The Milanese Allegorical Muse of Dance

Inside the foyer of the Teatro Nacional were various marble statues that were created in various countries around the world. The three statues – Dance, Music, and Fame – in the foyer are real, and the ones on the roof are reproductions. They used to have the originals on the roof, but the birds’ poop was overly acidic so they moved them to a safer place.

This one is the Muse of Dance and was sculpted in Milan.

Milanese Muse of Dance

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A tour through the National Theater

Here is a collection of pictures from within the Teatro. We had a very spunky girl tour guide who was over-the-top happy to be showing us the theater. When we got down to the main stage, I thought it was inappropriate of Will to ask her if they really have donkey shows at midnight.

The first one is a famous painting on the ceiling by Arturo Fontana of Milan in 1897. It features coffee harvesting and export. The painting is actually fairly inaccurate because coffee beans don’t grow on the beach. They grow up in the mountains where migrant workers eat plantains in the evening and then sing tunes about old mehico.

Teatro Nacional

Teatro Nacional

Teatro Nacional

Teatro Nacional

Dad Will and Monty in the Teatro Nacional

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Teatro Nacional

We went into downtown San Jose to explore the Teatro Nacional, which is one of the finest examples of classical architecture here in the city. It was completed in 1897 and remained property of the Costa Rican military until 1948. Costa Rica then got rid of their military all together and decided to be friends with all other countries. They even like Canada.

Teatro Nacional

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In Costa Rica

After 18 hours in planes and airports, we made it to Costa Rica. We met my dad in Dallas and he flew down to San Jose with us. My internet access will be in and out down here, especially when we head up to the volcanic region this weekend. Since we have been here, I’ve done a bit of exploring and gotten some interesting photographs. The pictures in this post are not that great…this is just some of the miscellaneous stuff along the way.

Here are Will, Monty, and Dad outside of the Teatro Nacional, which I will detail in a later post.

Dad Will and Monty

Here is Will and I at lunch at a pretty sketchy looking place that turned out to be very good.

Trey and Will at Lunch

There was a store we found called “Carrion” that was covered with birds, which was strange in itself.


And look! No international city is complete without a Church of Scientology.

Scientology Sign

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Medieval Map Playing Cards

Those aren’t my hands, by the way. They are a dummy’s hands. Well…try not to picture that Venn Diagram overlap.

Anyway, this is an interesting picture that I took inside the castle because it shows how enterprising cartographers tricked up regular playing cards by adding maps to help educate the bored, ignorant, and card-playing masses.

Map cards

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