Mercury Melting in HDR

Here is the newly famous mirrored “Bean” melting over Chicago.

Mercury Melting

Trees of the Dead

Of all places, I was surprised how much I liked the pictures that I took in the ancient Chinese cemetery during a break in a thunderstorm. I am not sure what these tombstones say, but I am pretty sure they say, “This would look totally radical in HDR.”
Trees of the Dead

Light of Buddha

I was lucky to catch the sun right behind the temple… Sometimes I say that luck is the residue of design. But in this case, it really was pure luck.

Light of Buddha

37th Street

There is this kitchy place here in Austin on 37th street where people put up lights… It’s supposed to be very “Austiny”, which I have gathered to mean that it is rather thrown-together and lacks class. However, that does not mean it is not interesting to look at. The first is an alien Jesus and the second is Christmas lights in an oven, if you had to ask.

Alien Jesus

Christmas in the KITCHen

Pictures from Christmas

Here are a few shots from around the house on Christmas morning… Yes, we open the gifts on Christmas morning… not like those people that open their presents at night? Who does that? Not so cool…

Dad and Ethan

On the Nice List

Merry Christmas!

Here is a gingerbread house made by Ethan in the first shot. The second shot is Ethan in the Christmas play bringing myrrh and mirth.


I Bring Myrrh and Mirth

Towers in the Park

I have a ton of these pictures, and they all seem to come out very nice. It was so rare to have blue skies there, I had to shoot away.

Towers in the Park

Aged Senator of Napoli

This reminds me of my Velerio’s dad in Naples who has the exact same picture, but from about 40 years ago. He has a ton of great pictures in his stream… It’s also interesting to see how he has embraced HDR.
Defense for the Aged Senator

Graveyard at Night

There was no artificial coloring added to this… the green is from the reflected green grass in the long exposure.

Deep in the Graveyard

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