Three Priai

After the Jester 5K I walked over to get into my Prius, and I found it parked right by two other identical Priai.  Only in Austin…

I like my Prius, although I do think of it largely as a golf cart with Windows.

Three Golf Carts

Jester King of the Hill 5K

The pain value of the run was somewhere between Abu Grab and listening to George Clooney speak his mind.

As we started the race, the announcer said this is the hilliest 5K in the world, and I don’t doubt it. It starts out with a half mile ascent straight up this 20% graded hill and that is the easiest hill of the run. I felt good because some young 18 year old punk shot out ahead and made it to the top of the first hill, but he petered out and I passed him about four miles into it.

I finished in under 30 minutes and in the top 25% of the field. The people that beat me are as follows:

  • A gentleman that worked for the overland mail service in Kenya
  • A Winter Olympian from Austria who cluttered my path with syringes
  • A woman with an inexplicably large ass sporting a ponderous amount of junk in the trunk that somehow stayed in front of me the entire time, making me feel like a brotha in da club.

Here are some pictures from the event, including one of me doing the running man pose in the backyard while Ethan grabbed a shot.

King of Jester
King of Jester Ground Zero

Warming Up

There was also a bike race afterwards that I was not in. I spent that hour passed out in a pile of leaves. Here is a picture of the finish line about 45 minutes into the race, when more people were still finishing. I was just glad not to be last, which I fully expected to be. Oh in that picture above, that young guy tried to pass me in the end but I held him off only because there was a good Hans Zimmer tune on my iPod.
Finish Line

Pure Austin

Austin Kite Festival

We headed out to the Austin Kite Festival at Zilker Park. It was my first kite festival, and it was pretty much what I expected.  I would have been pleasantly surprised had there been a gladiatorial arena or something unexpectedly cool like that, but it was just kites.

The kites were nice, as far as kites go.  There were a lot of people out there that took kites very seriously and a variety of very self-important “kite clubs” where people mostly stood around scowling at the sky, scowling at the ground, and then scowling at other kite clubs.

Kite Festival

Kite Banners

Interesting article on China

I found this interesting article today on China.  Here is a snippet:

Before showing me his factory, Bao wanted us to visit the Hua Xin Li Dress Co, Ltd, which was by Chinese standards a venerable firm. It had opened its doors in 1987, right around the time that Deng Xiaoping had begun to allow any such enterprise. From a home factory with five or six employees, it had grown into a medium-sized enterprise with several hundred workers. “‘First Quality and Prestige Supreme’ is our aim”, says the company’s brochure; on the day we visited they were churning out slightly garish yellow dress shirts for the Eastern European market. The factory was three stories tall, and on each floor young women, and a few young men, in white company T-shirts sat, four abreast, in front of new sewing machines imported from Japan. It was a hot day, but big fans moved plenty of air around. There was a busy hum, but not a din. The women worked fast, especially the button-sewers at the end of the room, but not frantically. A large red banner hung over the middle of each room reading, in Chinese, “The Customer Is God and the Market Decides Everything”.

Great Bush Impersonator

Very strange but funny video

I don’t know why I find this funny… but this is a video of a Walkman on zipline with someone screaming on it.

King of Jester Race

I live in this super-hilly neighborhood called Jester Estates and I’ve taken to running these hills a few times a week like a wayward goat. It’s tough – really really tough. So I have really been looking forward to this big “King of Jester” Race that is a big annual event in Austin every year.

It is a 5K race with approx 750 feet of vertical climb with some of the steepest grades from 17% to 20%. I’m ALMOST in the 35+ age group, but this time I have to race against all these damn 18 year olds from UT that don’t do anything but sit around and metabolize pizza like Hitler Youth.

Here is a video of the race. These guys are cheating and are on bikes. Maybe I will get a video this year of all the runners that pass out into bushes or roll down the hill, leaving chunks of ruined skin and bone behind..

Uploaded pics from Hawaii

Here are a few older pictures from our time in Hawaii. We went to Lanai and to Kuaui. In Lanai, we actually stayed at the same place that Bill Gates got married – he also bought out the entire island for his wedding. It was a slow week, so they gave us our own butler at this place. I had no idea what to do with a butler at a beach resort, but most of her activity involved getting us fruit and fruit-related objects.

In Kuaui we stayed at another pretty place… it was much more tropical and Lost-like in Kuaui… anyway, here are some pics:

Jeep Adventure

Sunset in Kuaui

Waterfall 2

Garden of Gods #2

View of Kuaui

Funny Jon Stewart Video Concerning Corruption and Taint

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