Dying Young in the Chinese Cemetery

Here are a collection of photographs I have collected from Chinese cemeteries.

Dying Young

Arms of Hell

Trees of the Dead

Red Alone

Mound of Death

Dying Alone

The Junkyard at Midnight

Golden trash…

The Junkyard at Midnight

Lord Murugan

I got in trouble from a Flickr fan for saying that he sounded like one of the bad wizards from Harry Potter, but here he is, standing 140 feet tall in the jungles of Malaysia.

Lord Murugan

“Top Pick” from the Local Communist Manifesto

The Austin-American Statesman would never knowingly endorse a libertarian, but in this case I left that bit quiet. They did, however, choose the show as a “Top Pick” in the Art section of the paper, which was nice of them.

Top Pick from the Local Communist Manifesto

I only put one portrait in the show. I would have liked to put more, but we went with more of a travel theme. Here are a few of the portraits that did not go into the show. If you click on each one, there is a little story as part of the series. This first, you may recall, is from a Hisbollah rally that I ended up in the middle of in Paris.
This is classified

This is Vespucci

This is Edell

This is Valeria

This is Lisaka

This is Ankara

This is Ahmed

British Colombia in HDR

Here is a shot of a small bay town between Vancouver and Whistler that I forgot the name of…

The Fog of British Colombia

Her Sippy Cup

Here is Isabella with her sippy cup. Half of the comments on Flickr thought she was a boy. This drives Tina crazy, but it doesn’t bother me since I can’t tell if other babies are boys or girls. They are like baby chicks where you just can’t tell unless you are an expert or something.

Her Sippy Cup

So I decided to paint the ceiling of our bedroom (not)

I don’t do many things around the house, especially when it comes to things like painting, repair, and other silly things, like flushing. So it always impresses me to see someone that takes the time to actually get up and paint the ceiling, because if I were actually to do anything around the house, painting the ceiling would be way down the list (right after flushing).

And so here is another nicely painted ceiling in Rome…

so I decided to paint a mural above my four poster bed (just kidding)

Foggy Morning in the Backyard

It got really cold here overnight, but the fog rolled in and allowed for this morning light in the backyard.

Foggy Morning in the Backyard


An old boat area from the docks in Vancouver…


Details of the Night

These shots are normally really hard to grab at night, but this HDR turned out nice. Chaotic, but detailed and nice.

The Details of Night

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