360 Bridge

Here is the bridge on Hwy 360 that crosses the Colorado here in Austin.

Town Lake and 360 Bridge

Oblivion Video

So here is the game that has been sucking up my free time lately. This is a video review from a German site, so the audio will not make much sense, but that is okay because the visuals are fantastic. The only word in German that seems to translate in this video is “Patrick Stewart”:

Town Lake

I grabbed these pictures today of Town Lake. It was a pretty hot and humid day here, but I climbed a hill about a half mile from house and snapped these pictures. I think they turned out pretty nice.

Town Lake

Town Lake

Rube-Goldberg Japanese Style

I love these Rube-Goldberg machines. The ones in this video made by this Japanese guy are pretty amazing. I always wonder how he gets all the parts to make these machines…

Flowers Blooming

The flowers are starting to bloom in our backyard. Here is a picture of a special species of Columbine called Remembrance growing on the deck. I found out afterwards that a portion of the sales goes to increasing “diversity and tolerance” in public schools. I wish we could take it back to the store and, instead, buy a plant that promotes “math and history” in public schools.

2006-04-08 08.18.01 PM

Penn & Teller on Conspiracy Theories on 9/11

I found this on Google Video. Penn & Teller run a really good show (I think on Showtime) called “Bullshit” where they take topics and debunk them. They’re great skeptics and the shows are usually pretty entertaining. One of my favorites from the first season is on recycling… I will see if I can find it on one of these video sharing sites.

In the meantime, here is a pretty funny / crazy 8 minute segment on conspiracy theories about 9/11. You gotta see how crazy that one guy is when he gets into his car… I knew he was a kook, but that scene just was out of control.

Best Music Video Ever

This is the most awesomest music video evar. It makes me really want to hang out in Finland and be cool like only people from Finland can be.

The new Prius

After seeing this video of how the new 2006 Prius can park itself, I’ve decided that mine is not robotic enough, even though I only parallel park once a year.

A Cloth Oblivion Map

Oh I would love a cloth Oblivion map. Does someone want to work with me to mass produce some of them – the Unofficial Cloth Oblivion Map? I was looking at some of my good old maps from older games… good times. I think there must be at least 50 guys in a remote area of China with some ink and cloth that are ready to help us out.

Cloth Maps

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