Death from Above

Here is a rather ominous carving I found in an old church in Rome.

In the Arms of the Dead

Yahoo’s Top for 2006 – The Grotto

Wow… I am not sure how this happened, but one of my photographs, namely The Grotto below, has made the front page (just barely) of the Yahoo Top for 2006. Thanks everyone!

Also, here is a link to my most popular pictures on Flickr, in case you want to just see some of the more interesting ones to Flickrites. If you would like to DIGG that collection, please go for it. Thanks.
The Grotto

The Saintly Chains in the Reliquary

Found in a crypt in Rome…

The Chains of a Saint in the Reliquary


Here is Seoul at sunset – check out the U-Turn trails on the large version.


Alone in the Church

Here is the Santa Maria de Maggiore in Rome. I happened to catch it on a day where it was not crowded.

Alone in the Church

Colors of Buddha

Here is a festively colored area of a Buddhist temple in Thailand.

Colors of Buddha

Big Brother Disapproves of Your Park Actiivity

Big Brother Disapproves of your Park Activity

Doesn’t look a day over 2500

Here is a real Egyptian mummy that could use a pedicure.

Doesn't Look a Day over 2500

Hot Raw Sewage

A lovely inlet in Bangkok where a delicate scent was wafting from this hot raw sewage that was dumping into the river.

Hot Raw Sewage

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