The Hidden Pond

Here is a nice little foggy pond at sunset in Vancouver in the Autumn. I can’t think of a better time of year or conditions to shoot around there.

The Hidden Pond

The Secret Russian Cosmonaut Bunker

Daily Photo: Stuck in Customs in Space

This shot is decidedly not Russian, not secret, not a bunker, but maybe it has held a few cosmonauts. Anyway, this place was just way too cool not to photograph.

Stuck in Customs in Space I love this shot!  It came out wicked. I used to say wicked a lot in grade school and I still like saying it.  This may or may not make me lame, and I can't be objective about such things.This is the airport in Bangkok, Thailand.  I am not sure who the architect is, but it came out quite inspired.  Taking photos of beautiful architecture is somewhat of a sport of mine.  I want to try to honor the lines and the textures via a good composition and a good HDR treatment.- Trey RatcliffClick here to read the rest of this post at the Stuck in Customs blog.

Buddha said he wanted to have a word with me

I was burning hot, sweating like a nearby migrant worker, but I just had to stop to take this HDR, since Buddha asked me to and all… you don’t want to ignore that guy.

Buddha said he wanted to have a word with me

The Grim Reaper Cometh in HDR

Here is a shot from a Roman church, where the side walls are lined with tombs and statues. I found this one to be particularly macabre, and a good subject for HDR.

I also included a few shots from the nearby churches as well.

The Grim Reaper Cometh

Deep inside the Catacombs

Alone in the Church

Sites of Malaysia

I’m sure I could just post pictures from around Malaysia and there would be plenty of variety. Here are three I recently uploaded. The first is the city, obviously, of Kuala Lumpur. The second is a Vietnamese restaurant in a cool underground area. The third is a statue I found in Malaka.

Sunny Day in Kuala Lumpur

Vietnamese Firewall

War God of Malaka

Pick of the Week from That Other Paper

Hey the nice people over at That Other Paper went over to see my show at the gallery and they wrote up a nice little blurb on it as their Pick of the Week. I’ll put the clipping below, along with a copy of the invite, followed by a few Harley pics, since they seemed to like those. Unfortunately, there are only two Harley pics in the show… so here are a few others for those intense Harley fans out there.

Newspaper Clipping

Invite for my Flickr Friends!  Come visit! :)

The Red Hiney, Presenting

Flowing Magma

Flux Capacitor

Doublestuff Oreo

Orange Pipes

And lastly… a Sea of Harleys:

Sea of Harleys

Across the Lake

Here is a shot of the blue storm over Vanconver one evening, from across the lake in Stanley Park.

Across the Lake

Kuala Lumpur from KL Tower

This is a picture of the observation lounge itself, which I thought came out interesting.

The Tallest Twin Towers in the World from a nearby Taller Tower, not a Twin itself

Venetian Canals in Amsterdam

I’m headed back to Amsterdam soon because of the games conference, and I found this unposted shot in my library.

Venetian Canals in Amsterdam

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