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My iPhone Knows I am in Hong Kong. How?

Has my iPhone evolved into a sentient being? Am I in the middle of a campy Star Trek episode where Data is trying to figure out what it “means” to be human?

I brought my iPhone with me to China so I could listen to music and flip through the albums with my fingers because it is cool rather than functional. But upon landing in Hong Kong, I got this SMS message: “Welcome to PEOPLE’S Hong Kong! Calling home / other countries? Dial <001> .” You can zoom in to the maximum size to see the message yourself.

I thought this AT&T thing only worked in the US. That’s what the man said to us, but now I have reasons to doubt the man.

How does my iPhone know I am in Hong Kong? A few weeks ago at a lunch with Will, we put our iPhones very close to one another on the table while we ordered our food. We were hoping that perhaps they would mate and spawn a third iPhone. But maybe what really happened is my iPhone started to learn from Will’s iPhone. I don’t know what it could have learned, other than how to dress conservatively and part your hair in such as way as to make you look one-quarter inch taller, but that does not explain the Hong Kong Recognition Enigma.

Perhaps my iPhone is confused and thinks I am Steve Jobs because I sometimes wear all black in speak like a vainglorious huckster. I cannot say for sure, but I will continue to explore what happens to the iPhone in various countries.

The pic up there on my Apple is the one I took of Hong Kong from The Peak on the previous night… Here is a link the full size.

My iPhone Knows I am in Hong Kong.  How?

Last Few Days to See Smithsonian Institution Exhibit?

There are a few days left I think to see my piece in this Smithsonian. I know it was up for the whole month of July, but I don’t know about August. I’ve gotten a bunch of emails from people that saw it – thanks for those. I haven’t seen it myself there, but it is supposedly right inside the main hall upon entry into the museum. If anyone can give the exact location, I would appreciate it. Here is the featured shot that is there:

Fourth on Lake Austin

Hong Kong from The Peak on a Summer Night


Daily Photo – Hong Kong from The Peak on a Summer Night

I had a long day waking up at 5 AM to take a series of subways and trains up to Shenzen for some meetings. I was hot and sweaty and in the kind of meeting clothes that aren’t great for being hot and sweaty in. Anyway, I can’t complain… I made it back to Hong Kong just as the sunset, so I headed up to The Peak for a shot.

In the foreground is Hong Kong and on the far side is Kowloon.

Hong Kong from The Peak on a Summer Night

Photo Information

  • Date Taken2017-03-29 07:07:46
  • Camera
  • Camera Make
  • Exposure Time
  • Aperturef/4.5
  • ISO100
  • Focal Length12mm (18mm in 35mm)
  • Flashflash did not fire
  • Exposure Programaperture priority
  • Exposure Bias

The Underground Peoplemover to the International Terminal

I found this on the way to Hong Kong… so I stopped for a quick shot while security eyed me with suspicion… But they have those cool TSA badges that makes them look all official and everything, but I just ignored them.
The Underground Peoplemover to the International Terminal

Hong Kong Fireworks in the South China Sea

I made it to Hong Kong just as the sun was setting today (July 28th). I headed over to IFC2 to have a drink and watch the sunset. I was lucky enough to catch an unexpected fireworks show across the bay right after the sun went down, so I snapped this shot for y’all.

I know it is strange to post fireworks shots two days in a row… but… hey it’s kinda cool I guess to see awesome fireworks in two different cities.

Hong Kong Fireworks in the South China Sea

Fireworks in a Lightning Storm

One of my fireworks shots is currently hanging in the Smithsonian, so if any of y’all are around DC, be sure to stop by and see it.

I took this one on the fourth… there was a big storm and I was lucky enough to get lightning and fireworks jammed into the same shot.
Fireworks in the Lightning Storm

The Eyelashes of Isabella

I caught Isabella and Ethan looking at a book together before bedtime…
The Eyelashes of Isabella

Home Sweet Home

This is a place I passed every day when walking from my apartment to Mike’s apartment while in Ukraine. BTW, they now seem to get pretty agitated when you call it "The Ukraine"… just stick with "Ukraine", and it will avoid you some dirty looks, which are not the good kind of looks to get from Ukrainians.
Home Sweet Home

Wild Icelandic Furbeasts

Here once again are some of those furry horsical creatures that run free around the fjords of Iceland. These guys are surprisingly docile, although I did not try to ride one.

Wild Icelandic Furbeasts

Corner Goth

Here is a cool corner found inside the narrow streets of Amsterdam.
Corner Goth

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