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The Elevator that Awaited me after Chernobyl

I had a relaxing weekend and was finally able to go back and look at some shots from an ill-advised but very fun trip to Chernobyl. My mom is still not too happy about that one…

This is the “cozy” elevator that awaited me after I got finished with the radiation detox and cleanup area. Note that it was nothing like T’Pol and Travis, if that scene rings a bell…

Ukraine was a rough place, to say the least… that little red light on the elevator was a little alarming since I did not know if it meant there was a problem or if it was ready.

If you missed it, you can read the whole story about the trip to Chernobyl at this link.

The Elevator that Awaited me after Chernobyl

And here is a shot of me holding a Geiger counter that the Russian soldier let me borrow… it was clicking away, giving me a little fright.

Stuck in Chernobyl

as day shifts to night

It was just me and about three hours of sunset at Yellowstone.  I feel very fortunate to be friends with the head ranger at the park, and just beforehand, at his home, he listed off about four awesome places to go see it.  He was right!  Also, he let me borrow his tripod, so that was a real life saver (as any good ranger is known for!).

as day shifts to night

Golden Light at the Hour of Death

The Moghuls really knew how to bury their dead. They never seemed to build anything out of rubber or have nice cushy bean-bag chairs… it was all sharp angles and stone… it reminds me of all the sharp-cornered coffee tables where two-year-olds bump their heads until their parents figure out that it is better to have a round coffee table… okay that has nothing to do with anything in this photo any more…

Golden Light at the Hour of Death

Another Animal!

Daily Photo – A Giraffe on the Savannah

I know you guys and gals liked that crazy camel with the pretty sky… here is another one… this time of a giraffe. It’s not like I need to tell you that… I should assume you know your animals. I wish I could say I shot this in Africa… but I can’t because it was from Disneyworld! We had a room at the Animal Kingdom Lodge and these giraffes would walk right by our window all day and night long… a little surreal to wake up and see that!

A Giraffe on the Savannah

Camel in the Wild

This Dromedary, or as I like to say, this open-toed ungulate, was running at full speed as I managed to grab this quick one before being trampled. I was just kidding about calling it an ungulate…. only a nerd would do that (looks nervously both ways).

Camel in the Wild

The Fountains at Hollywood and Highland

Some lovely fountains just after dark in the center of a popular shopping center in Hollywood. The red sea of children playing in the water parted in time for me to take this photo.
The Fountains at Hollywood and Highland

Isabella and the Accident

I’ve never posted videos before… and this one has nothing to do with photography… just a funny little thing that happened at home this weekend.

Pretty Isabella

Here is a bit of experimentation with some hand drawn art and some rendering post effect work…

Pretty Isabella with Grandma

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