The Barn in the Storm

I found this place down a remote country road in Pennsylvania. I managed to get a shot just before the rain hit. You can see the setting sun behind the pine tree on the left.

The Barn in the Storm

Chairs on a Boat (The Italian Version of Snakes on a Plane)

This was taken at the docks of Napoli early one morning.

Chairs in Boats

Inside and Outside the Duomo

Here is a collage I put together the other night about midnight when I could not sleep. This is an alternating series from the roof and the inside of the Duomo in Milan.

Heaven and Hell

Dirty Train in Milan

As the title does not coyly suggest:

Dirty Bullet

Chicago Lays an Egg

I have a very busy two weeks coming up. Tomorrow I go to Chicago (thus the picture below of the Cloud Gate in the new park), then Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia then Amsterdam then Seoul then Chicago, then back to Austin finally to get ready for the Austin Game Conference.

Chicago Lays an Egg

Morning Rainstorm over Vesuvius and Pompeii

On the morning I left Naples, I went to the top of my hotel to eat breakfast on the roof, and I saw these incoming clouds and a rain over Vesuvius. So, naturally, I had to grab my ever-present camera.

Morning Rainstorm Over Vesuvius and Pompeii

Decrepit Shed

Here is an old shed I found by the roadside during a rainstorm in Pennsylvania, actually shot just after the post below this one.

Decrepit in the Rain

Amish Farm in Pennsylvania

This was taken in the middle of a little Amish community I found in northern Pennsylvania. This was taken in the evening just before a rain shower hit, so I got some nice sunset mixed with light rain clouds.

Amish Home in Pennsylvania Countryside

The Pantheon by Night

This is the Pantheon in Rome. I took this the same night as the taxi strike, when I had to pay a guy on a motorcycle to take me back to my hotel. He ended up refusing payment, but it was a cool ride anyway. It was nerve-wracking with my camera and MacBook Pro in my backpack as we ripped through the streets.

Pantheon by Night

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