This was shot just SE of ground zero in NYC.

Amazing Fireworks Exploding Inside a Cloud Over the River

I did make it to the postponed fireworks show down on Lake Austin last night. It was very stormy, as usual, and they shot off a bunch of the fireworks into some low clouds, which caused some very strange and interesting results.

I missed my trip to Shanghai because of some travel visa issues, but it was nice to be in Austin for a few bonus days to see the big show.

I’ve decided to call this shot “Tongue of Satan”.

Also, I get many requests about how I do this stuff… I have a tutorial up right here. It’s poorly written. Sorry about that.

Tounge of the Devil - What it looks like when fireworks explode inside of a cloud over a river

Stampede of the Wild Horses

After a long hike through the mountains of Yellowstone, I came across over 40 horses sprinting from one meadow to the next. I stepped behind a tree to get out of the way and shot this one.

Stampede of the Wild Horses

There were no fireworks, but there was this nice sunset

I went out to my secret spot to get fireworks shots (that is not all that secret), but they did not shoot off because of all the high water and floods. But, there was still a great sunset… so I snapped this one.

I’m off to Shanghai – fresh shots soon! :)

There were no fireworks, but there was this pretty sunset

Streaming Light at the Fortified Gatehouse

This gatehouse sits on one side of the moat of Angkor Wat. We were not supposed to be inside the gate this late but my monk friend has some pull with the locals.

Streaming Light

The Arched Globe in Kharkov

This is the little public area near the train station.
Globe Arch

Digg’s All Time Favorite HDR Photos

A short article came out detailing some of Digg’s most popular HDR photos and I was surprised to see I have 8 of them. You can see the article here – and thanks for all the diggs!

Here are a few of my favorite ones below:

The Magic of Disney

Ghost in the Cathedral

My Kinda Town

End of the Railroad

This was shot in Sacramento, CA at the Railroad Museum.
End of the Railroad

The Royal Anandapur Tea Company

For some reason this tea looks really good, even though most teas taste the same to me.

The Royal Anandapur Tea Company

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