Summer Home

No, this is not my summer home, but I did hang out there in Milan and sweat heavily while wishing it had air conditioning.

Summer Home

Pompeii Shadows

This is Pompeii about an hour before sunset. This is one of the main market areas. Will commented that he was surprised they used so much brick and it looks so well preserved. But then again, Will was totally drunk and passing out while crying over his inflatable Lauren travel-doll.

Shadows of Pompeii

Statues in the Garden

I thought this was a really cool sculpture here in Austin. If I could do one kind of art well, I wish it was sculpture. But I can’t… it looks very hard and once you make a mistake, there is no ctrl-Z like in photoshop. Once you chip off a nose, it’s just gone.


First Oil Well in the US

While getting lost in Pennsylvania, I happened upon the first oil well ever built in the United States. It was dark and cloudy, so I had to get out the equipment for a shot, of course. I’m a slave to this stupid camera, I tell you.

This was drilled in 1859 and was 69 feet deep. It’s called the Drake Oil Well.

The First Oil Well in the US

Private Cave

In my Navy SEAL-like zodiac ride around the bay of Napoli, I found this ruin with a cave underneath. My guide told me that this was used by ancient Romans as a fish farm, but then again, he was a drunk Italian.

Private Cave

Red Spawning Red

This is another older shot from so long ago… last month.

Red Spawning Red

Rainbow over the Duomo

One night before dark I looked out of my hotel room and saw this, so I had to pull out the camera, of course.

Rainbow over Duomo

Castle Arches

These are taken inside the Castle d’Ovo.

Nuovo Arches

An old boat

I’m afraid if I got a boat, this is what would happen. I’m just not that into boats and I think I would just forget about it and it would end up like this one.

House on Stilts

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