Wat Arun

Here is probably one of the most detailed temples I have ever seen. If you have time, zoom in to see the bigger sizes.

The Spires of Wat Arun

All Buddha’s Gold

Here is a bright and gilded temple I came upon in Thailand. These temples are surrounded by scammers that tell you the temple is closed and no tourists are allowed. They try to get you to go to their little store a few blocks away to buy wooden figurines and plastic buddhas to hang from your tuk-tuk mirror.

Buddha's Gold


The water is disgusting. At one point, I was trying to take a picture of an interesting bit, and there was a big while plastic-bag thing floating into my frame. I was thinking, “Stupid dirty Bangkok!” and then I pulled down the camera to look and it was actually a dead bloated dog.

Bangkok Belly Flop

The Internet is a series of tubes

…as evidenced by this picture:

The Internet - A Series of Tubes

Don Juan Thai

I found this character in the floating market in Thailand. He was weaving through the canal selling coconut milk and wooden elephants. He did not speak a lot of English, but he did have a wide variety of wooden elephants.

Don Juan Thai

Colors of Buddha

Here is a festively colored area of a Buddhist temple in Thailand.

Colors of Buddha

Hot Raw Sewage

A lovely inlet in Bangkok where a delicate scent was wafting from this hot raw sewage that was dumping into the river.

Hot Raw Sewage

Jam at the Floating Market

This is the Ratchaburi Floating Market that is about 100 km outside of Bangkok. Even in the “cool” season, it was unbelievably hot and muggy, which is not the best way to hang out in these boat traffic jams. There is a lot going on in this picture; the big version shows some nice details.

Jam at the Floating Market

The Veins of Bangkok

Daily Photo – The Veins of Bangkok

I took this about 9 PM on a clear Fall evening in Bangkok. I’m pleased with the way it turned out…

The Veins of Bangkok Night Cityscape

The Veins of Bangkok

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Religion from Bangkok and Rome

I suppose it’s not hard to guess which is which.

For the Catholic one, I suggest the Large on Black version.


An Old Perspective on Religion

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