Love on a Bike

Plotagraph Fun!

I’m working on a serious Plotagraph Pro tutorial. It’ll take me a while to finish, but it’s in the works!

Daily Photo – Love on a Bike

Here’s another Burning Man Plotagraph… these things are super fun to convert. I’ve probably done about 100. They don’t always work out, but this one did!

Looking back towards Queenstown

Instagram Fun

I’ve been going a bit Plotagraph crazy over on Instagram lately. Pop over there and have a lookie!

Daily Photo – Looking back towards Queenstown

Here's another shot from Social Media day from another perspective. This one is atop Mount Alfred looking back up the lake towards Queenstown. Maybe it gives some perspective of how huge this lake is. Another thing that you may notice is how pretty much no one lives along the lake! It shows how sparsely populated the south island of New Zealand actually is.

Looking back towards Queenstown

Photo Information

  • Date Taken2017-03-29 07:39:40
  • CameraILCE-7RM2
  • Camera MakeSony
  • Exposure Time1/1600
  • Aperture4
  • ISO100
  • Focal Length24.0 mm
  • FlashOff, Did not fire
  • Exposure ProgramAperture-priority AE
  • Exposure Bias-1

Eden Muse at Burning Man

Organic Matter

I’ve made about 100 Plotagraphs now… I’ve started to experiment more with a “hair in the wind” effect.

Daily Photo – Eden Muse at Burning Man

Here’s the latest Plotagraph of a random morning when I ran into this model, Eden Muse at sunrise. A nice encounter… and a natural poser, like my little girls! πŸ™‚

The Mosque, Moving

Plotagraph Fun

I have a strange new nightly activity! When I am sitting down watching Netflix with my wife, I have my laptop on my lap and am making Plotagraphs! I often make something I think is kinda cool, and then I show her excitedly. She usually finds 3-4 flaws in it and I get quite deflated.

The Mosque, Moving

And here’s one that turned out pretty good, the incredible mosque in Abu Dhabi!

Revisiting Jogjakarta in Indonesia

New “Noise” Technique

Those of you that came to our workshops in Denver and Sydney have seen this new technique in person! It’s kind of strange, I must say. I really like the effect, though. Anyway, sometimes even with using sweet Aurora HDR, I still choose to leave a bit of noise in the sky. Then I bring it into Photoshop. There is a filter called “Oil Painting” β€” if you play with the sliders in there enough, you can get a smooth “swirling” of the noise, which feels quite alive and painterly to me. Try it! πŸ™‚

Daily Photo – Revisiting Jogjakarta in Indonesia

Here's a photo that I haven't looked at processing for years and years. My other theory is that sometimes it's okay to wait a very long time to process your photos because, over the years, you'll learn many new techniques that weren't otherwise available to you. This is a pretty good example of that! πŸ™‚

Revisiting Jogjakarta in Indonesia

Photo Information

  • Date Taken2008-03-16 10:52:12
  • CameraNIKON D2Xs
  • Camera MakeNikon
  • Exposure Time1.1
  • Aperture4.5
  • ISO100
  • Focal Length13.0 mm
  • FlashNo Flash
  • Exposure ProgramAperture-priority AE
  • Exposure Bias

Central Park, Made with Aurora HDR 2017

Burning Man Fun!

Today’s the day I arrive at Burning Man! To see pics from the last six years, see my Burning Man Portfolio here.

What’s in Trey’s bag – Burning Man Edition

Which bags do I use in which situation? Here’s a quick video I made! Thanks again to the amazing team at Peak Design for making me so extra-bag-happy! πŸ™‚ More on the Kickstarter over here

Daily Photo – Central Park, Made with Aurora HDR 2017

I've been making HUNDREDS of photos, testing out the new software and getting everything ready for the new release. This looks pretty good, eh? I went back and got some of my still unprocessed frames from over 5 years ago when I was in Central Park. It's great fun to “drudge” up these old memories and re-process them with new software!

Central Park, Made with Aurora HDR 2017

Photo Information

  • Date Taken2009-11-22 22:50:00
  • CameraNIKON D3X
  • Camera MakeNikon
  • Exposure Time8
  • Aperture11
  • ISO100
  • Focal Length48.0 mm
  • FlashNo Flash
  • Exposure ProgramAperture-priority AE
  • Exposure Bias

Burning Heads

New Plotagraph Portfolio

Pop over and check out the newly updated Plotagraph Portfolio. Remember it takes a while to load each “Plotagraph,” but I think it will be worth it once they do! πŸ™‚

Daily Photo – Burning Heads

It’s that time of the season! Remember, this was made out of a single photo! πŸ™‚

New Plotagraph

TV ONE News Segment

Thanks to the team at TV ONE and Mark Hathaway for converting this from a hit-piece to a puff-piece! πŸ™‚

DAILY PHOTO – New Plotagraph

Here’s a Plotagraph I took from the quadcopter during the live filming of the show. It was nerve-wracking to be interviewed while trying to take photos and do so many things at once! πŸ™‚

The Dunedin Sunrise Plotagraph

More about Plotagraphs

Check out the page here on the site for more info.

New Plotagraph Tutorial!

I made a much better version of the Plotagraph Tutorial. This one shows full end-to-end and has more samples. I also talk a bit about the price as well as how to share on various social media.

Daily Photo – The Dunedin Sunrise Plotagraph

Remember, this was made out of a single JPG – how cool! I made this animation be a bit faster than most to add to the drama. But, of course, you can choose whatever speed you like. Actually, this one has two different speeds for the sky and the water (the water is barely moving).


Crossing through Alexandra

Symmetry Tip

Whenever you take a photo of a symmetrical situation, be sure to spend a few extra moments to make sure you are absolutely in the very middle. If you’re using a mirrorless camera with an EVF, switch through to the different modes where you see the most gizmos on the screen. You can use all those horizon/tilt gizmos as triangulation bits to like up symmetrical objects in the room. Take a little extra time, because it’s really tough to fix symmetry in Photoshop!

Daily Photo – Crossing through Alexandra

I've made many road trips from Queenstown to Dunedin in the past year… every time I go through Alexandra. This is what it looks like as you cross the bridge in the middle of the Autumn. How pretty! πŸ™‚

Crossing through Alexandra

Photo Information

  • Date Taken2016-04-19 03:29:13
  • CameraH5D
  • Camera MakeHasselblad
  • Exposure Time1/180
  • Aperture8
  • ISO100
  • Focal Length35.0 mm
  • Flash
  • Exposure ProgramAperture-priority AE
  • Exposure Bias

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