Midnight in Paris – Fine Art Photography Tutorial

Fine Art Photography Tutorial – On sale Now!

Create Arresting Images with Trey & Miss Aniela

Miss Aniela and Trey Ratcliff thought it would be exciting to combine her dramatic fine art photography with his HDR landscapes into an intense hands-on photoshoot experience and workshop. Join along as they explore the majestic Château de Champlâtreux in the French countryside with its timeless architecture and many rooms filled with hundreds of years of artifacts, memories and mystery.

You will learn the secrets of how they envision, prepare, shoot, and process their photos in this excellent new Fine Art Photography tutorial!

Midnight in Paris Tutorial Preview


What will you learn?

Miss Aniela and Trey Ratcliff will show you step-by-step how they captured and processed photos like these…

Purchase Options


BONUS Edition
Everything in the Basic Edition plus…
Access to the Private Clubhouse forums
RAW working files of Trey’s tutorial images
Bonus video of Trey discussing photo composition
Bonus video of Miss Aniela editing a dungeon photo



Basic Edition
Downloadable copy of the tutorial showing Miss Aniela and Trey during a photoshoot and step-by-step edits of the images they captured (3+ hours of video content).
  • Edward Fieder

    Will there be a workshop dvd coming out of this? I would love to see her process in shooting and editing. Thank you

  • Kaz Ochi

    What are the costs for the 2 days? I would really love to do it. Thanks for presenting the opportunity.

  • http://DailyConcern.com/ Curtis Simmons

    Pricing will be revealed when registration opens

  • http://DailyConcern.com/ Curtis Simmons

    We’re not sure at this time

  • http://twitter.com/uptonium246 Tom Upton

    Who wouldn’t? Think about it…two internet photo megastars…6 million followers and
    20 spaces. In Paris. Don’t you
    know to register first and ask later? If you have to ask you can’t afford it. Tsk Tsk.

    Beats me why you people
    can’t just be up-front about pricing. Reserve your spot quickly, ah, but not right now…Frustrating having to click through all this marketing text, and no pricing until the big dramatic reveal. And the odds are not encouraging…Stuck in page-view hyper-links.

    Quel domage n’est-ce pas?

  • http://www.facebook.com/arnaudrindel Arnaud Rindel

    Is it open to beginners or do we have to be already mastering the art of photography ? I do know the basics (light, aperture…) but I do not have a lot of experience in photography.

  • http://DailyConcern.com/ Curtis Simmons

    It’s open to anyone, you will learn a great deal regardless of your experience level.

  • Scott Kennelly

    It looks like a great workshop. I wish I could be there. Like most though . . . I just can’t afford to come to Paris right now. Airfare, hotels, food, and then there’s the cost of the workshop, but even if it was only $100 it just wouldn’t matter, because I can’t afford the rest, let alone the workshop.


  • Dave Darby

    Because it’s going to be cost prohibitive to most, but by generating some ‘buzz’ and seeing who digs in deeper to learn more (ie shows interest) Trey and his partners can get a better feel for demand for future events and weigh that out against costs/overhead.

    In the end, they will learn that a) their price point is spot-on and they can continue this model, b) that their registrations were down but interest high so they should offer these events at a lower price point or c) that the interest just wasn’t there at any price point. If they just threw down the price as you suggest, they would have little gauge on interest or demand, no grays, just blacks and whites (too much vs perfect).

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=551627184 Tom Upton

    OK good answer. Apologies for grumpiness. Seems you are being thoughtful, thinking of the customer. For guys like me with kids in private colleges, this is beyond a long shot but a pipe dream. Nevertheless, I will go buy a lottery ticket. I am feeling lucky, and may the analytics be with you.

  • Dave Darby

    I am considering the trip – if not this one, maybe the next one, so I am curious as to the pricing model as well. Flight and hotel alone are US$3400 if I bring my teenaged daughter. No doubt this kind of small group study would dramatically impact one’s modern photography skills and viewpoint.

  • paul

    That’s a bit steep. Good luck though!

  • Lee Dolman

    I live in Paris…I can definitely afford it….but 2000 Euro just does not sit right with me for 2 days……..thats a lot of money…even for that special privilege. Good luck to those who go.

  • Dennis Chee

    Hi Troy, Big problem with Pay Pal. Too many frauds in Singapore. Can u just give me yr Bank details and I do wire Transfer. Else pay via Credit Card? My email [email protected] Dennis Chee from Singapore. Going to bed as its now 0310 am ! Nothing I can do except wait for yr reply.

