Clouds over Texas

here is a collection of three cloud pictures from around Austin… After I have discovered this new style of photography, I find myself staring at clouds differently now, not unlike Douglas Adams’ rain god in Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency.

Clouds over Concrete

Cloud Chopper

Borg Storm

Orange Chested Worbler Feathered Doodle Cocker

That is not the real name of this bird. But maybe it is… there is a very small percentage chance that those words I cobbled together are the actual name of the bird.

Orange Chested Worbler Feathered Doodle Cocker

I think this means they have guns…

I found this deep in the heart of Texas while driving on a back country road the other day… I took the shot and jumped back in my Prius that had been altered to run on frankincense and myrrh.

I think this means they have guns...

Blocks and Waterfalls

Here is another picture from the FDR Memorial in DC. This area is not wheelchair-friendly, ironically for FDR.

Not Man Made

Memories and Regrets

When I was out at Lake Travis last week I found some yoots cliff diving. I shot these two pictures… You can see that the guy jumped but the girl was too scared. The Flickr version has notes on them.

All he will have is memories...

...all she will have is regrets

Three Forests

Here is an extreme zoom in of three forests. The only problem is that they are three different forests. Another problem is that the first is not a forest, but a golf course. A final problem is that the final picture is not a forest either, but an orange tree that was quite far from a forest. But the second picture is a forest – kinda. In retrospect, the title of this blog entry was bad.

Mini Golf

Forest Dreamscape

Fruity Dimples

In a van down by the river

My friends Peter and Stacie came up from San Antonio to Austin and we went down to the lake to eat some grub. Stacie is actually in an upcoming Maxim magazine (someone linked in my Flickr comments), but in this fully-clothed shot, she is just hungry and waiting for the onion rings.

Winsome and woebegone

The city and the country

Here is one picture of the Omni hotel in downtown Austin and the other is of a wayward pleasure-craft on Lake Austin.

Reflecting on Austin

Lost Canoe


I found this unusual area in Washington DC that had a series of quirky mirrored pyramids. I walked around and around with my big black backpack looking for interesting shots and I am pretty sure security thought I was a terrorist. Whenever they looked at me strange, I would yell out “Praise Allah!” and then they would just back off…

Pyramids of Mystery

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