The Singularity is Near

I’ve known about this book ever since it came out, and I know basically what it already says because I keep up with Kurzweil… but I have finally gotten around to actually reading it. I’m going to have to put this on the recommendation list for all my friends. It provides a pretty compelling vision of the future.

Another Great Flickr Photo

I found this photo on Flickr yesterday. It is about the ugliest cat I have ever seen.

— from Thomas Hawk(?)

Big Pictures on New Theme

Okay after a lot of monkeying around, I finally got the css and php set up for the new theme. I have no idea why I spent so much time doing it, but I occasionally get pretty anal about some things. I re-jiggered the columns to allow the medium sized Flickr pictures in here. So I will test it out with one of my favorite pictures from Costa Rica.

Costa Rica

Still Into Flickr

I am really spending a lot of time in Flickr, uploading and categorizing my stuff from my iPhoto. It is very easy to do, and I am surprised how many people on Flickr have stumbled onto my pictures. Anyway, here is an older pic from last year in Copenhagen, with Peter – one of my friends I met in Eve-Online.


Great Flickr Photo

Now that I have started using Flickr, I am really into it. I can’t believe all the great photographers out there… I was surfing around today and found this incredible shot:

— from romsrini

David Brent is the greatest

Now that I have watched both DVDs of The Office (BBC), I can say with all certainty that David Brent, the Ricky Gervais character, is in my Top Five Funny People. He just edged out Carrot Top.

Stuck in Customs Blog Update (from loosely related Blog Name Redundancies)

It’s just not easy maintaining the tech side of the blog. I spend more time than I like using FTP programs, much like I did back in 1994. It’s been 12 years! Why aren’t things more transparent… Actually that new iLife iWeb looks really nice (watch that flash demo) – that’s how all blogging should be. Even though I am an Apple guy, I don’t think I will switch because I am sure the WordPress / .Mac integration is a disaster.

The refresh problem on my blog should be better now that I took off that Wordspew Shoutbox… so now you should be able to see the videos without a problem.

Most of my old entries still do not have pictures since I moved everything to Flickr. Flickr is really great and I am digging it. Be sure to Friend me on there if you are a Flickr user – my username is stuckincustoms.

Coffee at Mozart’s Coffee Roasters

This Mozart’s Coffee Roasters is where I come some days in Austin to drink coffee and hop onto the wireless broadband pro bono. It’s right on Lake Austin and they have a huge deck where you can hang out, look at the lake, and drink coffee. 90% of the tables here are filled with people on their laptops doing god knows what.

It is almost surreal… everyone could be at home, drinking coffee, online with their laptop, totally alone. But instead they all come here to be by other people who are doing the same thing. As strange as this human behavior is, I can’t help but notice I am part of it.

Fox 7 Austin Numbnuts

I was trying to watch the NFL playoff game last night on Fox, and they decided to split screen the UT Longhorn celebration. It was so insane, that it spawned the following complaint email to the station:

Who’s stupid idea was it to split screen the UT celebration? That is the most inane decision I have ever seen. Consider these indisputable facts:

1) You could not hear anything about the UT celebration
2) Both were so small you could barely see either
3) The UT stuff that was shown was completely boring – just a bunch of extroverted girls standing in a pile of nonsensical patterns
4) After you made a bad decision, you repeated it again 10 minutes later (as I am now seeing)
5) The second time you showed it, you showed a chubbyish Barry Switzer giving some speech that no one could hear
6) The pans to the football players majoring in American Studies and Hungarian Cabinet Making was really great television
7) I’m going to watch 24 anyway, but I hope the first episode is Jack Bauer coming into Fox 7 to blow up the control panel that controls split screen activity.

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