Chinese Pirates

Video Help in Austin

I need your help! We have a cool kinda-secret project going on here in Austin. I want someone local that can come get some of our meetings on video. If you have skills and experience with 1) recording high-quality video 2) editing 3) story-telling with video, then contact [email protected] with your info. Thanks!

Daily Photo – Chinese Pirates

One evening, my boat driver was speeding down the Li River as dusk was approaching. Every bend held new secrets as we wound our way further from civilization. I had a bag full of snacks to my left side and my DSLR to my right. Sitting out on the front of the boat, I had a full view of everything that was coming at me, so it was pretty amazing.

Just before we got to the turn-around spot, we came across this old ship. Part of me wanted to go inside to explore a little bit… the other part of me was a bit freaked out. Since I was new to this part of the ‘verse, I thought there could be Reavers inside.

HDR Photo

Sad and Alone at Night

Free Photoshop Awarded

When I announced the prizes for the webinar, I also decided to give away an extra copy of Photoshop CS5 I had here at home. We got over 1400 comments, and 100 of them were from Theolonius Gonzo, who wins the most entertaining award (go read his long comments… you can’t miss ’em!).

The randomly selected winner is Iain, who I hope doesn’t mind if I plug his website at Emptiful, which was embedded in his comment registration. I though this byline was kind of nice – it reads “photoblog of Iain Simmons: amateur husband, amateur photographer…”

Mostly Photo – Going Commando

I recorded this a few weeks ago, but I never posted it… I don’t know why! So, here it is… On this episode, Leo Laporte, Lisa Bettany and I talked about what kind of camera to get for entry-level DSLRs, the advantages/concerns of upgrading, and other general photography talk.

Daily Photo – Sad and Alone at Night

On one of my first evenings in Beijing, I walked around some of the older parts of the city to get a feel for it. Whenever I have extra time in a city, I usually don’t go too hardcore with the photography initially – choosing instead to explore on foot and get a sense of the place. But, you know, I do have my camera with me to get a few things here and there…just can’t help it. Between a few streets, I came across this little guy sitting on the seat of a small motorcycle.

High Dynamic Range Photo

Climbing Inside the Dyson Sphere

The new tutorial will come…

I promise. It has turned out to be a bit of a beast. The tutorial will feature “The Making Of” 80 Days 8000 Photos. It is a fun process, and maybe you can give it a whirl too.

Daily Photo – Climbing Inside the Dyson Sphere

When you’re inside these megastructures, every room seems like a triumphant masterpiece on its own. I only know a little bit about architecture…just sort of as a general “fan” that can say, “Oh that looks cool,” but I wonder about how many architects work on a structure like this. I’m sure it’s a full team, and I imagine one of the junior guys getting to design this room. Even that would be a dream assignment, I would think!

This towering Escheresque room is inside The Egg, which you can see by looking back at previous photos of Beijing. Or, specifically, here is one photo from inside the egg, and another from the outside.

High Dynamic Range Photo

Cart Runners in Old Beijing


What’s your favorite way to make online Slideshows? There are so many tools available. I was just thinking about this with my China photos — I used Animoto to make one of a few of my favorite portfolio pieces — that one is up on the Animoto Review page. I’m going to do one in a few months with all my China photos too.

Daily Photo – Cart Runners in Old Beijing

There are many old pockets scattered all over Beijing. I haven’t become totally familiar with all the names of these quadrants yet, but I should get another chance to re-visit all these places. This is actually kind of a weakness in the whole “travel blog” thing. See, a REAL travel blogger would memorize the names of all these places and spout them back to you. But, here is my excuse… and maybe it is not really that bad… but, to me, this kind of photo could be taken in many different places. The exact neighborhood does not matter. In fact, by NOT telling you the spot, you may be more likely to find it just by wandering about.

These uniformed guys sat together in between jobs and had a rest. I don’t know what struck me about it, but it just seemed like a nice little moment.

High Dynamic Range Photo

Young Girl in Basket

Have you heard of Larry Kagan?

This guy is awesome! He presented at EG with me, and he was in my little grouping of artists. It’s hard to explain the kind of art he does… but here is a little video and you can learn more about him and his work.

Daily Photo – Young Girl in Basket

The main river that runs through Feng Huang and is criss-crossed by many bridges and walkways. To get up to them, there are long stone stairways that switchback up the sides.

In the mornings, women go down to the river with their children to wash clothes. As they go back and forth to get more loads, sometimes they put the babies into the baskets on the way up again.

HDR Photo

The Temple of Heaven

Webinar Class Soon – Need your help!

Can you help by filling out this survey? I’d like to know what you would want to get out of a photography webinar. What post-processing and HDR skills do you want to learn? How can I help you out?

I’m planning on this being a 3 week live online course. It will be 9 classes, one hour each. I’ve already got a lot planned, and I look forward to seeing what interests you the most.

What is a Webinar? It’s a live online class and all you need is internet! You’ll see me on video, I’ll share my screen, and it’s a very fun way to learn. And you’ll learn how to do photos like this…

Daily Photo – The Temple of Heaven

One too-early morning brought me to this very important place for the Chinese called The Temple of Heaven. It’s the most important Taoist structure in all of China and millions flock to it every year, especially during the National Holiday. It was built in the early 1400’s during the reign of the Yongle Emperor.

