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Trey Ratcliff’s HDR Video Tutorial

Learn Trey’s secrets to photography, HDR and post-processing

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HDR Tutorial Course Overview

The course does not just cover HDR, but many other innovative and fun post-processing techniques as well. There are over 11 hours of video instruction across 9 classes covering topics for beginners and moving into intermediate and advanced topics. Over 130 RAW images are included in the best packages that you can use to practice the new techniques you will learn.

Trey feels it is important for you to understand the “thinking process” as well as the “photography process”, so he spends the first part of every session talking about the thinking that goes into everything he does, from composition to critiques.

“While the training on photography and post-processing with Trey are inspiring, and will take your photography to the next level, the lectures in the beginning of each session are even more valuable. To hear from an artist, in his own words, the thought processes behind his work is a mind & eye-opening experience.”

What software will you need? Photoshop CS4 or higher is required and Photomatix Pro is highly recommended (coupon code). Adobe Bridge and Lightroom are used but not required. Please visit our Support page for additional information. The course is risk free, 100% money-back guaranteed.

About Trey Ratcliff and HDR Photography

Trey Ratcliff is a photographer, artist, writer and adventurer. Each day, Trey posts a new photo to his website, StuckInCustoms.com, the #1 Travel Photography blog on the Internet. His photos and stories capture the beauty of exotic travel destinations and the humor of bizarre situations he often finds himself in. There is always something new, unexpected and beautiful to see.

Trey is best known as a pioneer in HDR photography. HDR stands for High Dynamic Range, a technique whereby multiple levels of light are captured for a particular scene and then combined into a single photograph. The resulting images are richly detailed and more closely resemble what you recall of the scene in your mind.

Fourth on Lake AustinTrey’s photo, “Fourth on Lake Austin”, was the first HDR photograph to hang in the Smithsonian. He has been featured on ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX and the BBC, and his photos have accumulated more than 50 million views. His best-selling book, “A World in HDR” sold out on Amazon in the US, UK, Canada, and Australia.

Trey grew up blind in one eye, which changed the way he has come to experience and visually map the world. This, combined with his degree in computer science and math, has shaped his unique, algorithm-like, approach to capturing a scene that evokes more palpable memories.

Trey has taught hundreds of thousands of people the secrets to his techniques via his HDR tutorials.

Sampling of the images processed during the course

Here is a small sampling of all the images that are processed during the class to give you an idea of the range.

HDR Tutorial Lesson Topics

Lesson 1

  • Challenging your photography premises
  • Need for deep photography knowledge
  • Getting outside of the photography bubble
  • The magic of HDR photography
  • Overview of Trey’s workflow
Lesson 2

  • The experience of learning together
  • How to use auto-bracketing
  • Setting up your Nikon or Canon
  • Proper settings for taking the photos
  • Bracketing versus RAW files
Lesson 3

  • How and why to share your photos online
  • How to take criticism and how what to expect
  • Balancing technical and artistic sides
  • Photo critiques and double tone-mapping demo
  • Wide angle and chromatic aberration discussion
Lesson 4

  • Layers and post-processing
  • Pixel Peeping, chromatic aberration & noise
  • How the eye works and Photomatix gets it right
  • Where Photomatix breaks down
  • We remember impressions rather than photos
Lesson 5

  • Composition and setting up for shots
  • Using color in composition
  • Wide angle and lens choice for composition
  • Creating and cropping a too-wide photo
  • How do you get rid of noise at night
Lesson 6

  • How to not be intimidated
  • How most people in the world are pretending
  • Pros and cons of Photomatix
  • Photomatix processing sessions
  • Getting into the “flow” of photography
Lesson 7

  • Learning by guessing, trying & making mistakes
  • My forest image discussed
  • Three demos using several different tools
  • Batch processing in LightRoomo
  • Putting a Nikon lens on a Canon body?
Lesson 8

  • The business of photography
  • Sharing your work with the community
  • The good kind of stress
  • Three demos of various lighting conditions
  • Color correction after Photomatix?
Lesson 9

  • Explanation of the forest photo
  • Correcting the Louvre photo
  • Discovering new ideas by examining other photos
  • Three demos showing advanced techniques
  • Detailed Q&A session
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The entire course is available for immediate download or can be shipped to you on an 8GB USB drive.

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Free eBook, Top 10 Mistakes in HDR Processing
Full access to private Clubhouse forums
Over 130 RAW Working Files

11+ hours of video instruction across 9 classes
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