The Olde Train Station

Here is a very unusual shot I got of the train station in Amsterdam with this cool advertisement out front. At least, I think it is an advertisement.

Multiple Horizons on the Olde Train Station


Here is an old Roman ruin in Pompeii. That area behind the amphitheatre is where the gladiators would live and train.
Amphitheatre in Pompeii

The Pittification of Kuala Lumpur

Brad Pitt and his decidedly non-Asian features are everywhere.

The Pittification of Kuala Lumpur

Benevius Throckmorton the Fourth

I often use an outrageous photographer persona when trying to gain access to places I am not allowed, and that persona is super-bad-British-accent Benevius Throckmorton the Fourth, the National Geographic photographer who is too aloof to carry proper documentation and too aghast to understand why anyone would ask for such a thing.

You would be amazed that this persona has worked 100% of the time, and I get to take my camera into places where photographers are not normally allowed. The best place I infiltrated was the impervious Altar of the Duomo in Milan.
Below is a famous restaurant in Amsterdam that Benevius was allowed to photograph. This first picture is taken in an underground area where they keep all sorts of mysterious wines and meads that have been fermenting since the Renaissance. The second picture has some original Rembrandt sketches right above your dinner table.
Bitter Koekies

Restaurant of Rembrandt

Langkawi Sunset

Here is another sunset shot from Malaysia.

Burning into the Night

Holland Town Hall

These two were taken at the town hall in Haarlem in the Netherlands.

Town Hall


Rainy Day in Chicago

I seem to have bad luck with rain in Chicago, and it makes taking pictures kind of difficult. Here is one I grabbed one morning after I got out of the subway.

Gothic Spire

Picnic in White

I thought this was kinda cool how all these people dressed in white for a high-toned picnic in front of the Eiffel tower at sunset.

Baccarat Picnic

Austin at Dusk

Here are some boats on the weird lake that is really a river but everyone called Town Lake even though it is the Colorado River, except it is not the same Colorado River that everyone knows from the Grand Canyon. I could have said that more clearly, but I really could not have because I said it right.
Evening on the Lake

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