The Hotel Figueroa

Right in the middle of downtown LA is this really unique and cool hotel called the Figueroa. It’s worth a visit if you ever make it downtown! :)

The Hotel Figueroa

Times Square in LA

It’s a poor-man’s Times Square… LA’s attempt to make a cool hip place outside of the Staples center is the Nokia Blade Runner-esque montage of crass commercialism… It seems like a very strange place to me – it was pretty empty when I was there.

Times Square in LA

A Seagull at Sunset

Shot on the beaches of Los Angeles… a colorful and perfect evening!

This one uses textures from my textures tutorial at this link right here!

The Seagull at Sunset

A Warm Fire by the Pool at the Custom

The LA nights tend to get a little cool, so there is nothing like an open pit fire to take the chill away. This is the hotel I stayed at in LA called the Custom Hotel (Stuck in Custom Hotel? Too easy!). I found it on this cool new boutique hotel site called The site has the tagline “Hotels for Global Nomads”;, and aren’t we all?

It’s right by LAX and surprisingly inexpensive. They have this trendy club and bar (upstairs there) by the pool…

A Warm Fire by the Pool at the Custom

Good Memories of California

I had a great and busy time in LA last week… The weather was perfect and I found some time during the sunset to go out and shoot the dock at Manhattan Beach.

Good Memories of California

Jerri Manthey Doing Whitesnake

Of all the weird things that happen in my life, here is one I forgot to mention a few months ago. When I was in LA, I was staying at this fairly high-tone place called “Shutters,” where a lot of famous people end up gravitating from Hollywood. Anyway, while I was in the lobby answering email on my laptop, drinking a hot chocolate, and watching The Big Lebowski up in the corner of my screen, Jerri Manthey came up to me. Remember her? Jerri from Survivor… you know, the gal that was all into Colby? These are facts I remember thanks to my familiarity with reality TV.

She was really into this movie I was watching and aghast that I had not seen it. I told her to shut her pie hole and then she gave me her email address and I got hers. Since then, she emails me about all these various Hollywood-ish events she is in. I’m really much too busy playing computer games and reading magical fantasy novels to attend, but she is nice enough to keep inviting me. Here are pictures from one of her recent events, where she was raising money for the hurricane. I told her I was against hurricanes, and I would not support her cause.

I think she was giving away a car or something. I’m not sure.

(Pictures did not win the Immunity Challenge, which is a shame, because they really tied the room together.)

Los Angeles for E3

I think this is my seventh E3 in a row – and I won’t say trite things like it was crazy or mind numbing, even though it was. There were all sorts of cool stuff there and it was great to see the next-gen stuff. The frame rates seemed a bit slow, but Microsoft assured that it would get faster and Microsoft is never wrong.

EA had the coolest booth as usual – this screen actually went around the entire room and it was totally seamless…I have no idea how they did this. But it was cool and I was glad to be wearing a diaper (as always).

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