  • http://DailyConcern.com/ Curtis Simmons

    Dennis – I will contact you offline to see what we can arrange.

  • Dennis Chee

    Thanks curtiss much appreciated

  • Ingvald R Ingebretsen

    ajajaj… maybe next time. a bit short notice.

  • http://DailyConcern.com/ Curtis Simmons

    We understand your concern. We are planning a first-class event for the attendees. As a result the fixed expenses of the models, chateaux, hotel, food, etc. were much higher.

  • Kevin Bruce Taylor

    Save your money and do your own Photography Trips, You’ll be better off! This is just overpriced nonsense!

  • Trey Ratcliff

    Sorry you feel that way – we have a crew of 5 people to get to Paris, venue and equipment rental, models, catering, etc.

  • paul

    In the light of that 2K EU is not expensive or unreasonable: But still not something I can afford or justify at the moment :-(

  • http://www.facebook.com/eamonn.phillipson Eamonn Phillipson

    Same comment from me Lee Dolman. I would absolutely LOVE to be one of the select few.
    I live in the 4th arr. and am a (very) amateur guy. (Probably not the target attendee.)
    Include the “cost” of two days vacation, plus transport to the chateau and it soon adds up. The nearest RER (train) station is some distance away so will require a short taxi ride too. I would never dream of trying to get out of central Paris by car at that time of day. It means driving past Le Bourget and CDG airports (Horrors) unless you use the D316 (traffic lights all the way). Average speed will be down to 7-10 kph for half the trip. That means maybe a 90 minute drive. (To be fair – At least those coming in to central Paris for the 2nd day will be very well served by public transport!)
    I think it’s a wonderful idea Trey & Curtis. But it’s out of the reach of most of your legion of followers.
    Nevertheless, I am sure it will be a success and hope you repeat it elsewhere.
    I guess I will stick to the videos and tips for now – and hope for a photowalk in Paris next time you’re back in Europe :-)
    Bonne Chance!!

  • Trey Ratcliff

    Thanks for the message @facebook-100002424274621:disqus ! :) Yes I fully understand… and no worries, we’ll still have free PhotoWalks and everything in cities all over the place — hope to meet you at these events :)

  • Damian Bere

    This is a difficult one Trey…

    I hope this one goes well (although I wont be joining) because I hope that you consider doing a longer (maybe 5 day) workshop for folks. The current price-to-time ratio doesn’t work for me, simply because getting into the swing of things and fully engaging likely wont happen until mid-late afternoon day 1, and late afternoon day 2 will be winding down, so amount of peak engagement time for someone will be the best part of 1 day. Imagine an intercontinental traveller attending with a 10+ hr flight and wicked jet lag aswell as all the travel in and out of a busy city to get on location… 5 days that wont matter so much and would give people time to really engage with you both, but 2 days… not so much :-( I can understand why the price is high – but your fixed costs can be better spread over a longer period, resulting in better value for the attendees.

    Double the price for a 5 day workshop would be more appealing (although I’d expect accommodation included for that price). Just a thought for the future.. best of luck with this one, I’m sure it will still appeal to a lot of folks.

  • Clayton Milford

    Hope I could do this one day .. just a dream I think

  • Trey Ratcliff
  • henry

    If someone who lives in France thinks it is too much , how on earth can anyone who also has to pay air fares get there. Seems very expensive even if they are the most glamorous models.

  • Damian Bere

    Even better! New Zealand would be a fab place for such things :-)

  • Jayson_Hall

    Wow, I am really surprised by all the comments here, this is a fantastic deal and not overpriced at all, I was actually surprised by how low it was when I first saw it, and now its even lower! This type of event is for those who see the value in investing in their artistic selves, this is truly a once-in-a-life-time opportunity in an amazing setting with two of the world’s top artists. This is for people who have consciously prioritized art and photography in their lives and see the value in doing whatever it takes to get there, no matter what it costs – if you truly want something there is always a way…in the grand scheme of things this is pennies. I would pay ten times that for an opportunity like this.

  • Steve Uhlman

    I agree with you Jayson, well said. I also don’t think the price should have been lowered. This just goes to show how Trey is as a person. I am not a full time photographer and this time frame is a bit too short of notice or I would as Jayson says “find a way” to get there.

