The Church and the Ukrainian Blizzard

I walked around the city on a bitter-cold morning after a long night of deep snow and found this gold-and-green domed orthodox church sitting silent in these woods. I did not see anyone else around, so I snapped a few pictures through the woods from across the way.

This is the same church that was almost destroyed by the Germans in The Great Patriotic War, which we call sweet sweet WW2. I told my Ukrainian/Russian friends that those Germans weren’t so tough after all, and they did not find any Great Patriotic War humor funny at all.

They found it even less funny when I did my John Cleese Hitler-walk around the forest claiming the land as my own.

The Church and the Ukrainian Blizzard

Cloudy Sunrise in Langkawi, Malaysia

Langkawi is a tiny island off the west coast of Malaysia. It’s filled with tiny little archipelago islands, kind of like the one that was converted into that evil lab in one of the James Bond movies. Luckily, for picture-taking, the clouds were very interesting during my short stay there.

Morning Clouds over Malaysia

Does this snake make me look fat?

I am back in Malaysia after a long series of flights. I have determined that I think my frequent flier membership card should change its logo to Sisyphus pushing a boulder up a hill. I do collect a lot of miles, but, ironically, when I do actually have time off, the last thing I want to do is fly. So I am trying to figure out a way to trade in my frequent flier miles for something that I can actually use – like sleep.

Does this snake make me look fat?

I took that shot above at the Batu Caves just north of Kuala Lumpur. Below is another picture that I took nearby, with the dark black of the cave in the background.

Across the Line

Afternoon Shadows on Wat Pho

Thailand is a big exporter. They export corn, which the Indians call “maize”. In sum, Thailand is a nation of contrasts.

Wat Pho in the Afternoon Shadows

Porn Hack on my Flickr – Because of DIGG?

I don’t know how this has happened, but one of my friends has emailed me a shot he took of my page (verified by others) that shows that some of my preview pictures have been replaced by VERY strange substitutes.

I’ve had several photos on Digg lately, something that I noticed has increased traffic dramatically. That, combined with the Bloggies nomination, has over 250,000 visiting my blog per month now.

Digg has also brought over 200,000 views to one of my pictures and well over 75,000 views to a few of the other shots too.

It may be possible that someone from the Digg has some kinda Flickr hack that replaces previews? None of this was there before the recent Digg stuff… so it is a possible culprit. I don’t really know…

Some people say that it was a random Flickr error – although I think it is strange how the porn picture happened to be on the one entitled, “All He Will Have is Memories”, which is actually a picture of some drunk UT dude jumping off a click into Lake Travis in Austin.

Porn Hack on my Flickr - Because of DIGG?

Here are some of the recent shots that have been on DIGG in the past 2-3 weeks. None of these have been hacked…

Fourth on Lake Austin

My Kinda Town

The Veins of Bangkok

Oh, and while all this Flickr Porn stuff has been going on, my wife has hardly noticed because she is completely addicted to the new Virtual Villagers game. Click below to try it out… it’s great fun.

The Boiling Sulfur Pools of Iceland

These colors are real.

Every bubbly and steamy pool throughout the geothermal areas has a unique and Martian coloring, whether it is bubbling up mud or whatever kind of hell-juice spews out of the earth. Every steam vent bellows a strange and gruesome scent.

It was very tempting to dip my hand in there to feel the water… or even take off my clothes into my Euro-tight-undies to slip into a dense mineral bath… but I decided that it was probably a bad idea. I imagined my mom was there, advising against such an action.

The Boiling Sulfur Pools of Iceland

The Glowing Hull of the Viking Longboat

Is Iceland the coolest place on Earth? Yes.

Where else can you find things like this, frozen in time, preserved in an earthen mound under the frigid tundra… this old viking longboat, stored in perfect condition, still lit by wall torches, and used as an inverted church. What a place…

The Glowing Hull of the Viking Longboat

The Place Where Rebekka’s Horses Run Free

Seriously, thanks to Rebekka for a great day tooling around the fjords of Iceland. We were going to take a tunnel under the fjord, but it is one of her mega phobias, along with spiders, and drunk Icelandic men. (We share the latter)

Here I will post one of my favorite pictures of hers… this is her son jumping off a swing. I’m not sure how this picture is possible, but she has a bunch like this:

Letting Go

Daily Photo – An Icelandic Horse in the Wild

…cuz I felt a little ill… When I saw all the pictures of the jockeys that were there before me… Ahh yes… nothing says Icelandic fjord and horse exploration like the great poet, Prince, which is O ( + > in ASCII.

An Icelandic Horse in the Wild

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Sunrise Across the Icy Lake in Reykjavik

I found a nice bench and sat there for about an hour, drinking coffee, with my hand on the remote control. Oh, here come some more birds… snap snap… have some coffee… look there’s the sun… more birds now… snap snap snap… coffee is good… better increase that ISO those birds are fast… look at those clouds… more birds… snap snap… is this place real? snap… omg how am I going to process all these pictures… snap snap… thank god I have a lot of memory cards…. okay now the sunrise is even better… why did I waste those earlier shots? More birds… go slower please birds.. snap… coffee running low… okay time to move on I have a meeting soon… okay one more snap.

Sunrise Across the Icy Lake in Reykjavik

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