Trey’s Variety Hour #86: Kim Dotcom, Capture Clip Giveaway, + Photographers and Prints!

Trey’s Variety Hour #86

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Trey’s Variety Hour #86: Kim Dotcom, v2 Capture Clip, Printing, selling, and pricing strategies (Part 2)

Special guest Kim Dotcom is with us at the beginning of the show and hilarity ensues. He answers some questions about and his new encrypted email service that is in the works. We also have Peter Dering, the inventor of the Capture Clip talking about his product and very successful Kickstarter. After Kim and Trey take off in a chopper to lands unknown, Gino Barasa, Karen Hutton, Jay Patel, Varina Patel, and Peter Giordano have an in depth discussion about pricing, licensing, and marketing.

See more about the v2 Capture Clip and giveaway at

Thanks to Dave Veffer for helping out with the whole production!

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