This is Edell

This is Edell

Edell’s dream is to have a large and peaceful family.

Edell is currently doing chores in a field with her little brother and little sister. She is the oldest and the only one that smiles when I ask if I can help carry the wood back to their home.

(this is taken from a series of portraits in THIS set in my portfolio).

After the Concert

This was taken at the new park in Chicago late at night after a concert. Those blue and red lights move slowly around the metallic surface and combine to make interesting magentas against the skyline.

After the Concert

Italian Morning

Oh this is just another shot from a morning in Italy… Life is a little different over there, you know?

Italian Morning

Third Egyptian Gimp on the Left

Here is a suspicious line-up of Egyptians. The third one without legs had nothing to say.

The Third Jade Gimp

Chicago Skyline at Night

I am excited because I upgraded and got the Nikon D2X. This thing is like carrying around a small tank. It’s so large that it actually sucks other nearby cameras into it, automatically amalgamating all their megapixel power.

I took this at the top of the John Hancock this evening as night fell.

It was done with 9 exposures. I figured, why the heck not.

I recommend you click here for the Large version on Black. I keep all my images like that inside Flickr if you check the description below the picture.

The sweet lady D2X is mine;  Chicago, you are my first victim.

The Barn in the Storm

I found this place down a remote country road in Pennsylvania. I managed to get a shot just before the rain hit. You can see the setting sun behind the pine tree on the left.

The Barn in the Storm

Chairs on a Boat (The Italian Version of Snakes on a Plane)

This was taken at the docks of Napoli early one morning.

Chairs in Boats

Inside and Outside the Duomo

Here is a collage I put together the other night about midnight when I could not sleep. This is an alternating series from the roof and the inside of the Duomo in Milan.

Heaven and Hell

Dirty Train in Milan

As the title does not coyly suggest:

Dirty Bullet

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