Trey’s Variety Hour #71: New Google+ mobile updates, Stocksy, Photowalk prizes, and more! :)

Trey’s Variety Hour #71

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In this episode I am joined by Googlers, Natalie Villalobos, Brian Glick, and Josh Haftel along with Lotus Carroll, Dave Wilson, Karen Montalvo, and our very own Curtis Simmons. We discuss the new Nik Collection by Google, the updated G+ mobile apps and Snapseed with our Google friends, talk about Stocksy, and then get into our fun sharing session from the SXSW PhotoWalk. Then we move on to naming the winners of all the prizes from the PhotoWalk.

G+ Discoveries:
Sarah Jarrett, Lisa Wood, Andy Lee, Laurie Rubin, Lorenzo Montezemolo, Gregory Colbert, and Isabel Sousa Silva.

Thanks to Dave Veffer for helping out with the whole production!

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Thank you for watching the show, I hope you enjoyed it! While you’re here be sure to have a look around!

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  • Casper van Zyl

    Any possible chance of running it at 250 or 280 instead of 360 as this side in Australia seems just pointless when one wants to watch its off on off on all the time.So frustrating when you so want to watch.

  • That parrot in the room with Josh just won the, “What animal is more creepy than Billy Wilson’s cat” contest.

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