More pictures from around Austin

Here are some more pictures from around the capitol. There is an underground office complex that sits just north of the dome where a lot of state offices are run. They have these long rows of sky lights that make for some interesting pictures. Here are some photos from within and without:

Texas Skies

Up the Capitol's Skirt

The Skunkworks Under the Capitol

Warhammer Toys

I don’t play Warhammer but I think the toys are pretty cool. Maybe they aren’t called toys – maybe units or figurines or something like that. I don’t want to offend the Warhammer crowd since they seem to be a pretty serious group with circumspect senses of humor.

I borrowed some of Monty’s figurines so I could take pictures of toys in alarming situations. I think this is mostly because I was bored on Sunday. He has had these toys painted by some highly skilled Russians and other Eastern Bloc-types who haven’t had much to do since the fall of communism except paint toys and run kleptocracies.



Marcus Aurelius

Popping Around Austin

I got back from Costa Rica to a very hot and humid Austin. But there were some pretty clouds in the sky so I went down to the capitol to take some pictures. I was going to try to find some politicial figures in compromising positions, such Bush getting a crude-oil rub down from Kenneth Lay on the back lawn, but no such luck.

Cloudy Monolith

The Cowboy and the Capitol

Outside Rotunda

Exploring the volcano

The final night we visited the volcano to watch the eruptions and watch the lava flow. The sounds it made were really unusual, like huge rocks crushing styrofoam – not entirely dissimilar to noises I hear when I share a room with Will.

A Cloudy Inversion

High Volcanic Risk

Nominate Me for the Photobloggies?

Hey if you guys feel like being nice, you can nominate me for the photobloggies. That would be really swell of yall. Or not. Maybe you are too busy wasting time and looking at blogs and not working… so as long as you are doing that, why not nominate this? :)

There are a few categories on there that this blog satisfies, so feel free to copy and paste!

Here are a few more pictures from Costa Rica for you while you are voting…

Purple and Orange

Billowy Volcano

A Trek across the Rope Bridges of Northern Costa Rica

We headed out to do some spelunking in the morning, but the bridge had collapsed. When we walked up to a bunch of workmen that were working on the bridge to find out how long it would be, they just looked at us like we were crazy for wanting to know something like that.

So we went back through Fortuna and to the other side of the Arenal dam to a natural preserve where they have all sorts of rope bridges, spiders, snakes, and other things that keep the couches of psychiatrists’ couches busy.

Here is a collection of pictures from the day. The first batch here is of a colony of ants we found. They were climbing up a tree on one side of the trail, cutting leaves, and taking them back across the trail, through branches and trees, and off to some destination we could not find. The third picture there is of the hundreds of leaves the ants dropped along the way. Strangely, the ants would not pick them back up, instead choosing to climb a 100 foot tree to go cut a new leaf. I do not understand this but I did not lose sleep over it.

Ants on Parade

Ants Carrying Leaves

Dropped Along the Way

Monty and Will

Alien Podules

Snakal Pose


Walk of Phobias

Ropal Bridge

A Frog and Some Hills

Here is a frog that Will found while we were hiking. I asked him to pick it up but he ran away screaming like a little girl into the rainforest, where a boa promptly wrapped itself around his neck. Oh and another sunset picture too… what the heck.


Long Hills

Getting Tired of Sunsets?

No of course not… Well I am not and it is my blog so I guess you just have to see another one. The only thing better than seeing these sunsets is another T’Pol and Tucker scene (I think Tucker must work out).

Half Obscured Sun

Volcano Picture Makes Flickr Front Page

Daily Photo: The Arenal Volcanic Plume

I woke up this morning to find a deluge of comments on one of my volcano pictures on Flickr and I had to figure out what was going on. It turns out that one of the volcano pictures made it to the Flickr home page as one of the most “interesting” pictures for the day. They use some formula called “interestingness” that is a combination of views, favorites, and comments. If you click on the first picture below, you can see some of the comments…

I took this one from about 10 km from the west side of the dam that forms lake Arenal at the base of the volcano. I had the tripod set up for several hours trying to wait for the clouds to arrange themselves in the right way. The good thing was that it was so windy the whole scene changed every five minutes.

The Arenal Volcanic Plume

Flickr Front Page

The Lago in Morning and Evening

Here are two pictures of the lake in the morning and the evening. The lake was kind of eerie because it was huge and there was never anyone on it – no boats, no seaside towns… nothing. Also, sitting at the base of the volcano, I pictured all sorts of megalodons swimming around inside eating American tourists.

Lago Arenal

Sunset in Costa Rica

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