My brother’s house of macabre but humorously posed dead animals

So my brother in Dallas is a big hunter. He goes on African safaris all the time and is always looking to bag something exotic, or simply something that would look funny when stuffed, mounted, and placed inconspicuously in his house.

First, you will see a picture of him with a giraffe that he killed then had stuffed and put in his foyer to welcome guests. During Christmas, he put a santa hat on top to make it look more festive for the season. He claimed that this giraffe was running around Africa eating children and spreading AIDS, so he had no choice but to shoot it.

The second picture is of a hippo he killed and had converted into a coffee table. He had the taxidermist embed a permanent smile on the hippo, so that guests would be assured that the hippo is happy to be holding their after-dinner cognacs.


Hippo Table

The Hunt

Freeeeezing in Bozeman

We got colded-in in Bozeman. The weather was so cold that a lot of the service vehicles at the airport froze over and could not service the planes. When I woke up in the morning, the temperature was 23 below zero with no wind chill. It was not much fun going outside to start up the car!

Up in Big Sky, my friend text messaged me and said it was 34 below. When I landed in Dallas, it was 32, which is 66 degrees warmer than Big Sky… crazy…

23 below

Wildlife in Yellowstone

We went back to Yellowstone and went to a little habitat where they keep bears and wolves in captivity, and do fun captivity-things like put a slab of meat in ice and watch the bears wrestle over it for hours until they break through. That is good times for everyone.

The wolves were actually pretty cool to watch because they all started howling at the same time on one side of the wolf pen. Over on the other side, about 100 feet away, a lone wolf started howling also. I think they were doing their best to simulate calling one another in the wild, but it was weird since they were only 100 feet away.

Wrestling Grizzlies

Oh, and here is a bear skeleton. I thin it looks very strange, and it reminds me of the posture of some of my old friends from the fraternity.

Bad Snowmobile Video

Okay this is one of those sporting videos that is ONLY interesting to the people that were immediately involved… I don’t even know why I am posting it – perhaps because I am just really into Google Video and how easy uploading and blogging your own videos can be.

There is something nice about the video, however, that shows more what snowmobiling is like than the my earlier blog entry.

Museum of the Rockies

Montana happens to be one of the world’s hotspots for dinosaur digs. Here in Bozeman is the Museum of the Rockies, where the famous paleontologist Jack Horner serves as curator. The museum has some very nice and unique dinosaur stuff that I had never seen or heard of before.

Museum of the Rockies

Below is an actual T-rex skeleton that was partially uncovered then transported here to the museum.

TRex Skeleton

I remember when I was young – dinosaurs were so simple. There were only like five kinds of dinosaurs TOTAL. There was the T-Rex, the Brontosaurus, the Triceratops, the Stegosaurus, and the Pteridactal. Now when I watch any kind of dinosaur show or look at a dinosaur book, my mind has to say, okay well I guess that one is kinda like a Brontosaurus, even though it has a new name with 87 syllables.

Take for example this Torosaurus below. It’s a lot like the Triceratops, but different because some crazy scientist wanted to confuse people in their 30’s that think there are only five kinds of dinosaurs.


Airport Run

I left early in the morning from Big Sky to go drop off the guys and pick up the family. It wasn’t exactly that clean, and it actually required about four trips to the airport, but on one of those trips, we ran into Gustaf eating three pounds of airport steak before boarding a flight to Korea. Here we are hanging out with Ethan, who is somewhat afraid of Gustaf’s mane.

Ethan and Gustaf
Airport Lunch

Freezing to Death

It looks warm and sunny in this picture, but my face was somewhere between zero and absolute zero. That Al-Queda mask I am wearing kept out the cold for about an hour, and then my nose started to run, creating a fine ice crystallize layer which kept in the cold like a reverse greenhouse effect.

Alqueda Snowmobile

After a harrowing return to our car, laughing at Gustaf and Will brokebacking on their ride, we finally made it to The Corral here in Big Sky for a nice dinner.

The Corral

Brokeback Montana

We knew this would eventuate, but we just were not sure of the exact circumstances.

Will’s snowmobile “broke down” on “accident”, as you can see in the picture below where he got three passerby mechanics to take a look at his engine. Oh, too bad, it is broken, I guess Will has to ride brokeback with Gustaf on his snowmobile, over bumpy bumpy roads and oh so cold.

Broken Bike
Brokeback Snowmobiling

Snow Head

I think this happened during a “mild” snowmobile crash.

Stuck Snowmobile

Here is a shot of my snowmobile. It is actually fairly sophisticated with a hand warmer on each handle and a thumb warmer for the throttle. The heater got SO hot that I had to turn it off.

The Snowmobile

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