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Dinner at my place? Last Chance in 2013!

After spending an action-packed week full of photography, post-processing and making new friends at the New Zealand Photography Workshop, you'll spend the final evening at my home in Queenstown. We'll have a great time together with excellent food, wine, and one more sunset shoot. It will be a trip that you will remember for a lifetime.

You’ll end up with amazing photos, new friends and lasting memories at this Landscape Photography workshop, no matter your skill level. We’ve prepared a pretty intense plan for your time here. You won’t get much rest. At the end of the adventure, your head will be full of new skills and your computer will be full of awesome photos.

Offer Expires Soon - Save 25%!

The next workshop is October 28 - November 2, 2013. October is beautiful Springtime in New Zealand. If you register for the October workshop before the end of August and use the code STUCKNEWS, you will pay just $4,099 USD. A savings of 25% off of the standard price!

Visit the New Zealand October 2013 page for additional details.



Half of Photography is Just Showing Up

This was a fun evening exploring some temples around the outskirts of Mount Fuji. I have a feeling there are hundreds more places like this… I want to explore them all! Here is a behind-the-scenes video I made while I was taking the photo below (well, the 2nd half of the video!).



Stuck on Earth - Beta Test the Mac Version!

As many of you know, Stuck On Earth has been immensely popular, just passing over a million updates on iOS for the iPad. Then we released the Android version, and now the Mac version is in final testing! The app is totally FREE and has been a personal labor of love for me and the rest of the team.

I built it first for myself, since I wanted a new kind of travel guide, one that focused on visiting the best locations to go stand and take photos, which also happens to be the most beautiful places either in your own backyard or for your upcoming vacation.

Try it now, even before it gets into the Mac App Store, for FREE! All I ask is if you have any bugs that you contact Here is the Download Link for the Mac Version. It’s a zip file. Just unzip and drop into your Applications Folder. Enjoy!



The New SmugMug is Beautiful & Flexible!

I have my photography portfolio over at SmugMug and they just released a new version that was rebuilt from the ground up. It is beautiful and flexible. I’ve looked at all the others and this newest version of SmugMug is definitely the best. It now does more than I ever wanted.

If you're looking for a site to display your images, sell some prints, work with clients and more, then I highly recommend SmugMug. They have many beautiful designs, and now you can easily customize it with their drag-n-drop tools. I've got a complete SmugMug Review on my site, a list of my 5 Favorite Features of the New SmugMug, a video on how to Customize SmugMug, plus an interview with the SmugMug team.



Flatbooks Newsletter, New Tutorial and Sale

There is a LOT of exciting stuff going on over at Flatbooks. First we have decided to launch a separate newsletter just for Flatbooks. The newsletter will include free content, eBook reviews, exclusive discounts and more. We promise not to spam you! The newsletter will be sent just once per month. Visit to join.

Second, we have a special Summer SALE going on over at Flatbooks. Buy two or more eBooks and we'll discount your entire order 20%!

Last but not least, James Brandon, photography and Flatbooks author, has published a video tutorial that covers the 10 Most Common Photography Mistakes and how to fix them. It's an excellent resource of beginning and intermediate photographers.



Want to try HDR? Start with Photomatix!

Photomatix Pro from HDRsoft is an integral part of my HDR processing. If you would like to purchase Photomatix Pro (or get a free trial) be sure to use the Photomatix Coupon Code code "TREYRATCLIFF" at checkout to save some money. You can find the software for Mac or Windows at the HDRSoft website.

You can also check out Trey's new Photomatix Presets at the Stuck in Customs store!


Reminder: The Text HDR Tutorial is Always Free!

I keep a completely FREE HDR Tutorial on my website. It is a living document that continues to evolve over the years. It goes over everything you need to get started and is a great introduction to the basics of HDR photography and post processing.


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Classical Chinese Shoes
HDR Photo

I wonder if Chinese ladies used to walk on these all the time in the olden days...


A Pink Sunset in the Fjords
HDR Photo

I tried to make as much as I could out of this amazing sunset! I swapped lenses, tried every possible angle, aimed every possible direction — I knew how rare a sunset like this was.


Fujisan and the spaceship
HDR Photo

This was a fun evening exploring some temples around the outskirts of Mount Fuji. I have a feeling there are hundreds more places like this… I want to explore them all!


Into the Night
HDR Photo

The restaurants all closed early in this area of Beijing, but the lights stayed on. So that was the perfect time to get some shots of the scene without a bunch of people in the frame mucking it up.


New Zealand Deer Park Heights
HDR Photo

I’ve always wanted to get up here to take a photo! They unfortunately closed it down a few years ago to public access. When you look at the hill, it looks pretty easy to climb, but man, it isn’t. I did get permission to get up here, but it wasn’t simple.


The Train Station in Dunedin
HDR Photo

I’ve only spent one night in Dunedin, which is on quite far south on the South Island of New Zealand. This train station is very famous and quite beautiful. There was a crazy sunset this night, and there was no train traffic at all, so I felt pretty safe running all around the tracks and jumping up on the train cars to get direction.


The Fantasy Path
HDR Photo

Here is another new photo from Auckland. Luckily, this amazing place was very close to my hotel. I saw it during the daytime and decided to pop over and visit it during the late evening…


The Colors of Death Valley
HDR Photo

It took me a long time to get to Death Valley in life. It’s one of those places you hear about a lot but never really get to. For some reason, I decided to make my first visit in the middle of the summer. I’ll never forget the feeling of standing out here at night and having hot (and, surprisingly, wet-feeling) air just blasting me in the face.


The Earthly Lines
HDR Photo

The waters went suddenly calm all around the ship and the sky stretched out forever. I had just seen a pod of whales and we were weaving around new areas of the fjords. I knew I was in Alaska then!


Walking on the Beach
HDR Photo

It was a cold and blustery evening here on the beach in Big Sur. Every time I go to this beach, it is a little bit different.