What am I doing right now?

  • My main focus continues to spread the good word of consciousness and presence through photography. MAYBE I can take a pretty photo and make you feel peaceful and happy for just a moment. Perhaps, even better, I can persuade you to get into photography too, and you’ll see the more time you spend being creative, the more present you are. One person at a time for a happier planet, let’s do it!
  • So, this means most of my time is taking photos and processing photos. Oh, and traveling too because it keeps me uncomfortable and I think that’s important. I’m about to travel to the USA to visit a new art patron and friend.
  • What else am I doing? Well gearing up for a big European Tour of 10 cities. We do free photo walks in each city to give back to YOU. More announcements when we figure out the cities! We are getting started with a workshop in Lisbon, Portugal in April. That’ll be a blast. WHAT are Photowalks and this tour-thing? Here’s highlights from last year’s tour across the USA!
  • I have a secret project with Hans Zimmer (a link to his new Masterclass) that I can’t divulge but I also can’t stop thinking about.
  • Organizing my photos after just finishing a 60-day trip around the world with my family. I’m also switching from Mac to Windows while organizing photos. It’s a pain copying 12 TB to a new OS.
  • I’m looking forward to taking our educational moonshot The Arcanum to the next level. It’s hard being first with a concept like this. But kinda fun.
  • Adding lots of behind-the-scenes bonus videos for Passport members.
  • I’m getting really into VR and making 360 art. I’m experimenting with something very fresh that I need to perfect before I share. Or, mostly perFECT.

What’s a “now” page anyhoo?

A clever idea by Derek Sivers that he describes on his About Now page! It let’s people see what you’re currently working on and excited about! (Better than an About page or FB Updates).

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