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While I was in Montana, I was able to stay with a good friend.  As part of the "payment" for staying there, I offered to take a few shots of his adorable grandkids.  Here is one of the ones that came from the click-fest.  This was shot inside of a teepee, which has excellent light reflectivity, for those of you that ever get the urge!


A Texas Summer Vacation

I came down to Horseshoe Bay for a little family thing this weekend… I haven’t been taking too many shots, but I was reminded of a few of my favorites from around this area, which is really just right by Austin!  The first is of a nice sunset on the lake and the other is from a Texas summer t-ball game.

There were no fireworks, but there was this pretty sunset

Sunset at T-Ball

An Electric Night in Times Square

I have always thought this ABC studio with the curved marquee is the coolest building in Times Square. I am not exactly sure what is happening in that still there, but I think that girl is holding up a pregnancy test.

An Electric Night in Times Square

Trey at the Great Wall

I’m not sure how I got in this position, or how I got the camera on a timer, but I did it. Just afterwards, I cut open my knee when jumping across a tiny gap in the wall to get back to my camera. Getting this shot was a lot like playing Braid, in retrospect.

You can see the Great Wall there on the left (and under me).

Trey at the Great Wall

The Icy Stream Above the Waterfalls at Gulfoss

I did a precise measurement and approximately 59 seconds out of every minute was spent visualizing myself slipping and falling into the water, then washed over the waterfall forever. The other 1 second was spent partially slipping and feeling intense panic that everything visualized in the previous 59 seconds was about to come true.

The Icy Stream Above the Waterfalls at Gulgoss

Grabbing Dinner in Beijing

I had decided to eat out on the streets, since there seemed to be such a variety. The real reason might have been there was this guy with a giant vat of fresh unagi (eel) which happens to be my favorite. I bought enough to feed a small family and ate it while I marched around with my camera, looking for a good spot for the shot.

The second shot below is of a famous Chinese dancer warming up for the Olympic ceremonies by launching himself into the air, just beside the official flag.

Grabbing Dinner in Beijing

Dou Dou Huang Soars up the Beijing 2008 Banner

The Homes by the river in Indonesia

The density of the homes was remarkable, everyone right on top of the next. We walked down through the little houses and got a hundred good shots… each one was brightly and individually painted and festooned.

The Houses By The River in Indonesia

A Hyper-black Printing of this shot

I spoke at the Austin Shutterbug meeting a few nights ago and the gentleman that invited me, Pete, had taken one of my shots and printed it with a very cool printing process. This thing came out as black as Zaphod Beeblebrox’s stolen ship…

If you want a print of it, contact me and I can hook you into Pete, who knows about such things.

The shot below was of a red firework exploding in a storm cloud in the black of night.

Heart of Satan - What it looks like when fireworks explode inside of a storm cloud over a river

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