What airport is this again?

I spent another few days in airports… did not get a chance to post for a bit. So here is something from Hong Kong…

Cathay Pacific

The Flag of Times Square

The lights and action in Times Square was overwhelming. Getting interesting angles right at the set of dark was a fun and interesting experience. I only had about 10 minutes of perfect light to fight through the crowds to hit the spots that I had been thinking about for a while.

The Flag of Times Square

Amsterdam Homes and a Little Pot Shop

This is one of the main canals by the train station. All the little homes lean in different directions, with most of them leaning out over the canal from a slow sink over the years.

Right in the middle is a tiny pot shop, where you can hang out and not care so much about your home leaning over the canal.

Amsterdam Homes and a Little Pot Shop

Grampa was never what people called good-looking

I found this fella in a back alley in Amsterdam.

Grampa was never what people would call good-looking

The House on the Corner

There was still a little snow and frost on the ground on this early morning when I walked around Reykjavik to get some shots. It was one of of those days I was happy to wake up before sunrise. The cloud cover was perfect for surreal HDR time!

The House on the Corner

Do you like the house in Trey’s photograph? Are you thinking about constructing a house?  If you’ve ever thought about designing a house you must first start the plans with what kind of house frame you want.   For help with planning for your home click here.

Shopping in Amsterdam

I thought this was a very cool shopping mall, so I got up in the middle and took a vertical HDR.  The security guard came over and asked what I was doing. I told him that I was an American doing HDR, and then he just walked away.

Shopping in Amsterdam

Flip Flops on the River

I found a little bit of everything in Thailand. Here, while shopping on the river on a Saturday morning, I found a boat full of flip flops. I might have stopped to buy some, but I was busy choking on some unidentifiable fruit that I bought on the previous boat.

Flip Flops on the River

Hewn and Modern – The Town Square of Reykjavik

During the middle of winter, there was not a lot of light during the day, but the dusk seemed to last for about two hours. So it was very nice to get the strange deep blue light in so many of my shots. I think it really came out as a nice backdrop color for all the warm colors and architecture in and around Reykjavik.

Hewn and Modern

The Communist Long Tail of Ukraine

I’ve now spent a long time in the Ukraine because we are building some significant software there for our upcoming and super-secret gaming destination, and I’ve made a number of observations.

Since one of my hobbies is economics, it has been very interesting for me to be immersed in a country that is emerging from communism into a form of capitalism with a pinch of kleptocracy/oligarchy chewing away at the fringes during the transition.

I took the first three pictures below from the common areas behind my apartment that I stay in while in Kharkov, Ukraine. The inside of my apartment is very nice, as is the inside of many places throughout Ukraine. The offices up at Program Ace are spotless, pristine, and very HAL-2000-like.

However, every single “common” area in the Ukraine is completely run-down and looks bombed out, forgotten, radiated, and dangerous. In my judgment, this is a vestige from the communist era, when everything was commonly owned and there was no personal property. When things are commonly owned, they almost always fall into disrepair since “altruistic cleaning and maintenance” is a concept that only is heard from the ivory towers of college professors that are inside the theoretical and elitist bubble.

The same thing happened in New York’s Central Park in the late 70’s. It was very much treated in a communist way, where a faceless bureaucracy expected their disconnected staff and an altruistic public too keep Central Park nice, clean, and well maintained. It turned into one of the dirtiest and most unsafe areas in the US. After that, Colombia University did a study and the system changed to one of privatization where people had a sense of ownership and pride in different parts of the park. Today it is one of the best public parks in the world.

Even though apartment buildings are privately owned in Kharkov, the landlords still have the oligarch mentality that there is no real need to maintain and beautify the common areas since competition is not yet in full force. Almost every elevator I entered was very old, with exposed and rusted gears, creaking chains, and a layer of dust collecting since the days of Sputnik. Every stairwell looked like the Germans had used it for target practice in 1943. Every face I saw in those stairwells was morose and untrusting. My walks home in the middle of the night after a long day of work have very little light as I pass from one cloister to another, walking from one group of dark-dressed smoking men quietly grunting to the next.
The final picture is from another stairwell, just outside the old KGB building.


The Sweatbox

The Ruins of Kharkov

The Front Door, facing the KGB


We’ve just started reading the second Harry Potter book to Ethan at night before bed so I found this old Voldemort picture in my library and thought I would upload it. I always thought it would be cool to have one of these things as a pet that freely moves around the house. If I could make a little iguana-door in the back and train it to kill/poop outdoors, then it would be the ultimate pet. Sort of my own Gratch…


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