  • Tifanie Silver

    Though I still can’t afford the trip (such is life), I’m so excited that there will be an opportunity to purchase a video of the event at a later date. Definitely can’t wait for that. Thanks for working your magic to TRY and appease everyone, that’s more than what a lot of people would do.

  • http://www.facebook.com/JosephKMartin Joe Martin

    What does this part mean…Note: The registration fee is 50% refundable before Oct 31

  • http://DailyConcern.com/ Curtis Simmons


    It means that prior to Oct 31st that we will refund one-half of your registration fee if for some reason you are unable to make it.

    – Curtis

  • http://twitter.com/uptonium246 Tom Upton

    Excellent analysis all around. I too do workshops and work hard to get the models paid along with everything else. It is a real Battle Royale. The short notice also us to staring at premium airfares. Having not spent my life… stuck in customs as it were, i do not have an accumulation of miles at my disposal. Looks like the consensus is in and the DVD will be anxiously awaited by all…meanwhile I shall brush up on all of the freely available Trey and Anelia info out there. Ironically the frustration is in the sheer appeal of these two inspiring artists offering their synergy in a magical place, being held up against the sheer logistics of making this happen. I appreciate your working with the technology at hand to discover and offer creative alternatives. ~TEU. phototrainer.com

  • http://faxdocs.tv/ Matt Williams

    As one of the attendees of the London workshop, 1200 Euros seems totally worth it.

  • http://www.facebook.com/eamonn.phillipson Eamonn Phillipson

    You got me Trey. I was one of the people who lamented the cost. You extended your photographic creativity to come up with the “New Plan”. So I have just booked. Of course, my wife doesn’t know yet. So please promise me there will be no pictures taken of my anticipated black eye. (I must make sure I don’t get slugged in the “viewfinder eye”!!)
    See you there – And THANKS to you, Natalie and the team.

  • http://www.facebook.com/1138Studios Gino Barasa

    I’m always blown away by the ammount of people who waste so much time complaining. This event is clearly not for everyone. Trey and Miss Aniela have a few millions fans and there are only a dozen or so spots available. Even the hard core folks aren’t all getting in! Not everything in this world is for you. Find something that is and do that rather than waste energy bagging on people for hosting events you can’t afford, don’t have time for, or are not interested in. I would love to go to the event, but that’s not in the cards. I’m still super stoked for the people who WILL get to go.
    I seriously just don’t understand why people take the time to rip something great like this simply because they won’t get to attend. Between Trey, whom I have met, and Miss Aniela, whom I have only met during a Google Hang out and had a few emails back and forth with, these are two people that are not only amazingly talented but truly free thinkers. This event will be a Top 10 Life Moment for those that get to go! Money comes and goes, but great experiences only come along so often.

    You know what? I changed my mind. I DO hate the people that will get to go. ;]

  • http://www.facebook.com/eamonn.phillipson Eamonn Phillipson

    See above @google-c1ec23de8292d904dc213eba8bf1d17d:disqus . The price reduction was an offer I couldn’t refuse. Many thanks & see you on 8th!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/Walderbeast Col Walder

    Hey, do you have any details on location? Just trying to look into possible hotels etc. Cheers.

  • Casper van Zyl

    Hi Gino ,I always say to people that complain not yourself but others that ( Jealousy will get them no where ) I to would love to go it boils down to affordability. Besides I’m the other fellow not Rocker-fellow. hehe!!

  • Mr J Zee

    Totally agree with Gino, even I can not afford to go but still wish them luck. Unlike Gino I would not hate the people who go for this event (lucky for some).

  • http://www.facebook.com/Walderbeast Col Walder

    Ah I needed to scroll up… #feelslikeaneejit

  • Trey Ratcliff

    Thanks Matt! :)

  • Trey Ratcliff

    hehe no probs Col! :)

  • Trey Ratcliff

    Cool – see you there Eamonn! :)

  • Dominique Roux

    At this price, can we expect to have a translator ? Because my English speaking is very Bad. I’m French !
    May be Trey or Miss Aniela are speaking French ?
    Thanks for your great work :)

  • Dominique Roux

    At this price, can we expect to have a translator ? Because my English speaking is very Bad. I’m French !
    May be Trey or Miss Aniela are speaking French ?
    Thanks for your great work :)

