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Hey I won a nice honor from a photography group in LiveJournal called “BestShot”. It was for the Unicorn and the Volcano, which is not of a unicorn at all, but I have a feeling a lot of people zoomed in to see if it was really a unicorn!

The Unicorn and the Volcano

Hot in Austin

A cold front came through Austin and dropped a very muggy 92 degrees to very muggy 89 degrees. Here are some photos below that were impossible to take without sweating:

Texas Monolith

States Rights

Red and Blue make Purple

Here are some random flower pictures from around Austin…

Pink Razors

Sea Shells

No Orange No Red

Three Domes No More

Here are some of the guys from my local Starbucks here in Austin that are suddenly no longer bald. I believe that is the famous Dr. John Butler in the middle. This is a very stupid picture and that is ten minutes of my life spent in Photoshop that I will never get back.

The three starbucks domes are no more

Flamingos and an old Dodge

There is a famous nursery here in Austin just south of the lake off 2244 that has hundreds of fake pink yard flamingos stuck into the ground out front. It’s really tacky but also really cool at the same time. There was also a cool old truck there so I jumped out to take these pictures:


High Dodge Range

Some Circles

Here are two more unrelated photographs, save their circular style.

Three Lemons

The Seemingly Unsmothering Government

Kris Kros’ Kool Kamera

I’ve been spending far too much time inside Flickr at night while watching TV. It’s insanely addicting and there is some amazing talent out there. I have a lot of favorite photographers on there, but this guy is one of the tops. Here are two of my favorite pictures that he has made. You should click on them to zoom in to see the large versions… Amazing stuff.

Summoned by the State

I’ve been summoned to sit on a jury. I’ve just had to fill out this online form with all kinds of crazy information. I answered everything straight up, and my Libertarian nature made me take some of the questions a little less seriously — I don’t know why the government needs to know some of these things. Here were some of my answers:

What is the occupation of your kids? Crying and Pooping
What is your religion? Pastafarian
What are your hobbies? Why on earth do you want to know this? Just google me.

On that last one, they will find this blog, find out how opinionated I am and judgmental and maybe they will say I don’t have to serve on the jury. I should have put my hobbies are: “making fun of trail lawyers and forming vigilante groups to hunt down child molesters”.

Capitol Sans W

Three Unrelated Pictures

Here are three photos that have been bumbling around the queue for a bit. They have nothing to do with one another, except that they a) they all happen to involve Austin and b) they do not involve immigrants.

As with most of the photos, these all look better if you zoom in and click “All Sizes” to see the larger version (as long as you are not running Prodigy in a 640×480 window).

Old Boat House

The Fork and the Broccoli

Soft and Feathery Origami

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