The Ministry of Ministries

This is the Ministry of Ministries where bureaucrats formed a bureaucracy from where they could administer to other administrations on how to organize organizations, since those were the sort of things that were done in the former Soviet Union.

The Ministry of Ministries

The Ukraine was certainly an interesting place. Here is a link another set of pictures that I have uploaded so far from there.


This is the market not too far from the docks in Bangkok. It wasn’t the cleanest place in the world and could not be confused with the sterile aisles of Whole Foods in Austin, but it was still a charming place to experience new strains of Thai bacteria.


Silent Temple

I was in the middle of roasting deep inside a Buddhist temple, in some sort of sweaty Bikram walking yoga, when I decided to stop and take this shot… It was just too perfectly composed with the clouds and everything for me to ignore. I had to make a dozen attempts because my sweaty fingers could not even push down the shutter button.

Silent Temple

This is Amin

This is Amin.

Amin’s dream is to drive a Ferrari. He jokes, and then becomes suddenly serious with a haunting, dark Persian stare before uttering his real dream: that one day our race is “human being”, our religion is “humanity” and our nationality is “citizen of the world.” Amin thinks deeply, and then laughs and says, “Well maybe if I was driving a Ferrari now I would be thinking of this crap!”

Amin is currently working at John Galt Games after being recommended by his fellow Iranian programmer, Ali, who shares the flowing locks of Sayid from Lost and the comic stylings of Cicak Man himself. Amin has recently passed the killer gauntlet programmer test of Hafiz (our lead tech brain) with a score of 85. Nobody has ever scored this high, except for Hafiz himself, who resides with the demigods of C++ in his own heavenly sphere of programming and peace.

This comes from my Portrait Series here.

This Is Amin

Here is another shot I took from nearby, of a few Islamic schoolchildren:

Islamic Peace

Chicago from the Air

This is my favorite shot of Chicago. I was happy to capture a bit of the blue lake and be lucky enough to catch the particolored sunset. This shot is facing one direction and the one below it faces the other direction. The latter was taken about 30 minutes before the upper one.

Chicago from Above

The Great Lake of Chicago

The Bridge of Putrajaya

This bridge one of the many architectural gems around Putrajaya. Of course, there is hardly any traffic in Putrajaya because it is boring, and they probably just could have made out fine with an old grumpy man, a barge, and one of those long poles to ferry people across the river.

I took a bunch of shots of these bridges and I could not decide which was the best, because they are all cool. But I decided to go with this symmetrical one first… probably meaning I am seeking some kind of structure in my recently chaotic life!

The Bridge of Putrajaya

The Mosque and Silo of Putrajaya

I had a very nice day on the day I visited Putrajaya. It could have been hotter there, but I don’t know how. The best part was the cool shower afterwards.

Putrajaya is the new capital area Kuala Lumpur. It is the most sterile and lifeless place I have ever visited. But there is very nice architecture for photography… so I guess it’s not all bad.

The Mosque and Silo of Putrajaya

Icelandic Collapsed Volcano

If I could describe the amount of wind that was whipping around the top of this volcano, then I am sure my hallowed words would make even the most hardened weatherman weep.

This was taken just as the sun climbed over the ridge of this caldera, an old volcano that collapsed into itself and has now formed a frozen lake inside the top. I am glad I had a heavy tripod because a lesser one would have first frozen like the T2000 in liquid nitrogen, then would immediately shatter into a million pieces, blowing itself off the mountain. I liked taking this shot for the same reason Stephen Wright likes to hit himself in the head with a hammer — it felt so good when I stopped.

Iclandic Collapsed Volcano

Tiny but Bloated Will in Iceland at the Ocean

There is Will, in his baleen glory, standing, arms askew in stay-puft falling pose, in front of the ocean on the southern coast of Iceland. You can tell from the ratio of Will’s impressive stature the immense size of the waves in the distance. I was hoping an errant wave might come hit Will, just for the comedy factor (and the potential photo-op).

Will in Iceland at the Ocean

Where they found the bodies

I am sure there were bodies here at some point, but not any more. This is an overgrown seaside shack in the southern part of Iceland. It was kind of creepy with the whipping wind and the creaking old wood.
While I was shooting, I had one of those feelings that I was not supposed to be there, not entirely unlike my time tonight at a Chinese wedding dinner in Kuala Lumpur (where I currently am). Everyone was shouting and singing in Chinese and people were bring me pig heads and singing John Denver in Karaoke.

Where the bodies were found

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