Aquabus floating on Vancouver’s sea of mercury

Vancouver is perhaps the grayest city I have ever visited. The buildings have been ordained by the government to maintain roughly the same color as the clouds at all times. It it wasn’t for these colorful Aquabai, it would be like one huge Take On Me video.

This was taken on Granville Island on a Sunday morning.

Dark Prayers

For whatever reason, I found it sneaky and fun to take pictures of nuns from behind in churches throughout Italy. I now have one with a black habit and a white habit. I look forward to getting the Emperor’s special redguard habit on a future trip. I tried two different DOFs, obviously.

Cowled Prayer

Dark Prayers

For the Bloggie and Digg newcomers!

As I mentioned yesterday, I am having a Susan Lucci moment with the Bloggie Awards, having somehow gotten a nomination (vote here!). That, combined with the Digg thing has resulted in 250,000+ views on my pictures and blog in the past 72 hours. So, I thought it would be worthwhile to give the newcomers a grand tour.

It’s a bit like giving a tour of a studio apartment, because the site is fairly one-dimensional. It only has my photography, which purists find abhorrent and I get angry emails from people who actually believed their teachers when they were young and told them never to “draw outside the lines!” Hey, it’s art, okay?

There is an About Me page if you are curious, which appears to show me stealing some firewood from some Amish children. Also, I get a lot of questions about how I do this sort of photography, so I made a poorly worded and irregularly flowing tutorial here.

And since there are so many newcomers, I thought I would re-post a few of my shots from recent months that helped to get this blog so popular and helped to spawn a bunch of angry emails from people whose hands smell like developing fluid…whatever that stuff is called… I dunno I’m all digital since it’s 2007 and web 2.0 and TechCrunch and everything.

Fourth on Lake Austin:

Fourth on Lake Austin

Help Me
Help Me

Stuck In Customs In Space – Bangkok, Thailand
Stuck in Customs in Space

Across the Line – Batu Caves, Malaysia

Across the Line

Morning Mist on the Lagoon – Vancouver, British Colombia
Morning Mist at the Lagoon

The Arenal Volcanic Plume – Costa Rica

The Arenal Volcanic Plume

The Veins of Bangkok

The Veins of Bangkok

The Grotto – Austin, Texas

The Grotto

The Airy Doom of the Duomo – Milan, Italy

The Altar of the Duomo

Ready to Strike – Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Ready to Strike

Milan Train Station at Midnight – Milan, Italy

Milan Train Station at Midnight

Rush Hour – Seoul, Korea

Rush Hour

The Duomo, Heaven Side – Milan, Italy

The Duomo, the Heaven Side

Aurorus Reflectus Colosseo – Rome, Italy
Aurorus Reflectus Colosseo

Flux Capacitor – Austin, Texas

Flux Capacitor

The Rainy Season of Vancouver

The Rainy Season of Vancouver

Bathing in Gold

Here is a room which has the collective net worth of Thailand’s neighboring countries. Unfortunately, since Buddhists renounce wealth, this is both priceless and worthless at the same time.

If they were to trade in a few square feet of that gold, they could probably buy some iPod Nanos for the entire monastery. They can get on iTunes and buy some of that Buddhist chanting music, which may be a good escape for them.

I put a few other pictures below of some neighboring temples.


Piercing the Sky

Buddha said he wanted to have a word with me

My Susan Lucci Moment – the 2007 Bloggies

Wow I was surprised and humbled to see I was nominated for the 2007 Bloggies in the Best Photography section. I have some tough competition there and don’t know if we can beat ‘em… but we can give it a whirl eh? So if you have an extra few seconds, I would appreciate your vote and a recommendation to your friends as well.

In the next few weeks, I hope to post some fresh pictures of Chernobyl, where I will spend the weekend in the exclusion zone, visiting a few ghost towns that were once designed as Soviet panaceas. Most, like Pripyat, have now abandoned after radiation. My mom thinks I am crazy for going, but my D2X has this sweet Geiger counter that I built after watching last season’s 24.

I will also be posting shots of Kiev, Ukraine, and the old town of Kharkov on the Russian border in coming weeks. I should also add some new pictures from Amsterdam, since I am headed there for a casual game convention. After that, I might be going to Iceland to get a few of those images from that otherworldly place. So stick around, vote, and thanks for the support! :)

2007 Bloggies Nomination

This is Aru

Aru’s dream is to provide a good life for his children.

Aru is currently selling hand-carved Teak wood sculptures in the floating market about two hours outside of Bangkok. He is alert and alive, gladly tracing the markings on his body, explaining to me what they mean.

This shot of Aru comes from my “Portraits Portfolio“, where I try to take the opportunity to get to know some of these interesting-looking people.
This is Aru

This was taken in the floating market, where things got just a touch crowded towards the middle of the day. It could have been hotter in that boat, but I don’t know how.

Jam at the Floating Market

Crazy Digg Day

I got on Digg today – that was a nice surprise to get over 150,000 views on a single photograph within just a few hours. Thank you everyone who stopped by or sent along emails! Here is the picture that was “Dugg”:

My Kinda Town

The Mosque and the Towers

Someone made a comment that this looks like the Klingon capital… from some alien sci-fi show that I have never heard of.

The Mosque and the Towers

The Lens of Valpopando

One of my good photography friends, Valerio, highly recommended that I get this new lens – the Sigma 10-20mm. We spent the weekend together in Napoli and took a bunch of pictures together…we put that set here on Flickr. Here is one of the first shots I have taken with the new lens from Chicago last night; I think this lens is amazing. I look forward to doing some landscapes with it as well. The second picture is one of my favorites with that lens from Valerio… who is one of the most popular photographers on Flickr… here are some of his top shots.

The Lens of Valpopando

Multi window (by valpopando)

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