Aged Senator of Napoli

This reminds me of my Velerio’s dad in Naples who has the exact same picture, but from about 40 years ago. He has a ton of great pictures in his stream… It’s also interesting to see how he has embraced HDR.
Defense for the Aged Senator

Graveyard at Night

There was no artificial coloring added to this… the green is from the reflected green grass in the long exposure.

Deep in the Graveyard

The Underground Mosque

This is a cool-looking mosque in Kuala Lumpur, although I doubt a lot of Muslims walk in and say, “Wow this place is like totally cool and rad.” You can see part of the cityscape behind the mosque.

The second picture is an older one of the same buildings from a different perspective at night.
The Underground Mosque


Mills Working Late

I grabbed this just before sunset in the Netherlands. I like the blues in the homes on the nearside.

Working Mills at Dusk


I found this very unusual woman in front of the Eiffel Tower, so I had to get a picture. I actually don’t like much about the picture, other than the way the Eiffel turned out.


The Purple Marble of the Church

Here is a tiny (actually it pretty small compared to most) church a few minutes away from the Colosseum. They don’t normally let the public in, but I sneaked in behind a wedding party that was there checking it out for an upcoming wedding. The priest that let us in assumed I was a photographer with the wedding. This is only one of many times I have been outright in-your-face deceptive with priests.

Corolo Borromaeo

Gallery opens tonight – 7 PM till wheneva

Thanks all for the 90+ comments on the invite picture below. :) Maybe we’ll have a little flash-mob tonight at the gallery… that would be cool.

The show starts at 7PM, so come by and have a drink or a snack and hang out. If I haven’t met you in person, please feel free to come up and introduce yourself.

Here is the invite again, along with a few of the prints that will be in the show. Repainting my walls for each photograph took forever. Actually, it took about 15 seconds with the hue/saturation slider.

Thanks also to Ben over at his cool Church of the Customer blog for pointing people my way! :)

Invite for my Flickr Friends!  Come visit! :)

The Grotto on the Wall

Duomo on a Dark Wall

Arun on the Wall

Milan Train Station on the Wall

ImageKind – the Best Artist Printing Solution on the InterTubes

I have switched to ImageKind to handle all the printing and customer fulfillment for my prints. I highly recommend them!

Check it out here.

I was contacted by the CEO that found my work here on on his own and invited me. I finally checked it out, after putting it off for several months assuming it was crappy like the others, and I was glad to see I was wrong.

After looking all over the intertubes, I think this is by far the best solution. The thing I like is you can set your own prices and control your profit margins. Imagekind only takes the base price.

Also, they were nice enough to feature me on the “Shop” page and on the “Cityscapes” page, which you can see below, so I thought that was kinda cool. In addition, ImageKind has a million framing and matte combinations as well.

On the phone, the CEO mentioned that this company also owns a chain of brick and mortar frame shops, so they 1) buy their supplies in bulk and 2) have a lot of expertise in the custom construction of the frames.

I’m getting a lot of emails from people that can’t come to the actual gallery show down here in Austin that still wanted to buy prints, so this came along at a good time.

And no… Imagekind didn’t pay me to make this post… ! I’m just a self-educated believer. I also see that ImageKind has recently been mentioned by TechCrunch, so it should get a lot more traffic.
ImageKind - a great printing solution!

And here are a few shots of my prints hanging on the wall:

Chicago HDR on canvas, hanging in my living room, in a non-HDR shot, which is confusing to think about, and ending a sentence-fragment with a preposition is something up with which I will not put

Harley on Canvas

The Beating Heart on the Wall

Vesuvius on the Wall

Stained glass on the wall

The Pictures are Hung

Over the weekend we hung pictures up at the gallery. Everything looks pretty sharp and those of you are coming to the gallery opening should see something a bit different, perhaps. I don’t know… impossible to be objective, but I do know it is different than what is usually shown there at Halcyon.

I’ll be showing about 45 pieces. Here is a sampling of the ones at the show. You will notice the first three are exceptionally pointy.
Dark Storm over Vancouver:

The Rainy Season of Vancouver



Spires of God:

The Duomo, the Heaven Side

Farewell Holland:

Farewell Holland

Fourth on Lake Austin:

Fourth on Lake Austin

This is Nathaniel:

This is Nathaniel

Rush Hour in Seoul:

Rush Hour

One Night in Bangkok:

One Night in Bangkok

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