The Duomo

I visited the roof of the Duomo today, which I highly recommend for any visitors. Most people don’t know you can actually get up on the roof. This building is so vast that it can hold 40,000 people inside.

The Duomo, the Heaven Side

Basilica of San Lorenzo

I visited the Basilica of San Lorenzo, which was built in the 4th and 5th centuries from material from the leftover Roman amphitheater.

San Lorenzo

San Lorenzo

Made it to Milan

It’s late afternoon here and I made it to Milan after a long series of flights… four airports and 1.5 meals.

I opened my window from the hotel room and was surprised to see that I had a view of the Duomo. You can see it there on the right.

View from my Hotel


Here is Ethan taking a big ol’ whack at a pinata from that party a few days ago…

Fireworks Shots are Popular

I was shocked at the traffic on my fireworks shots on Flickr. That one from a few days ago is now the number one Independence Day shot in all of Flickr… crazy. Here is another one, taken later that night when it was darker.
The Bombs Bursting In Air

Rolling Clouds over Town Lake

This is what things look like from the opposite side of the 360 bridge.

Rolling Hills and Rolling Sky

Plane Over Boat

This is possibly my worst-named photo ever.

Plane Over Boat

Going to Italy

Tomorrow, on 7/7, which is coterminously my birthday and a hot-date for Islamo Facism bombing activity (7/7 London Tube Bombing), I am flying to Milan for about 10 days or so. It’s a long flight, so I will be taking breaks from playing my DS Lite to check my fellow passengers’ Islamo Beards for boxcutters.

It will be fun to be in Italy during the World Cup game, and I will try to hook up with some local friends in Milan to watch the festivities. Besides Milan, I’ll be visiting Rome and Naples several little bits of Roman ruins in between.

Here are a few B&W treatments from my last trip.

Trevi Revisited

Ancient Roman Forum

Hamilton Pool

This is a picture from Hamilton Pool that I took when I went there swimming with the family a few weeks ago. This one was shot from deeper within the cave, looking out to the sinkhole.


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