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Join me on TWIT Live Video Today

See me Live today (EDIT: Video Posted on April 20 Blog Post). I’ll be on with Leo Laporte, Lisa Bettany, and my friend and special guest RC Concepcion! We’re going to be talking about “Getting your photos on the web,” so it should be a good discussion. RC just finished a book about this, in fact, so he’ll have all sorts of Golden Nuggets of Truth.

Cult of Mac – comon guys….

Well I hate to do this two days in a row…. but I let this sit out there for a month after sending emails and whatnot… still no response.  And, since this is a New York apple-related post, I thought it a good time to mention it.   They used my photo, uncredited, (original) on a story about a new Apple store in NY.  They are ignoring my emails, so perhaps someone here has a connection over there?

Two weeks ago I DID get an email from Cult of Mac asking for a free code for 100 Cameras in 1 for iPad so they could review it.  But I saw nothing, even though it’s averaging 4.5 stars with 180 reviews!  Anyway, I don’t know what’s goin’ on over there, but I don’t like it… and it kinda sucks because I always liked that site.

Update:  They contacted me, so I am in talks with them

Daily Photo – Apple Store, New York

This store is pretty awesome, isn’t it? I was just showing this photo to the architect Eric Kuhne (who gave an awesome presentation at EG about futuristic city design – will link soon), and we both had the same reaction to this place… smart and awesome.

I always wanted to take a photo from this angle and thought about it ever since the first time I visited. I was happy with the rain, because it made it all feel right. Even better, I was standing under an arch so I was perfectly dry… these kind of shots out in the rain with the 14-24 are tough because of the bulbous lens. It’s not a problem if the rain is straight down, but it never is!

Lisa Bettany has an upcoming PhotoWalk starting from this location, and I am sure she will mention more today on the live show.

Apple Store, New York Photo

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The Hover Car in the Diamond Age

HDR DVD Spotted in the Wild

Yes, the rumors are true. Several dozen copies of the HDR DVD are out in the wild. I confirm that these are out there… we have given out a few as ‘testers” to make sure they work with many different DVD players and computers. Since this is our first mass-production product, I want to ensure that everything is of the best quality. We’ll be letting newsletter subscribers (Free to sign up) get the first stab at ordering, since I’m a little worried about meeting demand.

Please put your info below.  Thanks!
First Name:

Daily Photo – The Hover Car in the Diamond Age

Around the time of the book signing in New York earlier this year, I headed out into the streets for some shooting.  The Diamond District is not too far from Rockefeller Center, and it is a perfect “New Yorky” area at night… especially in the rain.  Between stoplights, I would pop out into the street and grab some frames as quickly as possible.  With five exposures, the last was pretty long at 30 seconds, so it was still a little “exciting” to grab the tripod at the last second and then scurry off the street.

That one car the made it through my tripod-roadblock is interesting, isn’t it?  It appears to be a hover-car of sorts.  I can no longer recall what sort of car it was, but I keep staring at that wonderful apparition.  It’s quite mesmerizing, floating there on the rainy street.

HDR Photo

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Tutorial HDR em Português

Tutorial HDR em Português

Do you speak Portuguese? My friend Gisele did a full translation of our HDR Tutorial, which is now mirrored here as the “Tutorial HDR em Português“. I know we have a bunch of fans down in Brazil and Portugal, so I am happy to make this available!

Of course, as always, we have the regular HDR Tutorial, if you want the King James version.

Daily Photo – The Park Through the Sky

Isn’t this park awesome? It is an elevated park that weaves along top of New York City. Hardly anyone knows about it!

Of course, people in New York know about it, and they assume that everyone else should know too. It’s relatively new — I think it only opened a few years ago. It’s called “High Line Park”, and it used to have freight trains that ran up and down it back in the 1930′s. That train service is dead, and they converted the entire thing into a long, meandering park.

Steve Simon (see took me to this place after we had a fabulous French breakfast. I got in a bit of trouble for using my tripod, so I collapsed my tripod and acted like I was walking away until the security guard did. And then I re-built my decepticon transformer and took this HDR.

HDR Photo

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Exploring the Metropolitan Museum of Art

Workshop Sold Out!

The HDR Workshop sold out in less than 24 hours! We increased the price of this one to about $1,450, but we did not want to let too many people in. Apologies there, but the DVD will be considerably cheaper and be available more widely (see below).

One cool story is that we have a repeat student! One of the crazy (and skilled!) HDR students named Elvind (@EivindDovik) that came from Norway to my Austin Workshop will also be attending the one in London. I need to get him a trophy or something! Anyway, we’ll all have a great time, and I really look forward to it.

In case of cancellations, you can get on the alternate list by emailing “sales AT” — the team will get you on the list!

HDR DVD – First sets to newsletter subs

These will be available very soon, but in short supply. It’s our first time doing this, and the process of printing and shipping 6 hours worth of instructional material on 4 DVDs is not easy. Anyway, the newsletter signup below is free, and we’ll send out the DVD alert at a surprise time very soon!

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Daily Photo – Exploring The Met

Many of you know that I like to go spelunking around the world’s museums and root through their impressionist paintings. The Met in New York City is one of my favorites — probably for their collection of Renoirs.

I didn’t get to carry around a tripod with me. So I had to do my best to find other ways to secure myself and my camera around the museum. This room had a few banisters, columns, and the like where I could wedge myself. I looked like an outright fool to get into this particular spot, but this spot needed to be photographed!

HDR Photo

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The Megapolis

Portfolio is Growing

I’m still happy with my move to SmugMug several months back. If you decide to try them out, just use “STUCKINCUSTOMS” to save 20%. If you want to know more, see my SmugMug Review here on the site. I have a new bit in there about how it compares to Flickr with pros and cons. I still use Flickr too, and my photos from SmugMug get copied over there, since I intermix with many communities.

Now, daily, I upload a new photo to the Portfolio and it is appended to the end. I need to get in there and re-arrange things a little bit. But, for now, the portfolio goes into a slideshow mode that starts with some of my favorites and then cycles through all of them. You can start the slideshow, if you wish, by clicking the photo below!

Daily Photo – The Megapolis

I was spending the day with various characters including June Arunga, Paul Roussin, and Cali Lewis while hunting around New York City for some interesting shots. I never get tired of shooting there. It’s a bit like the ocean in a way… it changes and cycles with the light and the motion. I find myself circling back to the same bits again and again to see how things have changed.

I don’t know why I happened to be posting this one so close to the Petaluma puddle shot from a few days ago… I suppose it is just somewhat of a coincidence! The hardest bit about these shots is getting my head so close to the ground. It’s impossibly awkward, and I’m sure I look like quite the loon, splayed out across the pavement of Times Square!

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