Here is a creepy one for you…


Oil Spill

Here is an oil spill I found in Virginia. Well, it’s not really an oil spill, it’s more of an oil-leak that is natural and bubbles up from under the river.

The Oil Spill

San Antonio Garden

Here are two interesting things I found near a museum in San Antonio a few weeks ago.


Lily Bridge

The Barn Where They Found the Bodies

The Barn Where They Found the Bodies

Napoleon and Pedro, Harleyized

These guys are totally sweet and I am sure they have some good skills.

Napoleon and Pedro, Harleyized.

And here is the awesome Liger bike they wish they had:

Flux Capacitor

Two Harleys from the Leather-Fest

I did not wear my leathers, but I did go out to the Harley fest here in Austin to check it out… colorful characters and rides of course. I managed to grab a bunch of interesting photos of people and hogs, insofar as there was a difference. Here are the first two that I have uploaded:

Blue on Fire

Stars and Bars

Two more sculptures

Here are two sculptures that are nothing alike. Normally, I despise modern art and I really get irritated at people that drone on and on about the inner meanings of total crap, but I do like this steel girder thing, for whatever reason.


The Swing

San Antonio

We went down to San Antonio a few weeks ago to celebrate our anniversary, and here are a few pictures I took of a museum we visited.

Water and Steam

Three's a Crowd

Dying… centipede?

I found this centipede (I think that is what it is) behind our house the other day, so I got out my camera for some macro shots. I almost didn’t need to zoom too much because this thing was huge. It was bigger than my hand and a lot like that thing that went down Kate Capeshaw’s silk robe in the Temple of Doom. If only Short-Round had not leaned on that pressure plate…

Last Legs

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