Out of Gas

I rented this car from Maritza Car Rental. The island only had one gas station that was open right when I ran out of gas. Luckily, I ran out of gas at my destination, where I bribed a guy to go fill it with gas for me while I was busy eating fried conch fritters. Handing money blindly to a non-English speaking Puerto Rican may sound scary, but it really wasn’t. Yes it was.

Casa de Amistad

We stayed at a unique little place in Isabella Secundo called Casa de Amistad. At first I thought the rooms would be inexpensive because we would be sleeping aboard a slave ship. I was wrong, unless Martha Stewart came up with her new “Fall Slave Ship Collection.” It did have tiny rooms, but they were very nice. It also had a nice pool out back.

Midnight Crab

On the way to the bioluminescent bay, we found a pregnant crab. Even though this looks like a pretty nasty thing to hold, it was a little bit more pleasant, like holding your own entrails as they spill out of your severed belly.

You can see the hairy egg sacks on the bottom of the crab. I suppose that sort of thing is pretty gross, unless you are a male crab in Puerto Rico that has nothing to do all day but watch Telemundo.

Air Sunshine

Don’t fly this airline. It wasn’t bad, if you are into death and turbulence. We took it from Puerto Rico to Isla de Vieques. Halfway through the flight, the pilot asked us to put our hands out the window at a slight angle to increase lift.

Isla de Vieques

After leaving Nevis, we decided to go to Isla de Vieques for a while. Never heard of it? Neither had I a few months ago! It is a tiny island right off Puerto Rico that used to be a fairly major Naval base for the US until just recently.

It is completely undeveloped and undiscovered. The beaches here are some of the best I have seen in the Caribbean, and I was really impressed. Most of the beaches we visited were either totally empty or had just a few people on them.

I’ll put up a few quick pics here of the beaches until I have more time.

Isla de Vieques

Isla de Vieques

Isla de Vieques

Another one-eyed cab driver!

Two-thirds of my cab drivers in Nevis only had one functioning eye. I tried to get a better picture of this second guy, but trust me. There was just one.

(Picture not visible via stereopsis.)

New Monkey!

This monkey came right up to us while we were sitting on the ground. I think it was because I was wearing my shorts o’ presenting.

(Picture removed on request of the monkey.)

Snorkeling in St. Kitts

I took a small boat over to St. Kitts today to do some snorkeling. It was pretty decent, although I have had considerably better on other Caribbean islands. I almost caught a lobster, but it was too fast for me. I did grab a nice conch shell… I’ll get a picture of it after I use some acid to clean off all the gunk. It’s not a perfect specimen, but it does have some unique colors.

Here is a picture of the Nevis volcano from the channel that connects the Caribbean and Atlantic Ocean. This is the same place I saw a giant sea turtle but it did not stay surfaced long enough for me to grab a pic.

Nevis Volcano


We went to this restaurant tonight here on the island called Bananas. It was very good, but we barely got there. We had this EXTREMELY sketchy looking taxi driver named Billy. I really doubt this guy can see in three dimensions.

Below are some pictures from the restaurant. You had to take that little mini-mine train to get to the top because it was so steep. Our hostess was this nice lady from London that moved to Nevis to work there at Bananas. She kept saying how much she liked it because it was not cold like London as she was wiping her forehead four times because she was so sweaty!

(pictures REDACTED)

Golf Cart Roadkill (nearly)

They gave us a golf cart to drive around while we are here, since our villa is kinda far from the main resort. We end up seeing a lot of interesting wildlife. Most run away before I can take a picture… so here is a boring frog but an interesting crab. This thing was huge… If I was to step on this crab, it may not have noticed! Look how big that left craw is. Not the craw, the CRAW!

(Pictures currently stuck in a recursive-logic wormhole. They will be available yesterday.)

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