this one came out very nice. I would like to have this put onto a wall mural at some point, although I have no really long plain wall on which to place it. The picture looks “okay” small, but click here for the large version on black.

Colosseo Enigmo

Glacial Lake in the Alps

This was taken in Switzerland and it shows a few landlocked glacial lakes and a few glaciers high in the alps. The clouds came out puffy with some nice shadows down below.
Glacial Lake in the Alps

This Tower Thing

I found this weird tower thing in France… I had never heard of it but I decided to take a picture anyway.

The Silo

Four Caves of Napoli

This is a part of the rougher part of the Amalfi Coast where waves have torn away four huge caves in the sea wall. It’s hard to see how huge these caves are, but each one is over 100 feet tall.

Four Caves

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