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The Park in Chicago at Night

This was taken about 11 PM in the middle of the new park in Chicago. I forgot to bring my iPod while I was walking around with my camera, and then I realized how addicted I am to listening to music while I take pictures.
The Park in Chicago at Night

God is in the Details

This shot of the Gesu Nuovo in Naples came out with incredible details. If you have high-bandwidth, check out this version.

God is in the Details

Parisian Opera House

Here is the southern part of the opera house in Paris. It was a bright and sunny day, so everything came out nice and sharp.

The Parisian Opera House in Summer

The Neo Monolith of Chicago

After my meeting I headed downtown to see the new Millennium Park that recently opened. It was incredibly surreal and awesome. Here is a nice shot I grabbed… these are video walls that cycle in and out different pictures.

The Neo Monoliths of Chicago

The Shrubbery of Ni

I found what the knights wanted… Actually there was a sign there that said No Entry, but I ignored that because the flowers were too pretty not to capture with the Eiffel.

Shrubbery of Ni

Milan Train Station at Midnight

Aren’t those lights cool? That is the real color of those lights… no photoshop trickery…

Milan Train Station at Midnight

Power of God

I thought this was sort of an armageddon / apocalypse / revelations view of Notre Dame. I was lucky that day with the clouds that makes this place look more extreme… even though it is pretty extreme on its own anyway.

Power of God

Ruins with Cats

These ruins in Rome are full of at least 50 cats… Someone commented in Flickr and said they are feral and fed by local Roman women. Either way, it is strange to look down inside and see all that feline activity.

Roman Ruins, Full o' Cats

Evening in the Park

Here’s that tower thing that I can’t ever remember the name of… I asked a bunch of French people while I was there and they would just give me a blank stare, like they didn’t understand Esperanto.
Evening at the Park

Petit Palais near the Tuileries

Here is a non-HDR shot of the Petit Palais, which is not so petite, but it is moreso than the Grand Palais from across the street.

On the way to the Tuileries

Here is a map from Google maps about where I was… testing this thing out:

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