I was lucky to get private access in the morning during the sunrise. After waking up in the dark at the hotel, my driver took me out to the location, where I met one of the directors while members of the military let me inside the giant doors. Since it was a special celebration week, there were throngs of people waiting to get inside. I’m sure they were wondering what in the heck some white dude was doing busting through the doors with a giant tripod! I nodded to them all in a mysterious way before I went through the doors.

(btw, a few questions as to whether or not I photoshopped the moon there. The answer is no… I’m not one of those guys that will “photoshop in” something major like a moon.)

HDR Photo

The Singularity Device

iPad Today and Sarah Lane Video

Hey thanks Sarah for the nice review! I promise to forgive you for that time you left me in the tub of ice with a straw sticking out and your hand-scrawled note.

You can see Sarah’s human finger there on the right. She missed some of the best features of the app, but, much like my missing kidney, these things can be discovered slowly over time. I put some notes over her video so you can get a sense of what is under the hood.

Also, USA Today did a great review of the app too. Thanks again everyone for your support!

Monterey PhotoWalk

See the Monterey PhotoWalk Plancast page for more info. And here is the route we will walk along together!

Want to see a video of a PhotoWalk to see what it is like? Follow that link!

Daily Photo – The Singularity Device

This photo is strange isn’t it?

Even when I was standing there, I had to wait longer than expected to grok it. And maybe photos like can help you understand how technologically advanced the Chinese have become. In fact, they are absolutely bathed in it.

This screen in “The Place” (great name, huh?) that faces downward is supposed to be one of the biggest in the world. I don’t know if it’s bigger than the one in Texas Stadium, but it must be longer.

High Dynamic Range Photo

Late Night in Old China

Austin Awards Ceremony!

Thanks to all the nice people that came to the awards event tonight in Austin. We had people come in from Dallas, Houston, San Antonio, and Katy! It was a great crowd, and I think I got a chance to talk to everyone there at least for a little bit. At least, I tried my best! Thanks again to all the judges and coaches and Jack Hollingsworth especially. The PhotoWalk (click to see recap and video) was really a special event, and it was fun to cap it off with this little awards event.

Daily Photo – Late Night in Old China

The town of Feng Huang in Hangzhou district is as old-fashioned as can be. But at night, a few of the side streets and secret alleys light up with a vibrant night life. No one was surprised as me!

I went out to get a late night bite, sit by the river, and work on some sketches. I figured the light would be too low for anything of interest. But luckily, I brought my big rig just in case. And then I found this little street that was totally full of life. I could hear noise from a few streets away, so I felt my way over there until I stumbled into this.

High Dynamic Range Photo

The Art and Business of HDR Photography

The Art and Business of HDR Photography

I had a long video discussion about creativity, business, and my thinking on this world of photography. Here are a few topics discussed:

  • Micro stock photography and how this is basically slave labor
  • Employees and the team at Stuck In Customs and how we operate
  • Getty Images and how it’s highway robbery
  • How photography and making money can put unnecessary stress on relationships
  • HDR photography and how the brain experiences it
  • The future of photography in terms if HDR
  • How long it takes me to process photos

Thanks to Antonio Marques, Jim Goldstein, Dave Wilson, and Sean Galbraith and the team at PhotoNetCast.

Daily Photo – A Girl and Her Grandma in Beijing

As I came out of a museum, I saw this young girl sitting with her grandmother and reading books. They were sitting on a simple bench and there was a wall of bamboo behind them. The light was falling perfect, so I dropped down onto one knee and took a quick shot.

Do you like taking photos of strangers in public? Or maybe you have a bit of a problem with it? If so, I wrote an article last year called “Five Tips for Photographing People” (click link to read).

High Dynamic Range Photo

This Week in Photo Interview

This Week in Photo Interview

Listen to the interview on Frederick Van’s Blog. We talk about all sorts of things:

  • The business versus the art of Stuck In Customs
  • Licensing photos and how Getty is a dinosaur
  • and self-publishing eBooks versus traditional publishing
  • The crowded market of camera apps

Coming to Switzerland – Any Suggestions?

I’m 85% sure that I’m coming to Switzerland this summer. I’ve been to Zurich and Lugano, but only for a short time. This time, where do you suggest I go? I’m looking for a picturesque, relaxing, and awesome place.

Daily Photo- The Teleporters

I’m not even sure which hotel in Beijing this is! (edit: comments indicate it is the Grand Millennium Hotel in Beijing) I was randomly walking around an urban area and peered inside some windows to see this. It looked so amazing inside — I had no choice but to go right into the lobby to set up! I was able to squeeze off a few rounds before security stopped me.

Security came up to me and asked, in perfect English, “Please, sir, you cannot take pictures!”

I responded by saying, “But sir, you don’t understand! I don’t even speak English!”

This left him confused for long enough for me to take another bracketed set. Then I left.

High Dynamic Range Photo

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