My new eBook – Light Falls Like Bits!

Now available for download in the store… and I think you’ll really love it.

In case you didn’t already know, I’ve got a new eBook! It’s called “Light Falls Like Bits”. I’ve been working with Goff books for two years to create it, and I’m super excited for you guys to read it!

I’ve thrown a curve ball out there in the E-book world, in which the articles about me… aren’t actually written by me. Some of these essays are by Maura Reilly, Michelle Bogre, and Erik Davis. There’s also an interview by Jordan Crandall in there that you will enjoy.

AND it’s filled with a whole lot of my photos (over 100!), all the captions for those photos I did personally write, which was a lot of fun getting going back and re-living all of those amazing moments / bizarre situations that went into capturing the images. I’ve also recorded a whole lot of audio captions that you can listen to if you get the iOS version, which people seem to be enjoying.

It’s over 200 pages of goodness, and it is available over on the Stuck In Customs store.

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  • Peter Dinnan

    I’m sticking my neck out here and I guess will be flamed at the least… however, after spending 35 years professionally photographing (including 10 years pro printing for some of some of the biggest photographic names in NZ – including a major exhibition in 1995 of NZ’s only Magnum photographer Brian Brake) – I followed the link for Michelle Bogre…wonderful bio, impeccable academic record, truck load of other experience and so on! Then I clicked on her ‘Farm Project’ photo essay. All I can say is…a stranger taking amateur snaps of very uncomfortable rural folk (being photographed). I could go on but I will leave it to other photographers (hopefully) to comment. My point is I’m sick to death of ‘academic’ photographers ruling the roost because of their education when in reality the work they produce is generally crap.

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