The Slaughterhouse

I found this old place… kind of a cool place. There was still some old meat inside. Freebies!

Abandoned Slaughterhouse

More Harleys

Here are a few more Harleys from the ROT Rally a few weeks ago. That is a fur-seat there, which will keep you warm on those cool 95 degree Texas summer days.
Fuzzy Seat

Flowing Magma

Two Sculptures – Horsehead Nebula and Red Metal

Horsehead Nebula

Red Metal

Kids and Hippos

This is a strange statue nearby where I was accosted a few weeks ago. If you look close on the lower left you will see a ray gun. My wife finds these bronze kids to be creepy, but I think they are just creepy-cool.

The second picture is of a strange mailbox with a Gandalf tree in the background.

Happy Day

Mail Stop

Boat and Water

I’ve never been a boat person, and I have no real interest in owning a boat. I’m afraid it would just sit around and become dilapidated like this one. The second picture there is one of the hundreds of little inlets that surround Lake Travis. The third one is of a new boat that will probably end up like the first one.
Lake Lovers Cruise



More Harley Stuff

Here are two more pics from the leather-fest:

Fire Skull


Cowgirls at the Swimmin’ Hole

Here are a couple of cowgirls at the swimming hole at Hamilton Pool here in Austin. It was about 100 degrees this day but it stayed a cool 70 degrees or so under the waterfall inside that cave.

Cowgirls at the Swimmin' Hole

Model Golf Course

Here is a technique that lets you take pictures and turn them into images that look like tiny hand-built models.

Model Golf Course

Eagle Eye

Here is another sculpture from the place where I was accosted by the fabulous guy in the interior decorating store.

Eagle Eye

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