Roman Baths in Nimes

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  • With great f-stop comes great responsibility.
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Daily Photo – Roman Baths in Nimes

When I arrived in Nimes to visit my friend Fabien, one of the first places we visited were the ancient Roman baths. The ruins here are better preserved than those in Rome!

Actually, I’ve heard that the best Roman ruins are along the northern coast of Libya. It will be a while before I can visit those, I’m afraid. I’ll have to strike Libya off the list for a few years until things cool down. Oh… Egypt too. That’s on the list but it has a little asterisk beside it. When you look at the bottom of the list it reads:
“*currently in the midst of a violent revolution – consider other areas for photography, like, perhaps, Holland.”

High Dynamic Range Photo

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The Gladiator Arena at Sunset

Interiew with Fabien Barral

You guys know Fabien, yes? He’s the famous French graphic designer that I somehow convinced to help build this website. It went so well, in fact, that we’ve got a few other secret projects going on together! We cooked up some stuff when I went to go visit him in Nimes earlier this year.

Living Design recently interviewed Fabien all about design, his ideas, his thoughts, and this sort of thing. Go check it out if you want to learn more about Fabien!

Happy New Year!

I’m looking forward to spending this year with you! We’ve got all kinds of great stuff in store for you… I hope today’s photo is a good indication of things to come!

Daily Photo – The Gladiator Arena at Sunset

While visiting Fabien in Nimes, there was a bullfight going on inside this ancient Roman gladiator arena. The further south you go in France, the more likely you are to find the old influence of the Spanish bullfights. It’s pretty violent, yes? Yes. In fact, if you zoom in, you can still see blood that has been smeared across the arena by the smearing-truck.

Once the crowd started to clear out, a perfect sunset settled upon us. It was just Fabien, my wife, and I, and it was a very nice night. After the bullfight, we walked around to take a lot of photos of this amazing evening, Fabien took us to his favorite little secret French restaurant down one of the side streets. Perfect!

High Dynamic Range Photo

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The Roman Gladiators of Gaul

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A Great Day with Fabien!

Thanks again to the great Fabien Barral for showing us around Nimes for the day!  I’ve always been “internet-friends” with Fabien, and he is the designer that does this website as well as my book.  You should visit his website above to see some of his other amazing work.

We had a great day and evening together… I always enjoy meeting artists from all around the world and hearing their perspective on things.

Daily Photo – The Roman Gladiators of Gaul

Nimes has some very well preserved Roman ruins.  There is a huge park area that has stone walkways over ancient Roman waterways and this colosseum structure in the middle of town.

One of the coolest things about this colosseum is that it is still used on a regular basis!  When we were there, they were having a bullfight inside the arena.  I have some pictures of the aftermath, including trails of blood in the sand…  It’s fairly graphic, but you’ll have something new to see in coming weeks when I get around to processing those!

HDR Photo

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