Religion from Bangkok and Rome

I suppose it’s not hard to guess which is which.

For the Catholic one, I suggest the Large on Black version.


An Old Perspective on Religion

Home Sweet Home

This is a family home I found walking through a market district of Bangkok.

Home Sweet Home

Golden Buddha Throne

Here is a solid gold Buddha that weighs slightly more than Nirvana.

I was not supposed to bring my camera in there, but I mentioned that when I die, on my deathbed, I will receive total consciousness. So I got that going for me, which is nice. And while they thought about that, I took the picture.

The Golden Throne Room

Wat Pho

Buddhist Angles Here are a few temple tops from around Wat Pho.

Buddha School

I was getting lost on purpose in Bangkok and I came across this really cool and seemingly hidden Buddhist Monastery. In the corner of it, I found this school where young boys are brought to be trained in the ways of Buddha. These kids were all very surprised to see me, since they don’t see anyone else for most of their schooling – especially white guys with big cameras.

They all ran over to me and that kid with the popsicle was the most engaging, asking me what kind of person I was and what the thing in my hand was. I told him it was a camera, for taking pictures, then asked him to pose so I could show him. He and the other kids hammed it up for a minute then came over to look at the pictures… they were totally fascinated.

I asked him his name, and he said, “Boy”

I further inquired, “What do you mean? You mean your name is ‘Boy’?”


“And what is his name,” I asked, pointing at the other kid.

“Oh, that is Boy too,” he remarked, as if it was a silly question.

It reminded me a bit of the Marklar deal, and it was all very strange. Then the master-Buddhist Monk came over and asked me to leave because I was disturbing the children.

Buddha School

Cloud Temple

This is one of the temples scattered around Wat Pho in Bangkok.

Cloud Temple

Afternoon Temples

Here is Wat Arun in the late afternoon with the Thailand sun beating down on me like that crotch laser in the old James Bond movies.

Temples in the Afternoon


Found in the back alleys of Thailand…


Escape from the Thai Snake Farm

While tooling around some of the old canals of Bangkok, I came upon this snake farm. The proprietor came out and begged me to come into his inside and I said no. He asked why, and I said, “Well I don’t like snakes, and I don’t like farms, and the combination thereof does not come close to canceling out the two negatives.” He looked perplexed at my polysyllabic Venn Diagram and walked back inside the snake farm alone.

Escape from the Thai Snake Farm

One Night in Bangkok


Daily Photo – One Night in Bangkok

I arrived into Thailand this weekend and have been in content-creation mode non stop. I did take a chance back at the hotel to process this one picture I thought y’all would enjoy.

(and yes that sun picture is real… it was burning through the bottom while still streaming light over the top).

This picture is of Wat Arun, a famous Buddhist temple in Thailand. I took it from a really cool little Italian restaurant across the way that is attached to a boutique hotel named “Arun Residence”. I will stay at this place next time – be sure to get the balcony room at the top if you come… it’s just over $100 a night and is the best (and only) view of this temple in Bangkok.

One Night in Bangkok

One Night in Bangkok

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