On the way to a meeting in New York, I stopped to take this shot of this colorful area with interesting shadows. I thought the textures and shapes we kinda nice. I don’t know… I usually don’t take shots like this but occasionally I see some nice phi action out there.


Ice Skating at Rockefeller Center

After I went to the top, I visited the bottom of Rockefeller center, where the famous ice-skating rests. The huge lights on both sides of the building created a cool purple streaming light that exploded out of both sides of the building, making for a very cool effect (at least I think so!).

Ice Skating at Rockafeller Center

New York Evening

Here is another shot that I recently processed from my trip to New York. You can’t go wrong with these views, can ya?

New York Evening

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New York Streets

I was walking over to a meeting in New York and I saw this interesting graffiti on these cool textures so I stopped for a quick shot.

New York Graffiti

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Across from Ground Zero

New York is a great place for walkin-around photography. I always suggest using a wide-angle lens to shoot buildings and architecture. Now, many people complain that it can distort lines and change the angles. This does not really bother me so much, because I think many people can take this wide-angle view in their mind and then re-calibrate everything to make sense. For example, that black building is obviously a square building with right angles, even though the top of it seems to have a 110 degree corner. Honestly, I don’t think 95% of viewers even think about it. They just see the photo and it “feels good” to them. I often have professional photographers come comment on my wide-angle architecture shots when the walls are not 90 degrees perpendicular to other objects. My response is, I’m sure to them, quite childish, since I usually say, “Who cares?”

Besides, using a wide-angle lens is usually the only way to get the whole scene inside of a rectangle, which, itself, is an arbitrary viewing shape.

This is right in the middle of the World Trade Center area where all the reconstruction was going on. As most of you know, I’m not a fan of modern art, except for when things just work out and something like this comes together.

Across from Ground Zero

The Flag of Times Square

The lights and action in Times Square was overwhelming. Getting interesting angles right at the set of dark was a fun and interesting experience. I only had about 10 minutes of perfect light to fight through the crowds to hit the spots that I had been thinking about for a while.

The Flag of Times Square

Wall Street

Here is the New York Stock Exchange, the most famous financial institution in the world. Ever since 911 they put up that huge American flag across all the columns. I thought it looked cool in the late afternoon shadows.

Wall Street

Times Square at Dusk

HDR Tutorial

Want to see how I made this shot? See my simple HDR Tutorial here on the site. Enjoy!

Daily Photo – Times Square at Dusk

Times Square is one of the most photographed places in the world. I usually try not to do touristy thing, but hey, it’s Times Square. I thought I would try a new take on this shot, arriving just as the sun started to set.

The biggest problem was people waling in front of the tripod, totally aloof to my HDR quest. Since it takes five minutes to explain HDR to people, it was not efficient to stop everyone in the area and give them a short dissertation on why it is important for them not to get in front of my tripod…

Anyway, I really like this shot. I think one of my favorite things was the clouds in the dusk sky.

Times Square at Dusk

Photo Information

  • Date Taken
  • Camera
  • Camera Make
  • Exposure Time
  • Aperturef/4.0
  • ISO100
  • Focal Length10mm
  • Flash
  • Exposure Program
  • Exposure Bias

DKNY – Crashing a Fashion Shoot in NYC

I was walking back to my hotel the other night and I came across this DKNY fashion shoot. It was a big old hullabaloo with a crew of about 9 people and a bunch of pretentious DKNY manager-types standing around holding clipboards and scowling.

I started taking shots. Everything was cool until a jerky guy with a clipboard and a scowl came over and said, “Sorry you can’t do that we have a permit.”

I said, “But this is a public street in New York.”

“But we have a permit.”

“This is for advertising DKNY, right?” I prodded.


“Well I get over 3 million visitors to my photography blog per month. So either 3 million people will hear me say something nice about DKNY or something mean about DKNY.”

“We have a permit, sir,” rolling his eyes at the word “blog.”

So anyway, if you have a choice between DKNY and something else that might not be made by elitists that hold clipboards and speak with faux British accents, choose the other.


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New York City in HDR

I am here in NYC for the Virtual Worlds conference, but I made it out tonight to take a shot of the city. Have you heard of it? It’s this really big city in the east somewhere.

This was shot from the “Top of the Rock” deal at on top of Rockafeller center. They really overproduce the whole “Top of the Rock” brand and experience. They make you watch movies and make you think this is something much more than being on top of a building… but I just ignored all that and went straight to the top.

How about a little New York City in HDR?

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