Angry German Tourists

While I was looking at these angry German tourists in Amsterdam, I could not help but think they look like most German tourists.

After watching these two for a moment, it occured to me that it is difficult to know the difference between an angry, severe German tourist and a regular German tourist.

Paper Airplanes

This may be the coolest thing about the Cleveland Airport… because the rest of it is somewhat boring.

Paper Airplanes

Reflections of the Excelsior

Here is one of the Amsterdam canals by night.

Reflection of the Excelsior

The Cowboy and the Storm

This is an area where I sometimes go running in the afternoon. When I took this, the clouds were closing in after a sunny hot day for a summer evening storm.

The Cowboy in the Storm

Naples in Color and B&W

Here are two shots of Naples. I usually don’t do much black and white but I like this one.

Aqua Tiles

Domus Black

The Duomo Roof Again

Here is the north side of the roof of the Duomo in the evening light. The dark sky is from a tiny oncoming dusk rainshower.

Evening Shadows

Shapes in the Museum

Here was a cool area of the Chicago Museum of Art.


Morning at the Castle

Here is the castle d’ovo in Naples under a cool blue morning sky.

Blue Skies of Morning

Monkey Business

Here is another one of those pesky Macaque monkeys that almost chewed through my neck.

Chilling Out

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