The Park in Chicago at Night

This was taken about 11 PM in the middle of the new park in Chicago. I forgot to bring my iPod while I was walking around with my camera, and then I realized how addicted I am to listening to music while I take pictures.
The Park in Chicago at Night

The Neo Monolith of Chicago

After my meeting I headed downtown to see the new Millennium Park that recently opened. It was incredibly surreal and awesome. Here is a nice shot I grabbed… these are video walls that cycle in and out different pictures.

The Neo Monoliths of Chicago

Model Golf Course

Here is a technique that lets you take pictures and turn them into images that look like tiny hand-built models.

Model Golf Course

In Chicago for the day

I went up to Chicago for the day and met one of my good friends and old business partners Denis. Here he is, chilling out in a coffee house with me before a meeting. He looks shiny and relaxed.

I would have grabbed more pictures, but I was just there for the day and it was freezing and raining outside!

Denis in Chicago

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