The Infinite City at Sunrise

A crystal clear day in Shanghai… I had to whip out the camera for the occasion!

The Infinite City at Sunrise

Losing Her Way to Grandma’s House

Poor Isabella… I think she can hear a distant wolf a-growlin’.
Losing Her Way to Grandma's House

The Evil Stepmother and the Extra Evil Stepsisters

The mother is a prickly one…
The Evil Stepmother and the Extra Evil Stepsisters

All Dressed up for Sunday Service

Oh this old thing?
Dressing up for Church

The Museum on Ice

A slippery trip into work!
The Museum on Ice

The Nightmarish Faces of Iceland

Actually Icelandic people are quite attractive… I don’t know why this eerie sculpture in Iceland makes them look so creepy creepy…
Icelandic Faces

The Glowing Artifact

This looks like it was found in some remote area of Southeast Asia, but it was actually found in Disneyworld. It reminds me of Mark Twain’s sensational statement in Innocents Abroad when he saw all the replicas of the Mona Lisa and the Last Supper and said they were much better than the originals.
The Glowing Temple

Forgotten Churches of Italy

I thought I would take a walk down memory lane and show a few of my lesser-known pictures from inside Italian churches. The colors and glows that come through usually come out quite nice in HDR. Actually, I think it is very hard to go back to shooting churches without HDR because it just doesn’t do them justice without it.

The Forboding Church of Valpopando's Marriage

Vampire in the Church

Glowing Icons of Gesu Nuovo

The Streets of Shanghai

Every night around dusk the lights come on all over Shanghai as the new Chinese carry around their Prada purses, their D&G belts, and check their stocks on their mobiles.
The Streets of Shanghai

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