Contemplating a Digital Future

I thought this kid had an interesting look. This was taken in front of the new digital video wall in Chicago.

Considering a Digital Future

Elephants and Gods

These are some gods that adorn a small Hindu shrine at the base of the Batu Caves in Malaysia.

Elephants and Gods

Evening Falls in Holland

This was shot about 8:30 PM as evening fell in a pastoral and quaint area of the Netherlands. The farmhouse and windmills were painted with bright pastels, made even more potent by the setting sun.

Evening Falls in Holland

The Eiffel in the Clouds

This was taken in the late afternoon over the Seine. Someone left a comment on Flickr that the one cloud in the middle there looks like the map of Great Britain.

The Eiffel in the Late Afternoon

Chicago from the Air

Here is a very hi-res photo of Chicago from above. If you zoom in (on Flickr) to the original size you can see some nice detail.

The Magnificent Mile

Red Velvet

The famous Nieuwe Kerk in Amsterdam has been temporarily converted into an art show all about fashion. They draped red velvet all over the place to make it look more artsy and less churchy. Although I don’t think it really worked, but at least it made for an interesting photograph.

Velvet Windows

Mini Colosseum

In Pompeii, which for some reason only has one “i” in Italian, I came across the miniature version of the colosseum. It was somewhat overgrown, but otherwise in perfect condition.

Mini Colosseum

Three Towers of Kuala Lumpur

Here is an HDR shot of the Patronas Towers. If you zoom in, you can see Zeta-Jones with her curious Spanish-Name-British-Accent about to catch Sean Connery with his Scottish-Name-Scottish-Accent.
The Three Towers of Kuala Lumpur

The Arabic Cafe

Here is a wonderful little Arabic restaurant I found in Kuala Lumpur.

The Arabic Gate

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