Win a Car or Something

Jerri emailed me back and asked that you all join her car contest. To help inspire you, here is a picture of some sweet sweet acting from her blockbuster movie Komodo vs. Cobra. I guess I should not make fun… I’ve never been in a movie, unless you count Black Gangbang #27.

To join the contest, go to her website as long as no minors (or miners) are in the room and then:

Simply download (right click and save) the picture of Jerri and her new Torrent and send it to: with your name, address, phone number and email address. You can win Five Pontiac Torrents – one for yourself and four to give to whomever you please. Tell your friends. Send them the picture above and tell them to enter too… good luck!

Crazy Trey True Fact #42e: Trey was a finalist for the first season of Survivor and went to the CBS headquarters for a final interview. During the interview, he explained how he was going to try to turn the island into a pure lassaiz-faire capitalist system. Otherwise, he argued, the island would break down to communist malaise and political nonsense. The producers of the show, naturally, told Trey that he would not be appropriate for the show. Trey then stole a handful of peppermints and ran out of the building.

Jerri Manthey Doing Whitesnake

Of all the weird things that happen in my life, here is one I forgot to mention a few months ago. When I was in LA, I was staying at this fairly high-tone place called “Shutters,” where a lot of famous people end up gravitating from Hollywood. Anyway, while I was in the lobby answering email on my laptop, drinking a hot chocolate, and watching The Big Lebowski up in the corner of my screen, Jerri Manthey came up to me. Remember her? Jerri from Survivor… you know, the gal that was all into Colby? These are facts I remember thanks to my familiarity with reality TV.

She was really into this movie I was watching and aghast that I had not seen it. I told her to shut her pie hole and then she gave me her email address and I got hers. Since then, she emails me about all these various Hollywood-ish events she is in. I’m really much too busy playing computer games and reading magical fantasy novels to attend, but she is nice enough to keep inviting me. Here are pictures from one of her recent events, where she was raising money for the hurricane. I told her I was against hurricanes, and I would not support her cause.

I think she was giving away a car or something. I’m not sure.

(Pictures did not win the Immunity Challenge, which is a shame, because they really tied the room together.)

Air Force One

After coming back from Korea today, I got held up home in Austin because W was landing. Here is a shot of Air Force One.

(Picture confiscated by the DHS.)

When going through customs in Atlanta (right before I connected to Austin), I got in at the same time as a bunch of US Forces were returning from Iraq. There were thousands of them, but as you can see, the camouflage made them impossible to spot.

Two Kinds of People

There are two kinds of people in the world – those that will pick up a live lobster with their bare hands and those that won’t. Today I became the former.

Picking it up pales in comparison to eating it while it is still moving on the table.

Company Dinner

We took the crew out for dinner tonight at this monthly Korean work event called a “Hishik” or something phonetic like that. Here is a picture of Gustaf and Yun eating a ton of pork. We were 85% sure it was pork, and 40% sure it was meat.

(Pictures determined to be not kosher.)

Hard at work

Here are a few of our concept artists working away on some Happy Car stuff. These guys work hard… they are usually here past 8 PM every night. It’s always exciting to see the progress they make.

(Pictures indisposed while pondering, “Who is Happy Car?”)

Shopping for junk

A nice gal that works in the office here named Elaine (a Brazilian-Korean, of all things) took Gustaf and I out shopping for our new apartment. We had to get sheets for our beds and chairs and all that crap. Elaine put up with our antics for several hours as we had several elongated debates on the merits of real silverware versus plasticware. When it is two guys living together, plastic everything becomes very compelling.

Our apartment is totally lame and we are moving ASAP. We had a friend that had this apartment, so we are crashing here until we can find a better place. It is about 90 degrees here and there is no AC in this apartment. It’s completely insane. The only way I can sleep at night is to lay a cold wet towel over my body until I fall asleep.

Robot Potty

When I checked into my hotel here in Seoul I was greeted with a robot potty. I didn’t even have to go to the bathroom, but I sat down to check it out anyway. Under no circumstances would I ever recommend pressing the button that says, “For Women Only.” I knew it was a mistake beforehand and afterwards.

(Pictures accidentally flushed.)

No Pachyderms – DAMN

I was really worried when I got to the baggage claim here at Seoul Incheon Airport and I saw this sign saying that no elephants are allowed. I tried to look innocent and shuffle away as my personal travelling elephant came down the baggage chute.

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