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Sunrise Discovery of Angkor Wat

I now fully fit the role of a British explorer with khakis and a safari hat, surrounded by my cadre of Cambodians at $18 a day. They drive me around, carry my tripod, bring me water when I am thirsty, and seem anxious for me to colonize the area. A member of my cadre woke me up early this morning at 5 AM. I emerged from the jungle netting to walk around the angles of the ruins of Angkor Wat to find something to start the morning.

Also, I just launched – let me know if you dig it… also, let me know if you like Song 1 or Song 2… I get mixed reviews on which one is the best for the opening song! I trust your aesthetic taste so, I’d like to hear what you think!

Thanks… and I’ll be out searching the ruins all day… trying to find interesting things and beautiful things for y’all! 🙂

Sunrise Discovery of Angkor Wat

Headed Deep into the Jungles of Cambodia

I feel a bit like a British explorer with all my garb and Cambodian minions about me. As I begin to embark on this little exploration, I thought this would be a good picture to post. I’ve gotten my visas and special pass to visit the archaeological ruin area of Angkor, so it should be soon when I start getting some shots of the heart of darkness.

On the way to the deep jungles of Cambodia

Bye Kids! Dad’s Off to Cambodia!

I thought I would post a few pics of the kiddos today I took in my studio at home. You can’t go wrong with cute kid portraits, right?

I’m over in Malaysia for about two weeks working with our game studio here and I get really bored on the weekends. Air Asia is sort of like Southwest Airlines and I can fly about anywhere for $200. I’ve always wanted to visit Angkor Wat in Cambodia, see the Killing Fields, and hopscotch around land mines, so I thought it would be a good opportunity. Besides, hotels and food and everything is so much cheaper there, why not?

People are always surprised that I travel so much, but it’s really not that big a deal or that hard… All you gotta do is get a couple cheapo tickets, do about an hour of focused planning, and then go off and have an adventure. I always think of that final Curb Your Enthusiasm show – the one with Larry David on HBO (the guy that created Seinfeld). Anyway, he is in the middle of this big death scene and he is on the bed in the hospital. He’s surrounded by his family, his wife, his best friend and agent, and a few other people. He gets very serious and he knows he is slipping away, so he decides to say something meaningful.

In his final life-moment, Larry says something like, “I guess I should have traveled more.” He struggles for breath and his voice is dry. “I would have liked to see more of Europe.” He looks off and, finally, his raspy voice says, “but I hate to pack.” And that is it.


Isabella's Summer Dress

Afternoon Near Ground Zero

I shot this in New York right near the World Trade Center husk. Also, I attempted to put the point of this cube right inside the phi sweet spot for your maximum viewing pleasure!

Afternoon Near Ground Zero

Kung Fu Hustle

Here is an old woman I met in the back streets of Bangkok. She was with her granddaughter and they were serving soup out of their garage / kitchen / home.

Kung Fu Hustle

Norse Gods at Moonfall

Hallgrimskirkja is just about the coolest church in the world. I’ve never seen this style of architecture before, but it’s very satisfying from a phi-golden-ratio-geometric standpoint for some reason. I can’t put my finger on it and I don’t know why such a simple geometric style has never really been attempted in any real way by other cultures around the world.

Icelandic people are very interesting, tough, and independent. I’ve found that their thought and creative circles are almost completely separated from the traditional Western Europe (+US-spawnee) and the Far East. This leads them to do things a bit different than the rest of the world and it was refreshing to talk to the locals and see how they approach everything from a design perspective. It’s got a lot of that Scandinavian clean elegance, but still very much its own.

Norse Gods at Moonfall

Summer Storm over Kuala Lumpur

Well I am back in Kuala Lumpur today. It’s nice and muggy, like it is 364 days out of the year. On that one other day, it is REALLY muggy.

The 28+ hours spent in planes and airports was once again a wonderful experience full of crying babies and frantic mothers stepping on my toes while I tried to concentrate on my computer screen and Gotan Project blasting out of my earphones…

Summer Storm over Kuala Lumpur

A Castle in New York

Actually I think it’s just a church. But I like how it is positioned on this corner and the architecture is pretty unique for that area. I think I was around Chelsea when I shot this.

Street Castle in NY

Amazing Fireworks at Disney World

This night was a special night for sure because Ethan lost his first tooth.  It was also  his first time ever at Disney World and the first time to see the fireworks, so it was sort of a perfect storm of magic.

He was very nervous about me pulling out the tooth, so five minutes before the show, I told him the magic of Disney would help me with the extraction.  We both have a bit of wizard in us, anyway, he responded.  I pulled it out and he was shocked… then just sat in awe to watch the fireworks while his dad fired away with the camera.

I took a lot of great shots of the fireworks show.  It was tough to pick a favorite… but this one was right up there.  I hope you enjoy it.

Just Another Night at Disney World

The Dome in Kiev

I was asked in the Flickr comments of this picture if I get scared while carrying around an expensive camera and tripod around with me. I replied no, not really. I keep the tripod cocked on my shoulder. It’s big and metal and I think anyone knows that an assault will be repelled by the business end of that tripod. It leaves a mark.

Inside the Dome

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