  • Dominique Roux

    Hi, good luck

  • http://www.facebook.com/eamonn.phillipson Eamonn Phillipson

    Hi Gino.
    I “complained”. Well not really complained, because – as you and some others said, the event is not a mass-market thing. But when I compared with other (non-photography) workshops, I thought it was a little too pricey.
    Then Trey made the big price reduction. So I had no alternative. I live in Paris most of the time, so had to book………
    If you hate me now, that’s OK :-)
    Because, when the video is published, you can have a laugh at how much I have to improve to become even vaguely competent.
    That’s why I dug deep and paid up. I’m an old guy but am stoked too – just like a kid in a candy store. I WILL think of all the folk who couldn’t make it. When I press the shutter release or learn a new post-processing tweak or look at what I shot.
    Nice comment Mr J Zee & love the wit Casper.

  • http://www.facebook.com/eamonn.phillipson Eamonn Phillipson

    My wife is an angel. No complaints – Just 150% encouragement.

  • HeatherBuckley

    I think that with the price reduction it’s actually very great value. People rarely consider all the costs. There are two well known photographers, models, stylists, lights, a chateau a hotel to be booked, flights, marketing, admin….

  • Guest

    I think that with the price reduction it’s actually very great value. People rarely consider all the costs. There are two well known photographers, models, stylists, lights, a chateau a hotel to be booked, flights, marketing, admin….

  • paul

    What happens at midnight ? Is there something special planned?

  • http://DailyConcern.com/ Curtis Simmons

    I don’t think it will be an issue. Trey speaks a little French and I’m sure we’ll have others in the class that are bilingual.

  • http://DailyConcern.com/ Curtis Simmons

    Nothing planned (yet).

  • Allan Olesen

    Am I right that we continue in the evening as well (=midnight in Paris)?

    Love to join….

  • Trey Ratcliff

    We will go as late as I can stand :) And maybe have a photowalk the evening before :)

  • http://twitter.com/ZoNoPhoto Zoë Noble
  • Philippe Maurice

    i would buy the video workshop because i cannot fly to paris at the moment and PLS PLS PLS make a downloadable version i really do not want to wait for dvd to come , this is awesome i love your work and i always wanted to support u

  • http://www.stuckincustoms.com/ Luke Lakatosh (SIC Support)

    Hi Phillipe,

    Keep an eye on the site here after the event!

  • Ann Vowles

    Are there still any spaces left – only just found out about the workshop!

  • Trey Ratcliff

    Yes @google-10331703db3de09644c21842dd83db63:disqus just a couple! :)

  • http://www.facebook.com/eamonn.phillipson Eamonn Phillipson

    If anyone comes back to this page, after the event, I have to tell you it was the most wonderful, challenging, motivating two days “training” I have ever done. Worth the money – even for an amateur? Oh yes. ‘Nuf said.

  • Trey Ratcliff

    Hey everyone – the online video is now ready for registration – see you all live soon! :)

  • pattie austin

    If i did not have to care for disabled child and Recue pugs, i would certainly participate good luck to all who can !! It sounds like it will be A Photographers dream

  • David Bo Hansen Cartagena

    I think this event looks interesting but it’s to expensive at the moment.
    So I will wait. Maybe Trey will discount it later on.

    Kind regards

    David Cartagena

  • http://www.facebook.com/fefobouvier Fefo Bouvier

    Hello Trey, may I register on Friday? Or it will be too late?

  • Trey Ratcliff

    No worries! :)

  • http://www.nikonbaby.com/ Nikon Baby

    99 USD only. I really would love to join Trey but I have to work on Sunday :(

  • Trey Ratcliff

    Ahh bummer – but you can still download later if you miss the live bit! (and, plus, if you’re not mega-pleased, we always give 100% of money back!) :)

  • http://twitter.com/kimcoverack Kim Thompson

    Gino.. what a lovely person you are! We should be happy for others success. Good for you.. that should shut them up for a while ;P

  • http://www.facebook.com/Xcelnt1 Penny Anthony

    I would love to attend but I am a struggling student I can’t afford your class maybe some other time.

  • http://photodelux.net Photo DeLux

    I am really looking forward to this… can’t wait! =) For four hours of access to these two amazing world-class talents LIVE, learning their technique and the BTS work that it takes to make their art into reality, along with the downloads to review afterwards… that’s quite a lot of value! I feel so lucky I got in!

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