Four Caves of Napoli

This is a part of the rougher part of the Amalfi Coast where waves have torn away four huge caves in the sea wall. It’s hard to see how huge these caves are, but each one is over 100 feet tall.

Four Caves

Principe di Savoy

This is the extremely bright, shiny, and colorful bar inside the Principe di Savoy in Milan. This is where the Rolling Stones stayed and brought a big group of aging roadies with them.

When I Met Mick in Milan at the Principe de Savoy

The Capitoline Hill at Night

That glowing area is the Capitoline Hill above the Roman Forum where Brutus and Cassius retreated after the tyrannicide of Julius Caesar.

The Glow of Capitoline Hill

Gothic Spires

Here is a cool view from the top of the Duomo that looks rather surreal with the HDR treatment.

Gothic Spikes

Jester after a thunderstorm

Here is a view across the street after a summer storm hit. This was taken about 7 PM or so…

My Neightborhood after the Storm

Aqua Grotto

This was a cool little find in the bay of Naples.

The Aqua Grotto

Notre Dame at Noon

I didn’t have my tripod this day in Paris, so I took a lot of handheld shots, most of which still turned out okay. I really tend to rely on my tripod now… sort of a crutch. Anyway, here is one of Notre Dame.

Notre Dame at Noon

Colosseum, Reflected

Daily Photo – Aurorus Reflectus Colosseo

The setting sun caught something pink in the clouds during this long exposure and I ended up with this strange but cool artifact on the right side of the picture there…

Aurorus Reflectus Colosseo

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An Arch in Pompeii

Here is a nicely preserved arch I found in Pompeii. You can see the mountains along the Amalfi Coast in the background.

Arches of Pompeii

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