The castle on the dark hill that the locals don’t discuss

Here is a shot from a crisp cool night in Lyon, France, taken from the bridge, pointing towards the old part of the city.

There are not enough places like this in the world! I wish I could look out a window every day and see a remote castle sitting on a hilltop, taunting me with a panoply of possible adventures… but I don’t see that out my window, so I just have to look at these little things I collect over time to remind me…

(and I am working on the new HDR Tutorial and some slight blog changes today and this week… so keep an eye out!)

The castle on the dark hill that the locals don't discuss (by Stuck in Customs)

The Zen Peace in Your Mind

This is the innermost temple in Angkor Wat. I was happy to be there on a brilliant morning when no one was around except for the occasional avout or two, making their rounds through the wat. The top of the temple is shaped like a Lotus flower and can be seen from everywhere around the temple complex. The robed ones tended to ignore me, as they usually do with the extramuros.

Inside, it was especially peaceful, especially while zoning out on my iPod. I was so zoned out, in fact, that I almost forgot to take a photo!

And for those of you waiting for the FIRST D3X shot… It should be in about 24 hours… posting around Midnight CST on The Night Before D3Xmas. Hey that is a clever title… get ready for it.

The Zen Peace in Your Mind

The Dynasty’s Royal Retreat amidst the Lilypads

Ahhh… Chinese royalty. Of all the royalty in the world, I don’t think anyone lived quite as well as the Chinese. Maybe that’s open for debate? I suppose luxury is a state of mind, but they certainly had all the component parts.

Here in Hangzhou, the royals would summer, languishing about these gardens and lakes, staring out across these lily ponds.

In other news, I have a new article that is a short version of my HDR Tutorial up over at Abduzeedo, which is one of the world’s top design blogs. I keep that site in my RSS news reader and can usually find some good design inspiration there!

The Dynasty's Royal Retreat amidst the Lilypads (by Stuck in Customs)

The Surf in LA as Night Passes

There’s this moment in California when the sun hits the horizon that I am quite sure most of the natives take for granted. The gradation of sky from the burning sun to the deep blues can only be really appreciated if you swing your head around and purge your short-term memory. The effect is not dissimilar to the optical illusion of the giant full moon on some evenings, seemingly magnified by our inability to establish a frame of reference. I think something along those lines happens with color as the sun dips. You can see this from space, as the sudden band from light to dark rips around the earth — that same viewing cone can be seen from anywhere on the surface, and it can be best noticed in places like LA, with the nearly infinite horizon.

The Surf in LA as Night Passes (by Stuck in Customs)

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