Littlefield House

This is the Littlefield house here in Austin on the UT Campus. It’s one of the few Gothic houses in the city.

The Littlefield House

Blue Vancouver

This is the Lion’s Gate late one evening as the fog rolled into the bay. I was lucky it was stormy most of the time there, because that tends to make for more interesting photographs. If you squint closely at this picture of Canada, you can see the socialized medicine.
The Blue Storm

Monkey Shines

Here is a monkey with green eyes. Without that description, you would have no idea what you were looking at.

Monkey Shines

Padre, another Italian Church in HDR

Here is a church in Rome that I grabbed in HDR. The stained glass came out nicely. If you click on the image beneath it, you can see my entire set called Churches of Italy.


The Churches of Italy

A Chopper in KL

I saw this helicopter in front of the Petronas from the top of KL Tower, so I snapped a few quick shots and this is the only one that came out clear.


Mom in Austin

My mom is down visiting from Napa and she was looking through my old, unpublished photographs and she saw this one of a sunset and insisted that I upload it… so here it is :)

Sunset River

Mercury Melting in HDR

Here is the newly famous mirrored “Bean” melting over Chicago.

Mercury Melting

Trees of the Dead

Of all places, I was surprised how much I liked the pictures that I took in the ancient Chinese cemetery during a break in a thunderstorm. I am not sure what these tombstones say, but I am pretty sure they say, “This would look totally radical in HDR.”
Trees of the Dead

Light of Buddha

I was lucky to catch the sun right behind the temple… Sometimes I say that luck is the residue of design. But in this case, it really was pure luck.

Light of Buddha

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