The Silent Horse in the Fog

The New eBook Cometh Sooneth!

When I was working on this new eBook, I was faced with quite a problem. I know all the common mistakes, but I did not feel like going out to grab random images off Flickr to critique them. As I point out the mistakes, it might be thought of as too mean-spirited as I rip apart other people’s hard work.

So, instead, I decided to grab 10 of my very first HDR images where I made all the same mistakes! It was a lot of fun, actually, to back trough all my old photos and point out everything I did wrong, and what I do now to correct these problems. Even though it is quite embarrassing to fill an eBook with so many awful photos, I am doing it for the good of the world!

I hope to get it out in the next few days… been working on it at night for the finishing touches!

Daily Photo – The Silent Horse in the Fog

Every night around 2 AM in Iceland was like a dream.

I’m always enjoyed staying up late… As Sarah McLachlan says, “Night is my companion.”

Sometimes, after midnight is when things really start to flow, so my two-week sleep reversal of staying up all night to drive around Iceland was a trippy experience. The weather was always strange. Sometimes sunny, sometimes cloudy — but always with a tinge of the surreal.

On this night, I was driving along the south of Island about 100 km from the recent volcano eruption. I could see bits of ash here and there when the light was good, but then a nightfog rolled in and covered the ground. Streaming past countless little farms, the horses floated about while the mists swirled underneath them.


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