Visiting the Proletariat

It was a long trip to the Isle of Man from Texas. It’s too bad Will had to be in coach. Monty and I did don our silken robes and gold-trimmed shoes to visit him… he was quite bitter the whole time, but Monty and I hardly noticed since we don’t like to deal with the riffraff.

For breakfast, after we arose from our supine positions, we were greeted with warm croissants, fruit, eggs, yogurt, and all sorts of other things. For breakfast, Will got a punch in the face.

The proletariat in discomfort

Trey and Monty in comfort

After landing in at Gatwick, we jumped on another plane to take us over to Douglas on the Isle of Man.

Trey outside the channel jumper

The international terminal at DFW

The new international terminal at DFW is very nice – filled with all sorts of shops and high-end restaurants. They also had this very interesting modern sculpture of a downtown abstract I posted below.

Monty and I waited as long as we could to get on the plane, but we never saw Will until after we got on the plane, just before roll back. It seems he transposed the 5:50 departure to 5:05. This would be a cute numerical mistake if it was not for his position as the Chief Financial Officer of the company.

DFW International Terminal Scultpure

Going to the Isle of Man

I am jumping on a plane to fly out to the UK for a few days. I’ll be out of comms for a while… But here is a map picture of where it is for those of you that don’t know (I wasn’t sure either!).

Isle of Man Map

Sunrise in Jester

I had to run to an early morning meeting yesterday, but I stopped on the way out of the neighborhood and grabbed these pictures of a nice sunrise. That second picture is the big Jester hill that is the start of the Jester King of the Hill 5K.

Jester at Sunrise

Jester at Sunrise

360 Bridge

Here is the bridge on Hwy 360 that crosses the Colorado here in Austin.

Town Lake and 360 Bridge

Oblivion Video

So here is the game that has been sucking up my free time lately. This is a video review from a German site, so the audio will not make much sense, but that is okay because the visuals are fantastic. The only word in German that seems to translate in this video is “Patrick Stewart”:

Town Lake

I grabbed these pictures today of Town Lake. It was a pretty hot and humid day here, but I climbed a hill about a half mile from house and snapped these pictures. I think they turned out pretty nice.

Town Lake

Town Lake

Rube-Goldberg Japanese Style

I love these Rube-Goldberg machines. The ones in this video made by this Japanese guy are pretty amazing. I always wonder how he gets all the parts to make these machines…

Flowers Blooming

The flowers are starting to bloom in our backyard. Here is a picture of a special species of Columbine called Remembrance growing on the deck. I found out afterwards that a portion of the sales goes to increasing “diversity and tolerance” in public schools. I wish we could take it back to the store and, instead, buy a plant that promotes “math and history” in public schools.

2006-04-08 08.18.01 PM

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