Akbar’s Secret Room

This place is a hundred times cooler than the Red Fort in Agra.

This is Akbar’s capital palace near Agra that is called Fatehpur Sikri. Most tourists do not make it out here because they just spend one day looking at the Taj Mahal in the morning and the Red Fort in the afternoon. Since I was there on Saturday and Sunday, I got to spend the second day exploring this palace.

I was frankly more impressed by this place than the Ancient Roman Forum. The Roman Forum is a lot older, but this place is really amazing…

Akbar's Secret Room

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Farewell India

I had a great time in India! I am very thankful to my various hosts for showing me such a good time.

Besides a weekend trip to the Taj Mahal, as you can see below, I was also treated to a full immersion into Bollywood here in Mumbai, the center of the movie world here in India. It started with a 3-hour viewing of Om Shanti Om, complete with a pre-show standing for the Indian national anthem. Afterwards, we ate dinner at Olive’s, which is a trendy place where many of the Bollywood stars go to see and be seen by the Page 3 newspapers. My host was leaning over to me telling me who was the sister-in-law of whom and which directors were entering while escorting which starlets.
Farewell India

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