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Monkey Business

Here is another one of those pesky Macaque monkeys that almost chewed through my neck.

Chilling Out

Fields of Gold

Here is an interesting night shot of Chicago that shows off a golden field in the foreground.

Fields of Gold

Thanks to Andrew Sullivan

Thanks Andrew for the mention on your cool blog… I’m honored. I offered to let him use the picture I took in his upcoming book, but I think it has already gone to print. I guess we just met too late.

Anyway, here is another trippy picture of Holland for Andrew; I know he had too many space cakes, and perhaps this is the passed-out-view he saw every morning when he awoke.

Wind Power

Holland on a Sunday Afternoon

I arrived to Haarlem early in the morning and managed to capture the Grote Markt empty before Sunday services began. This is the same church where Mozart once played the famous pipe organ inside as a child.

Sunday Afternoon in the Netherlands

And here is a shot of the inside.

Mozart's Toy

This is Eva

Eva’s dream is to finish business school and then figure out what to do with her life.

Eva is currently in Amsterdam on a dinner cruise with her boyfriend. She wants to get married and have a little girl. Her boyfriend smiles and nods.

(this is from my Portraits portfolio on Flickr)

This is Eva

The Foreboding Church of Valerio’s Marriage

Here is where my friend Valerio got married in Naples. It looks a bit evil, doesn’t it?

The Forboding Church of Valpopando's Marriage

Contemplating a Digital Future

I thought this kid had an interesting look. This was taken in front of the new digital video wall in Chicago.

Considering a Digital Future

Elephants and Gods

These are some gods that adorn a small Hindu shrine at the base of the Batu Caves in Malaysia.

Elephants and Gods

Evening Falls in Holland

This was shot about 8:30 PM as evening fell in a pastoral and quaint area of the Netherlands. The farmhouse and windmills were painted with bright pastels, made even more potent by the setting sun.

Evening Falls in Holland

The Eiffel in the Clouds

This was taken in the late afternoon over the Seine. Someone left a comment on Flickr that the one cloud in the middle there looks like the map of Great Britain.

The Eiffel in the Late Afternoon

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