I found this very unusual woman in front of the Eiffel Tower, so I had to get a picture. I actually don’t like much about the picture, other than the way the Eiffel turned out.


Eiffel Love

Here is an extremely French couple doing extremely French things in an extremely French place.

Eiffel Love

Parisian Apartments

I was walking down this street to get to the Eiffel before sunset and snapped this shot.

Eiffel Apartments

Notre Dame from the Seine

Charles de Gaulle airport is a facility that could only have been built by the French government. I spent three hours there today going through lines, security, and more than a few bus rides. I barely made my connection. That airport is an order of magnitude worse than any other airport I have visited in my life. My bag is still lost there somewhere… I hope I get it soon because I am starting to smell rather… what’s the word… French.

On a better note, here is a view of Notre Dame.

Notre Dame from the Seine

Picnic in White

I thought this was kinda cool how all these people dressed in white for a high-toned picnic in front of the Eiffel tower at sunset.

Baccarat Picnic

I Love Paris

This is a really crazy picture that turned out very nicely. It’s heavily overprocessed, but I still dig it.

I Love Paris!

Meet me by the Tower

Life is tough for Parisians.

Meet you at the Tower

The Eiffel in the Clouds

This was taken in the late afternoon over the Seine. Someone left a comment on Flickr that the one cloud in the middle there looks like the map of Great Britain.

The Eiffel in the Late Afternoon

A vital error in neck craniing

Did you know the Eiffel Tower has somehow acquired the exclusive rights to own all photographs of the tower at night? If I were to try to sell this picture, I’d get in trouble unless I paid them… Actually, this one is at twilight, so I am not sure. But either way, it seems like a silly thing.

My neck hurts, he mutters, quickly realizing a critical trigonometry miscalculation


These are some of the tour boats that line up on the edge of the Seine early in the morning.

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